Stangate House

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Stangate House is a delightful little slice of paradise hidden amongst the stunning greenery that is Aldgate in the Adelaide Hills. The heritage listed house is surrounded by a stunningly curated garden and is managed by the Mount Lofty branch of the National Trust of South Australia. The garden is framed by a variety of mature trees, notably the giant English oak tree which still abuts the shaded walkway known as Lovers’ Lane, and which is reputed to have been planted by a homesick gold prospector. The tree has been dated to the late 19th century, possibly mid 1870s. In 2012, the garden was recognised as an International Camellia Garden of Excellence, one of only 3 in Australia and 30 worldwide.

The construction of the house itself began in the 1940s and is not often used itself as a wedding venue other than the use of it’s kitchen and occasionally it’s interior for setting up a photobooth, or some photos in it’s foyer. It’s set up as a museum, so using it as a venue in of itself is discouraged.

There are two large grassy areas suitable for hosting large wedding receptions with lunch time receptions very popular amongst the weddings I have covered here.