It was quite an overcast day the morning of Yvette and John’s Carrick Hill wedding, but the weather had no bearing on the obvious joy both Yvette and John showed all throughout their day. I was asked to be their wedding photographer, but also livestream their wedding to guests that could not attend due to various reasons which allowed them to also receive  a simple video of their wedding ceremony on their final USB. I was asked to cover their wedding for 4 hours, which saw be at Carrick Hill in the morning, through to the beginning of their wedding reception in the city.

First Look Photoshoot

Yvette and Johnny opted to have a ‘first look’ photoshoot before their wedding ceremony due to their plans of having a lunchtime reception and their ceremony in the morning. We made use of the morning sun lighting up the brickwork of the Carrick Hill house and surrounding gardens to take their glamour photos first. Johnny and Yvette were keen on having a formal proposal scene photographed as apparently he hadn’t actually formally proposed yet! 🙂

Carrick Hill Wedding Ceremony

Unfortunately just as the wedding ceremony was due to start, the heavens opened and caused John to make a split second decision to hold  the ceremony within the halls of the Carrick Hill house – much to the surprise of the tour guide staff that was using the hall at the same time. After a little confusion, the members of the tour group gave way for the wedding ceremony and all was well. The livestream was a great test for my little guest360 service I’ve been developing, and worked quite well, once set up – however moving inside at short notice caused a little interruption to the broadcast.

The inside of Carrick Hill is a magnificent sight, having been completed in 1939, the house was built by the family who owned the then prosperous John Martins store in the city and did not hold back with the lavish furnishing. The hall in which the wedding ceremony took place is dominated by a floor to ceiling window flanked either side by a magnificent wooden staircases linking the ground floor to the second. Yvette and John were wed on the landing linking the main staircase to the two flanking staircases. It was quite a sight.

Ambassadors Hotel Wedding Reception

One taking some family group photos out in the gardens in between the rain, we head into the city for the lunchtime reception Yvette and Johnny had organised at the historic Ambassadors Hotel. The upstairs room was packed with guests having a great time, and the kids were happy playing with strategically placed toys and pastimes 🙂

Despite the small things that went wrong, mainly due to the weather, I’m certain Yvette and Johnny had a blast of a day, and I hope they enjoy their wedding photography as much as I enjoyed producing them!

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