St Laurences Church

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St Laurence's Church Wedding

St Laurneces Church in north Adelaide was erected at the corner of Hill and Buxton streets in 1867-68, a time when this part of North Adelaide was largely undeveloped. The Church was constructed surrounded by fields at the time as was criticised for it’s location as it was a fair trek out from the center of Adelaide. However it’s construction at the time represented the growing strength of the Catholic faith while independent and non-conformist congregations were more prevalent.

It’s historic design is obvious with the beautifully decorated interior with rows of stained glass windows placed within pearly white walls. But it’s most striking feature I feel is the dark wooden roofing, built and decorated with intricate woodwork carvings.

  • Address

    134 Buxton Street
    North Adelaide, SA 5006

  • Phone

    08 8344 1347