Genna and Adam celebrated their wedding at the Nexus Arts club space at the Nexus art hub nearby the UniSA campus on North Terrace. Their wedding was quite different in the way that they wanted absolutely no instruction from me as a photographer, rather only having me as a pure photojournalist. This was as interesting challenge as I generally lean towards the photojournalist angle when acting as a wedding photographer anyway so I quite enjoyed the freedom.

Adelaide Registry Office wedding ceremony

Before heading over to the Nexus Arts though, Genna and Adam’s actual ceremony took place at the Adelaide registry office. The building, and the registry office’s usual ‘chapel’ room where most weddings that take place there were under heavy renovation so their wedding ceremony took place in a smaller room elsewhere in the building. There was a large party in attendance so this smaller room made for a very cozy setting 🙂

The ceremony itself was a short but sweet affair, with the resident celebrant being his usual jovial self making everyone laugh at his antics and really made things fun.

Lunch at Thea

In between the wedding ceremony and their wedding celebration at the Nexus Arts, we headed over to the Thea restaurant for a bite to eat. The restaurant has a mixed asian theme with a menu consisting of a multitude of different flavoured teas and food from Japan, China, Vietnam and other East asian countries. I was taking photos of the group as they were dining, taking advantage of the tea shop vibe.

Nexus Arts wedding reception

The venue on offer at the Nexus Arts complex is a unique offering in Adelaide. Being the center of the Cabaret scene, the venue is an open air area consisting of a stage for performances, and bar at the back. It’s really quite perfect for hosting events that has a bit of a hipster vibe and needs to be a little bit different. Genna and Adam had a Simpsons DVD running on loop on the large projector on stage, and their music selection ranged from electro to heavy metal.

All in all a super fun wedding to be a part of, and I relished the challenge to be a complete fly on the wall all throughout the day. I’d like to thank Genna and Adam for having me be a part of it all! 🙂

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