Gawler Barossa Jockey Club Wedding – Kellie & Matt

The Gawler Barossa Jockey Club, located just outside Gawler, and near the Evanston train station was the venue for Kellie and Matt’s wedding on a sunny, but a bit windy day in March. I was lucky enough to be asked to be their wedding photographer for the entire day, and also hosted a photobooth at their reception, that also took place at the Jockey Club.


I started the day at Matt’s parents house where his groomsmen and himself were getting ready. As a gift to each of the members of the marty, Matt had given each groomsman a watch and in return the jovial nature of the guys together made for a lovely laid-back morning 🙂

After around an hour with the boys, I headed over to where Kellie was getting ready, only to be greeted with something I had never seen on a wedding day, a full mannequin, proudly displaying her beautiful dress in a back room. The story goes that it was a dress handed down from another family member, and with Kellie’s mother being a dressmaker, she had done the altering herself. Much as with the boys, the atmosphere was laidback with all the ladies running about, but having a good time together.

Gawler Barossa Jockey Club Wedding Ceremony

The Gawler Barossa Jockey Club is a race course located just outside the city of Gawler. The grounds are set up for small functions with an outdoor bar and awning covering a large area, and a pretty little rotunda where Kellie and Matt were married.

The weather was super sunny, but just a little windy which caused a few problems with Kellie’s train, but nothing major. The whole ceremony was full of emotion and joy, and was just beautiful to be a part of!

Glamour Photos

After the family photos and whipping out the drone for some aerial group shots, we made use of the small amount of trees on site, and the hilly grass behind the rotunda first to get some nice glamour shots, then made our way down the race course itself. There was a huge flock of birds flying about on the day that feature prominently in quite a few of the photos, making for something a little different.

Gawler Barossa Jockey Club Wedding Reception

The reception hall the Jockey Club has on site, is a reasonable sized venue, which was halved off for Kellie and Matt’s reception party. The whole hall could easily fit 200-300 guests if the whole area was used. The dance floor was surrounded by customised little standing tables while the wedding favours were home-grown little succulents in pots, which I thought were very cute 🙂

Thanks so much to Kellie and Matt for having me at their wedding to capture their wedding photography!

Serafinos Wedding – Jessica & Jack

Jessica and Jack’s wedding at the Serafinos Winery in Mclaran Vale was an incredible day to photograph – filled with insanely photogenic locations and people it made the entire day incredibly easy to photograph! I was asked to cover their wedding as their wedding photographer from start to finish, and I’m so glad they did as some of the photographs I took on their day just turned out incredibly.


The day started in Mt Barker, where Jack and his entourage were being prepared at his parents house that happened to be on a farm. It was a wonderfully furnished house, complete with an amazing driveway which we utilised for some group shots. The atmosphere was fairly laid back with Jack’s boys keeping the whole morning as light hearted as possible.

Jessica was being prepared a lot closer to Serafinos, in a stunning Aldinga bed and breakfast called Maison Blue. The setting was perfect for a bridal preparation,. it’s an amazingly beautiful house – as soon as I walked up the stairs and saw Jessica’s wedding dress hung over it’s amazing arch window, I was amazed. The girls, like the boys kept their morning quite light hearted, with the only concern coming from Jess once the unfortunate drizzle of rain began just before they were about to leave for Serafinos.

Serafinos Wedding Ceremony

The Serafinos winery is a popular wedding venue in Mclaren Vale, complete with all the charming aspects of a winery, along with an absolutely stunning ceremony location in front of a huge lake beyond a huge gum tree which served as a backdrop for  Jess and Jack’s ceremony.

The only unfortunate thing that occurred during the whole day was a bit of rain that fell at the beginning of their wedding ceremony, but other than that little mishap – which many people consider to be good luck at a wedding anyway – The ceremony went off without a hitch.

Serafinos Glamour Photos

Directly after Jess and Jack’s wedding ceremony, and family photos taken nearby the tree they were married under, the bridal party, their videographer and I took a little walk about the grounds. As it was a fairly overcast day the lighting was absolutely perfect for glamour photos! I really enjoyed myself and I think their photos turned out amazingly.

Serafinos Wedding Reception

Jess and Jack’s wedding reception took place in the wonderfully decorated reception hall on location at the Serafinos winery which allowed for a huge dance floor and seating for their entire guest list. The highlight for me was definitely their first dance. The backdrop of the barrels along the the head table and dry ice machine made for an amazing shot.

I’d like to thank Jess and Jack for having me do their wedding photography – I really enjoyed myself and I hope they enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Winner of the 2017 People’s Choice photo of the year contest

So ends yet another year of wedding photography with the conclusion of my annual little contest! now all that needs to be done is to announce the Winner of the 2017 People’s Choice photo of the year contest. The below video lists all the entrants, with the finale being the winning image that will be receiving a large, framed print of their photo. Just a reminder that these are the favourite images chosen by the bride and groom from each respective wedding I covered during 2017. So it’s very interesting for me to see what others see in my photography as these images would not necessarily be the same images I would have chosen as my favourites from the weddingsd I covered in 2017. I actually put together a bit of a video my my own personal favourites here if you’re interested 🙂

Winner of the 2017 People’s Choice photo of the year

The $100 winning voter

I also give away $100 each year to a randomly chosen voter. If it weren’t for the voters on this little contest, the entire idea of having a contest wouldn’t work, so I do this just to thank everyone involved and hope you all come back next year to vote also! 😀

And the winner is…


Thanks so much to everyone who took part! 😀

Announcing X-ray Wedding Photography

Since the dawn of photography, it has always been the photographer’s goal to capture the inner soul of their subject in photographic form. Capturing the emotions of the moment and telling a story as it happens in a split second of time is the essence of the goal that many wedding photographers set out to achieve – myself included. With this mindset, it’s with great excitement that I am announcing a new service I’m providing to all my wedding photography clients; X-ray Wedding Photography.

Photography has always had the goal of capturing pure emotion, beyond the outer appearance of the subject being photographed, so using x-rays I’m able to pierce the upper levels of your skin, allowing me to photograph your inner beauty and emotions – literally. My portable x-ray camera (pictured below) allows for seamless integration of X-ray wedding photography to your special day, and the result would be a highly unique keepsake. In keeping with my mantra of keeping up with the cutting edge in photographic technology, I’m always keen on providing my clients with that absolute best technology has to offer. With my rollout of satellite wedding photography last year, and of course my drone and 360 Virtual Reality services, no other photographers in Australia offer this kind of service.

As with many of my new services, I like to roll out my new offerings for free to already booked wedding clients, and I’ve developed my X-ray Wedding Photography process over the last few months – with the amazing results pictured below. As this is still a fledgeling service, I will still be offering this service for free, at least for the foreseeable future – just because I believe every angle of a wedding should be captured at the best of my ability.

I anticipate the demand for this kind of service will inundate me with bookings for the next 5 years at least, much in the same way as my super popular satellite wedding photography rollout last year. So get in touch now in order to secure my services and you too can have a unique memento of the inside of your bodies from your wedding day!