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Announcing the remote robotic wedding service


Announcing the SvenStudios remote robotic wedding service

Times are hard right now – the COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havok on our way of life and people are being forced into lockdown – forgoing normal activities, meeting with friends and even postponing weddings. It’s a terribly tough situation. So we at SvenStudios have decided to provide a bit of a smile to your faces in the form of our new remote robotic wedding service!

In light of the new social distancing measures in force in Australia, and right around the world, people are being forced apart, and having to rely on technology to come together. So, thinking of how we can improve on our already useful virtual reality streaming service, we have the perfect way to conduct your wedding without having to worry about the ‘5 people present’ rule currently in effect across Australia to minimise the spread of the virus. Just take a peek at this shot I recently took of Alice and Dion during their remote robotic wedding ceremony! You are now able to attend your own wedding by using a remote controlled robot with your face on it!


Technology is creeping and getting better at an incredible rate, it’s only in the last few years that drones have become a common sight at a wedding, buzzing about taking shots from the air. Even underwater robots have now found their way into my photographic arsenal when capturing a wedding. Also combining the incredible innovations SvenStudios has announced each April 1st, this remote robotic wedding service was a natural progression to our commitment in bringing the absolute best technology to your day.

Robots from the Double Robotics firm, under instruction by SvenStudios are able to take your place at the altar while you stay at home, practicing social distancing on your sofa and get married at your dream venue! Even your celebrant and witnesses are able to utilise this technology and attend to make the whole operation completely legal! Your guests can also attend via a live streaming virtual reality feed that SvenStudios have already been offering at every wedding we cover as your wedding photographer.

The great thing about this whole set up is that you are now free to have your photographer and videographer on site to take photos of your robotic selves being all romantic without having to worry about leaving your house, or the pesky five person limit at your wedding! How good is that!?

To be honest it was the South Park episode A Nightmare on Face Time which gave me the idea to develop the remote robotic wedding service. It made me wonder why people have not been using this sort of technology before now to venture to places otherwise unaccessible to some people. Now with the government mandated social distancing being enforced on gatherings like weddings, I felt as though this technology was a no brainer to start being used in this way!

If you are interested in having the SvenStudios remote robotic wedding service help out with your situation by allowing your wedding to go ahead in the location you were most hoping for, then get in contact with us using this special form. As you can imagine, along with the Satellite wedding photography, x-ray wedding photography and wedding odorgraphy previously announced on the same date each year, we are going to be fairly busy with a huge innundation of requests to cover weddings with this new remote robotic wedding service. We only ask for you to bear with us while we wade through all of the thousands of wedding couples we are sure will be clamouring to be photographed as a robot on their wedding day!

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