Announcing X-ray Wedding Photography

Since the dawn of photography, it has always been the photographer’s goal to capture the inner soul of their subject in photographic form. Capturing the emotions of the moment and telling a story as it happens in a split second of time is the essence of the goal that many wedding photographers set out to achieve – myself included. With this mindset, it’s with great excitement that I am announcing a new service I’m providing to all my wedding photography clients; X-ray Wedding Photography.

Photography has always had the goal of capturing pure emotion, beyond the outer appearance of the subject being photographed, so using x-rays I’m able to pierce the upper levels of your skin, allowing me to photograph your inner beauty and emotions – literally. My portable x-ray camera (pictured below) allows for seamless integration of X-ray wedding photography to your special day, and the result would be a highly unique keepsake. In keeping with my mantra of keeping up with the cutting edge in photographic technology, I’m always keen on providing my clients with that absolute best technology has to offer. With my rollout of satellite wedding photography last year, and of course my drone and 360 Virtual Reality services, no other photographers in Australia offer this kind of service.

As with many of my new services, I like to roll out my new offerings for free to already booked wedding clients, and I’ve developed my X-ray Wedding Photography process over the last few months – with the amazing results pictured below. As this is still a fledgeling service, I will still be offering this service for free, at least for the foreseeable future – just because I believe every angle of a wedding should be captured at the best of my ability.

I anticipate the demand for this kind of service will inundate me with bookings for the next 5 years at least, much in the same way as my super popular satellite wedding photography rollout last year. So get in touch now in order to secure my services and you too can have a unique memento of the inside of your bodies from your wedding day!

Satellite wedding photography service

As many of you know, a driving force behind my work is continuously pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation in wedding photography. This past year I have incorporated many new pieces of technology into my photographer’s kit, including the use of drones and 360 virtual reality video – all as part of my normal service to my wedding photography clients. I’m also continually winning awards for my consistently high quality work, but I feel this announcement is going to rock the wedding photography world. It’s all well and good producing high quality photographs and amazing imagery for my clients, but I feel it’s my duty as a professional photographer to continually investigate what is available – and bring it to my clients. As a result of this search, I’m pleased to announce a world first in cutting-edge wedding photography – Satellite wedding photography.

Satellite wedding photography – Available now!

Along with all the other incredible services already provided to my wedding couples, I will be offering the use of my personal SvenStudios satellite in order to take photos from the unique perspective only afforded by using an orbiting satellite!

Having your wedding photographs taken from an altitude of 35,000km really brings out the genuine emotion you’ll be feeling on your big day and allows for your photo to be taken with relatives that can’t attend your wedding, even if they are on the other side of the country! So much for live streaming your wedding using virtual reality technology as provided by our guest360 service!

This new service literally allows for the magnitude of the emotion you’ll be feeling on your big day shine right across the face of the Earth in a way not before possible!

For those techno junkies out there, above are images of the launch of the SvenStudios satellite along with a photograph of it’s mounted camera. I have spared no expense in bringing this new service to my future wedding photography clients and have left no stone unturned in utilising all available technology. The satellite is in a customizable geo-synchronous orbit, generally residing over Adelaide as most of my clients are Adelaide-based, but can be adjusted as shown by a photograph I took of a wedding in Tasmania below. The camera itself incorporates a 133 megapixel sensor and is sensitive enough to pick out the general landmarks you’re getting married near! Check out from sample images I’ve taken at actual weddings while I’ve been testing it.

Can’t you just feel the love in these photos? Why settle for only overhead drone photography – which we also offer – when you can opt for these incredible scenes available through the SvenStudios Satellite wedding photography service?

This service will be provided for free for all future wedding clients who comment below, which is an exciting offer as I will need to start charging for these services or my wife will disown me.. (PLEASE don’t mention to her I purchased a satellite… It’s bad enough I keep buying camera equipment…)