Stangate House Wedding - Tessa & Robbie

Stangate House Wedding – Tessa & Robbie

Tessa and Robbie’s beautiful wedding took place on the 21st of March. However, due to the absolute beauty of the setting at Stangate House and Tessa’s personal touches around the venue I have only just finished editing them, just wanted to do the wedding justice! The House in Stirling is a stunning venue to behold. The weather was perfect too, which was good as the entire wedding and sit-down reception took place outside with no backup plan except for a marquee that was not erected due to part of the grounds being off limits to visitors! Tessa and Robbie’s bubbly personality and welcoming demeanour made the entire day to be a blast for myself and my additional photographer which they opted to take advantage of on top of my wedding photography daily rate.

Groomsmen Preparation

Robbie, I soon found out when I arrived at his place of preparation in Morphettville is quite a character, quite keen on jumping about and having a bit of fun with his wedding preparation photos, along with his grooms men. The boys got ready quite quickly with enabled me to walk about the area a bit taking advantage of the surrounding park and Robbie’s parent’s house’s backyard.

Bridal Party preparation

Tessa’s bridal party got prepared at the house itself as other than a few outside purchases, such as myself as the wedding photographer and the venue itself, most if not all of the day was overseen by Tessa herself, right down to decoration their wedding cake a few minutes before heading down the aisle.

Stangate House Wedding Ceremony

The house is in the heart of Aldgate. Designed by Adelaide architect Eric McMichael, the 1940’s house is set in four acres and overlooks one of the most beautiful camellia gardens in Australia. Built in 1940, the design was commissioned in England and is now in the hands of National Trust of South Australia, managed by the Mount Lofty branch.

The gardens at Stangate House are perfect for strolling around, particularly for a wedding. The soft light that the overhanging foliage of the giant trees create on a very sunny day such as this one can be quite magical. This coupled with the eagerness of the bridal party to have a bit of fun with their photos created amazing opportunities for some stunning photos.


Tessa and Robbie’s wedding was unique in that for the entire day, all participants, guests and members of the bridal party stayed in the gardens from preparation through to reception with the guests enjoying a bit of a home made picnic area put together by Tessa and her bridal party. The amount of effort put into personalising the rustic details of the day was phenomenal and I’m sure something that will stay in the hearts and minds of all her guests that day. The following photos show both the lead up and the actual reception.

I must say, I really enjoyed myself at Tessa and Robbie’s wedding at and I hope they enjoy their wedding photos as much as I enjoyed taking them, even if they were a little late!

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