Crafers West NYE 20s Theme Wedding – Alana & James

Alana and James opted to make their wedding a little bit of fun by holding their big day on New Years eve, and have a 20s theme wedding. All their guests would dress up in 1920s era clothing with a nod towards the fact that they were ringing in the 2020s. There were pin striped suits and flapper dresses galor on top of the hill at Crafers West and their reception ‘roared’ right into the early morning hours!


Both Alana and James had made it fairly clear to me that they werent a huge fan of having photos taken, and requested that I mainly stay in the shadows for the entire day taking more candid shots of what was going on. This included the preparation period of the day. So after having set up the photo booth at the venue in Crafers West, I head down to the friend’s house that James was being prepared in. Alana and Jame’s son was getting ready there too, and made the whole scene a delight with his silly antics.

Alana was being prepared nearby in the family home, surrounded by family and friends, and while most people I shoot state that they dont like being in front of a camera, I’m that kind of a photographer that likes to sneak in a shot or two during totally oragnic moments that capture a proper smile and authentic emotion. Thats what I feel as though wedding photography is all about!

Crafers West NYE 20s Theme Wedding Ceremony

Usually when I do a writeup of a wedding I have covered as a wedding photographer, I like to make sure everyone knows the venue, however the venue that Alana and James chose isnt actually on the map. Although the oowners live on site, it is a venue that is public, and has held weddings and events in the past, but it’s not published anywhere due to the owners not feeling as though the site isnt quite ready yet. It is an amazing spot in Crafers West though, with sweeping views of Glenelg and everything inbetween. The fun part of having a New years Eve wedding here was that we could watch the Glenelg fireworks at 9pm and 12pm, although they were quite small and far away.

Asthis was a 20s theme wedding ceremony, all of Alana and James’ guests had dressed for the part and watched them get married over the nifty little duck pond found at the center of the property. Alana and James had set up their arbour overlooking the view, and although it was a fairly cloudy, and smokey day due to bushfires, it was a stunning view.

Glamour Photos

As I mentioned earlier, glamour photos were not a thing Alana and James were looking forward to, so I made sure that our glamour shoots were short and to the point. I had them walk along the driveway surrounding the reception venue twice and that was it – I then tried to use some of the natural features of the garden during the night when convenient.

Crafers West NYE 20s Theme Wedding Reception

The main event of the entire day was really the reception party – Alana and James had sources several food carts and caterers to feed and water their guests, while also making a splsh with an impressive champagn flute pyramid which was  filled up towards the end of the night. All their guests were very chummy with one another which made the whole 20s theme wedding really come together nicely and made the whole night a joy to be a part of!

Thanks a bunch to Al;ana and James for having me as your wedding photographer! 😀

Surprise Backyard Wedding in Woodville – Natasha & Jono

Natasha and Jono held their wedding in their backyard on what turned out to be a lovely day surrounded by intimate family and friends who had mostly travelled to Adelaide for their engagement party. Natasha and Jono decided, considering everyone had travelled to attend their party, they’ll turn their engagement party into their Surprise Backyard wedding instead. An alternative was going to be holding their wedding on a beach in New Zealand, but they figured it’d be easier for everyone if they held it here, in their backyard. 🙂


Natasha and her bridal party were geting ready with a small selection of family and friends in a house nearby. I took photos of the girls getting ready, and together in their custom kimonos, before heading over to the boys before Natasha had put on her dress – as I was going to get that shot ust before the ceremony when she changes again.

Jono and his groomsmen were getting ready on site at the couple’s home in Woodville. In between putting on their shirts, and trying on their new fedoras, they were also running about putting some finishing touches on small parts of the wedding reception setup in the backyard.

Glamour photos

As their engagement party ruse was set up as an evening affair, with a marquee set up on the back lawn and food and drink available for dinner; Natasha and Jono decided to have their glamour photos done prior to their wedding ceremony. We head down to the Semaphore Beach to make use of the pristine sand and dunes available there for family photos, before heading just up the road a bit for the more photo friendly Largs Bay jetty.

To add a little bit of variety to the photos, and also because the sky was looking a little grey, I suggested heading through Port Adelaide and using the famed Crozier Street for a bit of an industrial slant to Natasha and Jono’s photos.


Surprise Backyard Wedding Ceremony

Many of Natasha and Jono’s guests had travelled from around Australia and New Zealand in order to attend their engagement party that was set up in their backyard, and they continued this ruse riught up until the beginning of the wedding ceremony where Jono’s groomsmen carried out the arbour that was hidden in their shed. Natasha snuck off during a time where guests were mingling and settling in for a fun night of celebration to change into her wedding dress again before reemerging.

Many of their guests were quite surprised about attending their wedding there and then, whichwas great to see! It’s often the case that the surprise is ruined well before by something, but their surprise wedding was quite successful! The ceremony itself was a nice affair with Aboriginal and Maori traditions coming together, complete with a ‘Welcome to country‘, Maori songs, and even a didgeridoo procession. It was lovely to be a part of!

Surprise Backyard Wedding Reception

All the food was set up on a long table within their shed out the back, which guests were asked to serve themselves from, and drnks wer self served from a pretty neat rental bar with several different drinks on tap. During the night I took Natasha and Jono to a nearby spot to make use of the incredible sunset that had set in, and also made sure to get some of the spaklers within the photos during their first dance. It was a great night!

I’d like to thank Natasha and Jono for havingme be a part of their Surprise Backyard wedding, and I hope they enjoy their photos! 🙂

The Best Wedding Photography from 2019

SvenStudios’ Best Wedding Photography 2019

It’s almost that time of year again, when I finally have all the previous year’s wedings edited and sent out to my loving couples! As I mentioned before in my 2019 wrap up, last year has been as absolute gangbuster year with no less than 37 weddings covered, with almost half (17) of those coming within October, Novemeber and December last year! As of writing this, I still have 2 weddings to edit and send out from 2019, but I feel its time to showcase some of my best wedding photography from 2019!

I’ve head back into each and every wedding I covered last year and chose 2-3 of my favourite photos from each, while also making an effort to showcase photography from different periods of a wedding day – not just the glamour, pin-up photos. I’ve then stuck them to music in a simple little slideshow which I’ve uploaded below. I like to do this every year as a bit of a learning experience for me, so look back at my work in reflection and figure out why and how some things worked while I was taking the photos.

The Best Wedding Photography from 2019

These are my own personal favourites, and I’ve certainly omitted quite a few, but I did limit myself in only selecting 2-3 photos from each wedding. I also like to run a contest each year where I ask each of my previous year’s couples to select their single favourite photo from their own wedding and put it to a vote on my website. The winner of the popular vote goes home with a large framed print of  their selection, while I get some valuable insight as to what people see in my work, which is invaluable.

So Look out for this year’s edition of the SvenStudios photo of the year contest on my Facebook page, which I plan to begin at the beginning of March, after I’ve completed these last two weddings I’m editing at the moment. All voters also go into the draw to win $100 cash, so it’s worthwhile to vote! I’ve sent out an email to each of my couples from last year seeking their favourite photo, however some emails go unread, so if you’re reading this and I covered your wedding during 2019, get in contact with your favourite photo and I’ll put it in the draw! This contest isn’t just for research into how I take my photos, it’s also run as a bit of a thankyou to all my previous year’s couples for having me as your wedding photographer!

Burbrook Forest Wedding – Brooke & Lachlan

Since Brooke and Lachlan got in contact with me to cover their wedding at Burbrook Forest, I had been looking forward to it as it’s in my opinion one of the best wedding venues in all of South Australia! I may also be biased as it was the venue for my own wedding, but anyway…

The weather was perfect, the trees were beautiful, and the day just turned out to be so awesome that I included a record number of photos on their USB, more than I have ever included on a USB 😛


The day started for me at Brooke and Lachlan’s house in which they were in the middle of selling, so the whole place was set up like some sort of display home – perfectly clean and prepared to look awesome. This made my job that much easier! All of Lachlan’s groomsmen were being prepared along side his parents which made for a wonderfully heartfelt time!

Similarly Brooke was being prepared alongside all of her bridesmaids, her parents and even a gaggle of kids who made for some cute distraction to any wedding nerves that people may have been feeling. Brooke had found a delightful bed and breakfast just up the road from Kuitpo hall, and Burbrook forest which was super convenient, and also stunningly beautiful as a backdrop for their preparation photos!


Burbrook Forest Wedding Ceremony

Brooke and Lachlan’s wedding day took place on a very hot and sunny day in which the nearby Kuitpo forest had been closed due to fire danger. Luckily, the privately owned Burbrook forest had no such restrictions so their wedding ceremony could take place with no interruptions. The tall trees surrounding the lovely gnarly ‘wedding tree’ (as it’s affectionately known) supplied some nice shade for the entire wedding congregation, and actually made the area quite comfortable.

The Burbrook forest wedding tree would not look out of place in any Harry Potter film, and it mades for an imposing setting for a wedding ceremony where the bride and groom would stand under it, with guests looking up at them with the tree overlooking the whole clearing. It’s quite a sight.

Burbrook Forest Glamour Photos

The main appeal for holding a wedding at Burbrook forest is using the awesome rows of pine trees with the sunlight shining through to create a stunning effect in photos. it’s a big reason why my wife and I also chose to be married here! After the family photos, we made sure to make use of these trees and sweeping views around the forest. We also made some time later in the day, during the reception to head back for the sun setting through the trees.

Unfortunately some clouds had appeared, hiding the sunset proper, but I’m pretty good with photoshop so… 🙂 It’s also a bit of a fun story to know that behind Brooke and Lachlan in some of the photos is Brooke’s mother crouching down spraying some ‘atmosphere in a can’ to frame them in a bit of a neat haze for the photos.

Kuitpo Hall Wedding Reception

Kuitpo Hall, which is conveniently just down the road from Burbrook forest is a beautifully rustic spot to hold a wedding reception at. This is particularly true on a warm night, like what Brooke and Lachlan enjoyed, where guests can enjoy the large grassy field outside the hall itself. Brooke and Lachlan had the entire area lit with outside lighting and well stocked with barrels, and outside furniture so everyone was comfortable.

I’d like to thank Brooke and Lachlan for having my wife and I as a part of their wedding day! I had a blast as their wedding photographer at their Burbrook forest wedding and I hope they enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Valentines day Promotion 2020 – Win a date!

Valentines day Promotion 2020 – Win a date!

As a wedding photographer, when you get right down to it, love and being in love is really why I have a job, and in my view it’s the best job in the world! So what better way to celebrate the season of love – St valentines day than with a simple little Valentines day promotion to thank all of you out there that make my dream a reality. I have a $200 Event Cinemas Gold Class gift certificate here that I want to give away!

Win a $200 Event cinemas Gold Class date

I’d like to give the chance for everyone visiting my page – and that’s any page on my website – to win a $200 Event cinemas Gold Class date on me. There’s absolutely no need to have me as your photographer, or need to purchase anything; all I ask is for you to have a look around my site at the quality of work I offer as I have hidden little bouncing love hearts randomly on different pages across my site. You’ll have to click through the many pages, wedding previews and any random page I hide them on.

How to enter

Clicking on these little hearts – like the ones animated below, but NOT the ones animated below – you’ll be prompted to enter your name and email address – and that’s all you’ll need to do to enter my little Valentines day promotion. As an added bonus, each little heart you find and put your name in adds another entry into the draw! So you can enter as many times as you wish, you just need to find all the little hearts!


There are currently 5 hearts hidden around the site, and I will be hiding more hearts throughout the site each day up until Valentines day, February 14th. So make sure you come back to find even more little hearts for more chances to win a $200 Gold Class movie date on me! The hearts will be hiding throughout the site from today up until February 29th, after which a winning email address will be chosen at random and sent the $200 gift certificate. Remember, you can enter as many times as you find a love heart, so get clicking! 😀

If you’ve never experienced the Gold Class cinemas at Event, you’re in for a treat! It’s a wonderful way to experience the movies with someone on a date, and for $200 you can also be fed and watered while doing it! The only issue with the Gold Class seating is that you can’t get a cuddle while watching 🙁

Good luck and happy clicking!

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Disclaimer – Prize awarded will be given as a $200 Event Cinemas Gold Class gift certificate, not transferable for cash. SvenStudios and Event Cinemas are not affiliated in any way. Email addresses collected will be added to a mailing list which I will (very rarely) send emails to, usually just about similar promotions.