Sarah and Mal had me as their wedding photographer for 6 hours on their big day backdropped by the beautiful St Laurence’s Church in North Adelaide. The weather on the day was super hot and dry which made it a bit of a challenge to get everything done in time, and all the while Sarah was quite a way along in her pregnancy 🙂 That being said however we did get everything we wanted done, except perhaps some photos out the front of the Bonython Hall on north Terrace, but is was a small thing to skip in order to keep the day rolling 🙂


I started the day with Mal and his groomsmen being prepared together at their house in the North of Adelaide. All the boys were sitting around having a chat when I arrived and jumped into action, putting on their shirts and outfits just after. It was a bit of a whirlwind as I only had around 30 minutes before heading over to the girls.

The girls were being prepared in an apartment nearby the St Laurence’s Church in North Adelaide. The goal was to be ready within 30 minutes and head off to the university of Adelaide for ‘first look’ photos on the footbridge over the Torrens. Makeup was running a little late however.

First Look Photos

Once we got to Adelaide uni we first went about doing a little ‘first look’ on the Torrens footbridge where Sarah walked up to Mal and surprised him with her dress, we then moved as quickly as we could up through the uni campus and used the buildings behind the museum and along North Terrace for some photos.

St Laurence’s Church Wedding Ceremony

St Laurence’s Catholic Church in North Adelaide is a historic church built in North Adelaide in 1868 in a time when North Adelaide was still used as farmland. The period in which it was built is showcased by it’s architecture, complete with a dark wooden roof inside, it’s walls are covered with white paint and large stained glass windows with illuminates the interior quite well for such a historic church.

Sarah and Mal’s congregation filled a little over half of the available pews within the church who witnessed a shorter version of a traditional Catholic wedding where Sarah and Mal were sat up the front while the priest would direct proceedings.

East Terrace Continental Wedding Reception

Once the family photos were done – unfortunately in the beating sun out the front of the church – everyone retreated to the East Terrace Continental hotel to recuperate at their wedding reception. It was quite warm in the small space of the hotel upstairs, so once we cut the Marvel-themed cake and had a few drinks, we head out to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens for some more photos.

Botanic Gardens Glamour Photos

My aim was to keep to the shade for photos around the Botanic Gardens as we had already run about quite a bit during the day and I felt everyone was feeling the heat a bit. Thankfully we could take our time a bit at this time of day as there was nothing we had to get back to super quick. Once we were done, I head back to the reception with the bridal party for a few more group photos before heading home.

Thanks so much to Sarah and Mal for having me as your wedding photographer! 🙂

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