Drone wedding photography available now

I’m pleased to announce that due to a change in laws in Australia, SvenStudios is able to offer all clients the use of our professional standard drone at wedding venues where the usual drone use restrictions allow for it. FROM TODAY! Drone wedding photography has really ‘taken off’ overseas and now with these new laws, operators such as myself are able to use our small drones for weddings in Australia. In the past, operators would have to shell out thousands of dollars for an operator’s certificate. Operator’s certificates still allow for less restricted use of drones, however for the use at a wedding, the new rules are more than enough.

If you’d desire the use of the SvenStudios drone at your wedding, currently I will not be charging any extra for it’s use. So if your venue fits the standard operation conditions set out by CASA and you inform me with at least 5 days notice before your wedding, then I’d be able to bring it out for some different perspective shots. The use of a drone will allow me to capture some amazing shots from high in the air, which is useful for group shots, artistic shots and shots you just wouldn’t be able to get any other way.

Drone wedding photography available now!

With any new technology available to professionals, there are some restrictions in place by law. As long as your wedding venue is not within 5.5km of any airfield and it doesn’t require flying over a populated or built up area, then there should be no problem using the drone. There are other restrictions in place, but as long as your venue meets those two requirements, the other restrictions should not be a problem.

Footage of a wedding photographer working

I’ve always wanted to put together a bit of a background video showing how I work on the day of a wedding, and what I do to create those stunning images my clients know and love. So this footage of a wedding photographer is actually me walking about and taking photos at a real wedding; the wedding of Kathryn and Mark in Darwin. The day was an absolutely stunning day in Darwin, and as my first destination wedding, I was super keen on getting on with the job 🙂 I had my fiancee follow me about and take footage of how I work, and this is the result.

Footage of a wedding photographer

I’m really pleased at how it turned out and made me thinking I may well offer short videos like this to compliment my award winning wedding photography. Would anyone be interested in this? Having a video like this put together adds a whole other dimension to still images. Naturally a short video like this would not be focusing on the wedding photographer, but rather the wedding itself 🙂 Like I said before I just wanted to produce a video like this, taken at a real wedding to show how I usually work in real time.

I’m also looking forward to coving more weddings in Darwin as the city offers some incredible backdrops in the form of sunsets and possibly large lighting storms! Travelling up from Adelaide is no problem for me and I’d certainly make it worth considering me as your wedding photographer!

Glenelg Wedding – Joanne & Gregor

Having a Glenelg Wedding would have to be one of the things may South Australians would have in common with one another, however Joanne and Gregor travelled half way around the world to have theirs! The loving couple flew out from Scotland to celebrate their wedding on the famous beachfront with local family and friends. They were incredibly lucky with the weather as only the previous day Adelaide and it’s surrounds were thrashed with terrible weather causing erosion and a lot of damage. Joanne and Gregor’s wedding however was blessed with some stunning weather, complete with an amazing sunset which we took advantage of for some great shots.


As Joanne and Gregor opted to have me as their wedding photographer taking advantage of my flexible hourly rate, I was able to visit Joanne getting prepared in the Oaks Plaza hotel on the northern side of the Jetty. The whole styling was all wonderfully Scottish, complete with thistle in her bouquet and her mother wearing a beautiful tartan sash.

Glenelg Wedding Ceremony

As the weather was wonderfully suited for it, Joanne and Gregor held their Glenelg wedding on the beach, just in front of Joanne’s hotel room in the Oaks Plaza Hotel. One downside of having your wedding on such a famous beach is, even during times of inclement weather, you have to keep shooing tourists out of your carefully laid out altar! The men involved with the wedding were all clad in stunning kilts and Joanne as led out by a piper. It was all wonderfully Scottish 🙂

Glamour shots

It wouldn’t be a Glenelg wedding without taking some shots along the famed coastline using the Jetty, which was exactly what we did. We headed over first to the Jetty, then to the public square. We then walked along the beachfront back up to the Glenelg marina before enjoying the reception in the Oaks Plaza Hotel.

During the reception we popped out to take advantage of the stellar sunset, and I’m so glad we did!

I’d like to thank Joanne and Gregor for having me as their wedding photographer at their wedding in Glenelg and I hope they enjoy their photos as mucha s I enjoyed producing them!

Brooklyn Farm Wedding – Tea & Michael

Tea and Michael’s intimate wedding took place in the beautiful setting of Brooklyn Farm in Myponga, south of the city. The setting was one such place that I had been to before – in this case for another wedding as their photo booth, and had always wished to come back as the wedding photographer. So when Tea and Michael asked me to cover their wedding, I was thrilled to have the chance! They took advantage of my flexible short coverage options to have me cover their wedding for 3 hours. This allowed me to take a few shots of their preparation, their ceremony under the magnificent Brooklyn Farm tree, and finally some glamour shots on site. I also stayed for a few minutes of their reception, which took place in the old barn next to the farmhouse.


Both Tea and Michael were prepared in the on-site bed and breakfast house which was built for the film The Boys are Back and was referred to in the film as Joe’s House. The property itself had been first settled in approximately 1870 for general farming and grazing, but when approached by Sarah Abbey from Locations SA to use the property for filming, they were quite pleased to have the vintage-style house built. tea and Michael seemed quite laid back and tried to keep the whole wedding a secret to their guests up until the last minute, although I’m pretty sure many of the guests guessed it to be a wedding beforehand 🙂

Brooklyn Farm Ceremony

The setting is incredibly picturesque and private which allows for some typically Australian wedding scenes. The ceremony took place under a gigantic gum tree across a small creek that flows through the property. As their wedding took place in August, the weather had not been very good leading up to the ceremony, but that allowed for some refreshing greenery and colours to show through in the background.

Glamour Shots

One thing that Brooklyn Farm is famous for as a wedding venue is what was their wonderful tree house that was built large and sturdy enough to hold a bridal party climbing up and down it. Unfortunately that bad weather I mentioned had destroyed it only weeks before Tea and Michael’s wedding. Regardless, the surrounding natural Australian landscape and the farmhouse provided ample locations for some stunning scenes.

I’d like to thank Tea and Michael for having me at their wonderfully intimate wedding at Brooklyn Farm, and I hope they like their photos as much as I liked taking them!

PeeWees at the Point Wedding – Darwin – Kathryn & Mark

Kathryn and Mark’s Darwin PeeWees at the Point Wedding in Darwin was an absolute treat to cover. I was flown up to the Northern Territory and treated to an amazing 2 weeks of stunning weather perfectly suited to taking wedding sunset shots. Usually to get that sort of service from the sun you’d have to have to travel across the world, people spend tens of thousands to have a wedding in Hawaii for this one scene. I cannot stress how amazing the weather was on the day. Kathryn and Mark’s Darwin wedding was the first destination wedding I’ve and I very much hope there will be more! Apparently I was cheaper to fly me up and accommodate me, along with my usual wedding rates than hire a local wedding photographer in Darwin, which is great as I’d love to head back up there!


Mark and his groomsmen were all prepared at a rental house in Coconut Grove, just north of the city. The atmosphere was laidback and fun to be a part of. All involved had known each other since high school. The camaraderie and mateship on display made this obvious.

After an hour or so, I headed out to where Kathryn and her bridal party were getting prepared; an apartment in the Darwin CBD. Nerves were high as unfortunately a few small things were going wrong for them as they were getting prepared. From a local makeup shop being flooded to a rather unfortunate fire alarm going off and requiring us to evacuate the building while putting on makeup! It all made for an interesting time, but fortunately the girls were all keen to see it all through with a smile!

PeeWees at the Point wedding ceremony

Kathryn and Mark’s Darwin wedding took place at the picturesque Pee Wee’s at the point function center. The location boasts a large grassy area overlooking the bay where their wedding ceremony took place, while it also played host to the reception later in the night. If a plan B is needed due to bad weather, Pee Wee’s also has a large dining area. The Location is surrounded by lush parklands and nature reserve, so the entire setting is wonderfully private and intimate.

Glamour photos

As I said earlier, the weather on Kathryn and Mark’s wedding day was phenomenal, and with the amazing Darwin sun beating down on us, it made for an amazing opportunity to make use of it’s wonderful golden glow. We first head down to an area sandwiched between the George Brown Darwin botanic park and the Garden’s Park golf links to use some wonderfully gnarly trees. Then headed back up to Fannie Bay to make sue of the sunsetting over the bay. If we were shooting a similar scene in a place like Hawaii you’d have to compete with dozens of other newlyweds and their photographer trying to get the same shot. In Darwin, the scene is next to deserted, was amazing.

PeeWees at the Point wedding reception

As darkness was approaching we head back up to Pee Wee’s for the reception. Despite it being in the middle of winter, the night was still and warm, perfect for a reception that took place on the open grass. The whole setting was beautiful.

The entire night was a joy to e a part of, and I’d very might like to thank Mark and Kathryn for having me shoot their Darwin wedding, despite being an Adelaide-based wedding photographer. If there are any other Darwinites out there looking for a photographer up there though, I’d jump at the opportunity! 😉