Creating the Perfect Wedding Album with 4 Easy Tips

Creating the Perfect Wedding Album

Wedding bells may be near, and you are preparing your wedding photo album plans! That’s because it is a valuable keepsake to have when you and your partner want to reminisce about this important day. However, you and your significant other may not be as creative or crafty when it comes to album making. But don’t worry, we’ve got just the information you need!

This article will discuss four easy tips to take note of to create the perfect wedding album. Take this as an opportunity to preserve your memories and cherish them with others when you want to get nostalgic, especially when you think about your children and grandchildren! You can also look at your wedding album as a family milestone worth remembering!

Creating the Perfect Wedding Album with 4 Easy Tips

Use different-sized pictures

You and your partner may have an idea of what photo albums look like, which are often those dusty books that you find hidden at your mum’s house. The reason why photo albums are often left in this sorry state is because they aren’t as memorable and have the same, dull design. That’s why you and your significant other should take note of printing different-sized wedding photos. That way, you can add some personalised arrangements that add intrigue and aesthetical value to your album!

Embellish your album with personalised trinkets

The best way to make a well-thought-out, conceptual wedding album is to think outside the box, meaning you should not just add pictures and call it a day! You should think about adding personalised scrapbook trinkets, like little bowties and decorative paper.

Another way to have more meaningful ornaments for your wedding photo album is to gather materials for your wedding! For example, you can have a “send-off” wall where you can encourage guests to write their heartfelt message for you and your significant other, and perhaps leave a momento in the form of something they used on the night. You can tell them that you will put it in your photo album to make it more sentimental and valuable!

A photobooth is an amazing way to do this as your guests can really let their inhibitions go and just ast stupid for their photos as opposed to doing the same in front of an actual photographer.

Think about your significant other’s tastes and preferences

Your parents may relate to this tip because when it was their turn to create their wedding album, the task may have either gone to either your mother or father, depending on who was more vocal. That means the photo album only embodies just one of your parent’s creative prowess. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to consider your partner’s voice when it comes to your wedding album.

As such, take the time to plan and make your wedding album together as a new couple. You can do it during your honeymoon once all the gifts have been unwrapped or as a weekend project. That way, you can create the best album that reflects your collective tastes and preferences!

Hire professional photographers for the best wedding photos and albums

You cannot put together the perfect wedding album without the best photos. You want every valuable moment captured, and you and your partner also like to see what your guests feel and ensure you can remember everyone present during your special day. That’s why you need to hire professional wedding photographers who can offer you well-shot pictures with variety, class, and capture tender moments during your wedding!

If you decided to invest in an album made by a wedding photographer you’ll also be assured of premium quality with your book and printing. Most photographers may even design the layout with you in a fun album designing session! Ask your photographer now if they provide such a service.

Having the perfect wedding album is an excellent way for you and your significant other to preserve a valuable life event. Fortunately, you now know what to do to ensure you create the perfect wedding album for reminiscing the good times. All you have to do is find the best wedding photography services to guarantee the best photo options for your album!

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Seagrass Long Point Wedding – Hobart – Georgia & Matt

Heading down to Hobart is always a treat, and heading down to capture some Hobart wedding photography is even better! – particularly when the bridal couple are as keen as I am to create some awesome photography! Georgia and Matt’s Seagrass Long Point wedding had us galavanting through waterfalls, climbing mountains, destroying cameras and battling the wind all to create some awesome memories!

I had an absolute blast!

First Look Photoshoot

For me ever since Georgia and Matt said they would be keen on having a photoshoot in front of some of Hobart’s local waterfalls, I had been looking forward to heading out there with them with great anticipation!

The day before the wedding at Seagrass Long Point, we met by the beginning of the Cascades track – just behind the Cascade Brewery in order to conduct a bit of a ‘first look’ where Matt sees Georgia for the first time while wearing her dress.

It’s a rare enough occurance that a bride would be keen on getting ready to the extent one does on a wedding day twice in a row in order to have photos done, let along get ready in all her finery, and then traipse through canyons and hike around waterfalls! But I very much thank both Georgia and Matt for making the effort, as I’m very excited about their photos! Even though they did cost me one of my cameras which decided to go for a bit of a swim at one of the waterfalls :/

In the dying light of the afternoon, we made a bee-line to the summit of Mt Wellington to catch what was left of the sunset. Unfortunately it wasnt the best sun set, but we made do with what was available, including getting the lights of Hobart twinkling in the background in some of their shots.


The next day, thankfully my swimming camera had decided to come back from the dead which meant I diddnt have to make a mad dash to the camera store!

I began the day with Matt and his groomsmen being prepared at a rather nice bed and breakfast near Taroona – just south of Seagrass Long Point. The main topic of conversation was the rather ‘fun’ COVID restrictions that had caused a headache for some of the travelling guests Georgia and Matt had invited. Georgia and Matt by the way, despite previously living in Hobart, now live in Perth and had also travelled to Hobart as a destination wedding.

Georgia and her bridesmaids were being prepared at a family home further north in midway point. The house boasted a lovely, open master bedroom which was actually supposed to be the house’s rumpus room so had a huge amount of room to take beautiful, airy photos in.

The girls were all having a grand old time getting ready and reminiscing over their exploits during Georgia’s hen’s night while also taking the time to create some beautiful memories such as having Dad come in for an emotional first look of Georgia’s dress and Mum helping put it on.

Seagrass Long Point Wedding Ceremony

The Seagrass Long Point wedding venue is situated south of the Hobart CBD, slightly further south than the famed wrest point. The area boasts a large public park which looked to be quite popular with the locals, while Georgia and Matt’s ceremony took place on a strip of grass overlooking the River Derwent, or the harbour of Hobart.

Unfortunately the wind was a tad strong, and Georgia and Matt had some trouble adjusting to the sun glaring directly at them, but I think once they turned to look at one another during the ceremony all was well.

Glamour Photos

Directly after the ceremony, and family photos havig been shot using the Seagrass Long Point balcony, we head off around the park a little bit for some glamour photos with the bridal party – as they were not dressed up yesterday when we visited the waterfalls and Mt Wellington.

Seagrass Long Point Wedding Reception

Georgia and Matt’s Seagrass Long Point wedding reception was set up along two long tables, with a head table at one end of the reception hall, and a dancing area at the other. The reception hall was a lovely intimate affair, overlooking the river from a high vantage point which made the whole space feel rather cozy considering the plummeting temperature outside.

Georgia and Matt’s guests all had a good go on the dance floor, making sure it was being used all night! Was a lot of fun to be a part of!

Thankyou Georgia and Matt for having me shoot your Seagrass Long Point wedding! It was a beautiful couple of days, and thanks so much for heading out on a cross-country hike in wedding attire!

The Surprising Origins of the Wedding Bouquet Toss


Origins of the Wedding Bouquet Toss

One of the highlights of a wedding is the bouquet toss. Just like the cake cutting, the first dance, and the best man’s speech, it has become a staple in a wedding programme. The bouquet toss makes for some great wedding photos, but it has an interesting story behind it as well!

Why do weddings have a bouquet toss today?

The origins of the wedding bouquet toss dates back quite a way, and like many wedding traditions tends to hide some of the more ‘sultry’ parts of what a wedding represents.

In Medieval Europe, people considered bridal dresses lucky. Once a ceremony is over, the bride gets to keep the dress and never wears it again. Before this happens, some women who wanted to share in the good luck would chase the bride and try to tear pieces from the dress. By the time the bride manages to get away and join the groom, there would be barely anything left of her attire!

Naturally, weddings that took place in a church, (as most were) tended to view this tradition of deflocking a bride as she exited the church as a little repugnant, so eventually, brides started throwing other things, like her garter and bouquet.

Flowers became a popular item to throw since they represent fertility as well. The recipient of the bouquet is supposed to have romantic good luck from catching the item—they inherit the bride’s fortune in finding someone to wed.

It’s turned out well that the custom developed this way; wedding dresses tend to be expensive, and few women would want to see theirs destroyed. Also, many brides choose to keep their wedding dresses as keepsakes or heirlooms to their children.

Bouquet tosses in today’s ceremonies

Today, the bouquet toss is a fun moment in the wedding ceremony, it tends to be a distracting end to more tearjerking or sentimental formalities to lead into the party! It involves the bride gathering the single ladies in attendance, who will gather a few paces behind her and try to catch the bouquet she throws. It’s an opportunity for the wedding photographer to take dynamic shots. In some weddings, the single men get in on the fun as well with the garter toss.

Sometimes, the bride requests one of her bridesmaids’ bouquet for the toss so she can preserve the flowers in hers, or have a specially made ‘toss bouquet’ for the occasion. Occasionally, brides might throw one made of artificial flowers, or paper so that everyone can keep their bouquets as mementos. Some bouquets can be heavy too, so throwing one into a drunken mass of people can be a recipie for disaster.

Are you ready to throw your bouquet?

If you want to keep this tradition in your programme, make sure you tell your wedding planner or maid of honour. They should inform the MC when to announce bouquet toss, and time it for when people are no longer eating or milling about outside after the meal. Furthermore, it’s vital to keep your wedding photographer aware of the flow of activities so that they can prepare their equipment for each part.

You should also know how to transition the program from the toss into another activity; it will look awkward to move abruptly from the bouquet toss into something else! Since the bridesmaids and single ladies are already front and centre, perhaps you could have them participate in a game, to extend the fun. You could also open the dance floor at this point so everyone can end the evening on a high note.

Today, throwing the bouquet is a fun tradition sure to deliver some laughs, especially among the single women. Be sure to incorporate this activity into the ceremony by prepping the DJ, master of ceremonies, and the photographer properly. Finally, make sure you get a photographer who can capture the event and give you something to look back on fondly.

Everything at a wedding has a tradition steeped in history, and the origins of the wedding bouquet toss is no exception. It can be a bit of fun researching this kind of thing if you’ve ever wondered why we do certain things at times like a wedding!

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5 Typical Wedding Themes to Explore


Typical Wedding Themes

Your wedding is the most memorable day of your love story and there’s a way for you to make it even more unforgettable—by selecting a charming theme.

You should know that choosing a theme for your wedding day is not as straightforward as it seems. First, you need to find one that reflects both yours and your partner’s personalities. Aside from that, you must find one that suits your chosen venue and the time of the year you are holding the wedding. 

Long story short—it’s going to be quite challenging! 

Nevertheless, if you’re stuck in this stage of your wedding preparations, we’re here to help you out! Below you will find five of the many typical wedding themes you may want to explore, and perhaps improve apon that would better uniquely suit your own wedding!

5 Typical Wedding Themes

  1. Romantic 

This is perhaps the most commonly used theme in ceremonies. This does not mean that going with this motif will make your big day any less special! 

With this concept, your venue will be decorated with flowers in pastel colours. Usually, there will also be lighting fixtures hanging overhead that give off a soft glow to set the atmosphere. To top it off, the whole place is filled with candles emitting low light—just the right amount to create the perfect mood for romance!

  1. Alternative 

If the first motif doesn’t appeal to you and your partner, taking the unconventional route with an alternative wedding is worth exploring. 

Weddings with this concept feature moody colours and distinctive decorations. They allow you to get creative with the scene you want to achieve and the elements you want to include. The best part is that it can let you show your family and friends how cool you are as a couple! 

  1. Bohemian 

Boho style has been the talk of the town recently, thanks to its natural fabrics, retro patterns, warm shades and statement accessories. If you’re an avid fan of this style, you’ll never go wrong with a bohemian wedding.

In this theme, you’ll enjoy a distinct soft and romantic feel that is heavily inspired by the beautiful outdoors. It’s a great way to make your big day look like it came straight from a mythical woodland book! 

  1. Vintage 

If you and your partner are a big fan of all things retro, a vintage wedding is definitely worth looking into. 

In this concept, your venue will be furnished with antique decorations here and there. Your wedding entourage will be dressed in classic vintage attire, and you get to wear your favourite period wedding dress or suit as well. The best part? You may even hire a vintage car for your transportation or your wedding photoshoot! 

  1. Classic 

This is your best bet if you want to keep things formal and traditional for your special day. A classic wedding features grand floral arrangements in your venue and even a small orchestra playing classical music. 

On top of that, your guests will be dressed formally, too—ladies will be wearing evening dresses, while the men will be wearing ties. Ultimately, there will be posh seating and complete table settings. 

These are just five of the many typical wedding themes you can consider for your big day. I hope that our list gave you some inspiration as to what feel and atmosphere you want to achieve for your wedding. As you decide, it helps to remember that there are no hard rules as to what theme you can use. As long as you come up with your own dream wedding theme, you’ll surely make the ceremony a truly memorable one! 


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Botanic Park Wedding – Naz & Peter

Peter and Naziera opted to hold a very small, intimate Adelaide Botanic Park wedding in front of their 3 sons, their celebrant and myself which made for a cozy little atmosphere under the stunning moreton bay fig trees on a stunningly sunny day!

Although their Botanic Park wedding ceremony was flanked by no fewer than 3 engagement celebrations and other users of the public space, their wedding ceremony felt beautifully personal regardless!

Adelaide Botanic Park Wedding Ceremony

Peter and Naz’s tiny little ceremony – which could also be called an elopement took place on one of the larger moreton bay fig trees on parade along the Botanic Park, just north of the Adelaide Botanic Garden‘s Friendship gates.

We attempted to have as little as possible behind Peter and Naziera during their cermeony so that their photos did not have anything but the stunning beauty of the park in the background. Wasn’t always possible of course, but we tried our best!

Their ceremony was short and sweet, with two of their three sons acting as witnesses on their marriage certificate.

Glamour Photos

For glamour photos, we made good use of the Botanic park’s trees, going for a little walk and trying to get the midday sun to shine through the foliage before heading into the Botanic Gardens to make use of some different backdrops.

The Moreton bay fig trees in Botanic park make for some stunning backdrops for wedding photography – I just love walking through them – particularly on sunny days such as this, the atmosphere is one of such joy and happiness when the sun plays nice!

The Adelaide Botanic Gardens as always turned it on for us, walking through we managed to make use of quite a few little spots I had grwon fond of after my many weddings I have shot through here. That being said though, the middle of the day is possibly the wost time of day to take photos through here – so I attempted to head to shadier spots to make use of the shade rather than direct sunlight.

Peter and Naz’s Botanic Park wedding ceremony was a delightful little outing, and I do hope they enjoy their photos!