Lot 100 Wedding – Alice & Dion


Alice and Dion’s Lot 100 Wedding in hay Valley made for a very funfilled day which very much felt like it was over in a flash! Despite me starting the day in Myponga, early in the morning, and not finishing until late at Lot 100, the day seemed to flash by as the whole day was a blast to be a part of! From clay pidgeon shooting, to German folk dancing and some amazing scenes I was able to capture as a wedding photographer!


Dion and a group of his friends all congregated in the early morning at Myponga to go Clay Pidgeon shooting together on a nearby farm. I had never even been present when this sport was going on, so I was quite excited for it – certainly made for a different change in pace to what I’d usually be taking photos of while the boys were getting ready! Dion even gave me a turn at trying my hand at shooting, and it turned out I was pretty good at it! Gave a new meaning to the phrase ‘out shooting a wedding’. 🙂

Alice and her bridal party were being prepared at a bed and breakfast in Stirling. It was a delightful little cottage with an intimate green garden full of little nooks to have details shots done of the rings, shoes, etc. The inside of the house was also well set up to take photos as there was some like windows around on plainly painted walls that just work very well for this kind of thing. Along with Alice’s bridal party there was also Alice’s brother there making sure everything ran well, but also there to provide some friendly, brotherly fun. 🙂


Lot 100 Wedding Ceremony

The location where Alice and Dion chose to set up their Lot 100 Wedding ceremony was on the sloped grass behind the main restaurant on site. It has a bit of a slope to it, but not so much that people could not stand straight. It was also great as there was a wonderful backdrop of tall gumtrees in each shot. The only unfortunate thing was that because it was set up that way, the sun was directly in Alice, Dion’s and the celebrant’s face – but the guests were more comfortable!

The ceremony itself was nice and simple, with a reading from a friend and a bit of laughter all round as the celebrant retold small bits of Alice and Dion’s relationship up to now.

Glamour Photos

A rather unique part of Alice and Dion’s day was the after effects of the large bushfires that were raging on the nearby Kangaroo Island, causing smoke to waft up through the valley and cause the backdrop of most of their photos to be quite hazy. It made it very easy for me to create a beautiful set of wedding photos that really isolate Alice and Dion, but also incorporate the stunning surrounds of their Lot 100 wedding day.

We began their glamour photos using the trees nearby where they had the wedding ceremony set up. I wanted to use the valley as a bit of a backdrop with the bridal party and also use the sun shining through the trees a bit to create an ethreal feel to the shots. We then moved up the hill a bit with the bridal party and took a few more shots on a giant felled tree trunk, which was pretty enat to arrange a group shot like that.

Finally we hopped into their 4 wheel drive and drove around the huge paddock on site, towards a magnificently huge gum treeright in the middle of it all. While doing this I also had the drone flying about as the scenery was absolutely epic from the sky. We finished off by using the small forrest of gum trees situated at the top of a nearby hill, where I was looking forward to again taking shots looking through the trees.

Lot 100 Wedding Reception

The Lot 100 wedding reception area is a beautifully set out restaurant enclosed within a modernly built structure lined with windows all around. The center of the restaurant is the bar where they serve a huge amount of different craft beers and wines. Alice and Dion had their dance floor set up at one end of the area.

A huge standout of their night was the German dancers Alice and Dion had organised to come in and perform for their guests. The dancers made a bit of a mockery of Dion in good spirits while they also demonstrated their skill with some highly complicated dancing and music! Was a sight to see!

Another stand out for me was the fact that their night happened to be on a night with a super full moon, so we made sure to get out and make use of the moon while it wasnt hiding behind clouds. The smoke from the fires also made it a rusty orange colour! Really quite pretty!

I’d like to thank Alice and Dion for having me do their wedding photography! Was a great day and I hope you enjoy your photos! 😀

COVID-19 and what SvenStudios photography couples can expect

Well then, what a wild first few months we’ve had in 2020, just when we thought 2019 was one of the worst years on record in regards to celebrity deaths, and bad things happening in the world, BAM 2020 comes rolling about with a vengance. Huge fires right across Australia, the Donald Trump Impeachment circus and now the COVID-19 Coronavirus which has no signs of slowing up. With the recent obligations for event organisers put together by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, limiting indoor gatherings across Australia to 100 maximum people, you can imagine that anyone involved in the wedding industry is going to be effected over the following months.

Travel has also been restricted worldwide with all the major airlines cutting services and countries closing borders, along with crazy people buying up all the toilet paper as though it were gold – it’s a scary time to sit in front of the television news cycle, and certainly not something that should be taken lightly.

COVID-19 and what SvenStudios photography couples can expect

Wedding planning is something couples put countless hours into, stressing about minute details, wondering if people can attend or not and this huge health emergency that has been caused by COVID-19 is going to put a lot of those plans on hold, and it’s making a lot of people very anxious. As of now I have 9 weddings booked before the end of May, I plan to attend each one of these weddings as the booked wedding photographer unless the couple advises otherwise. Or if the government mandates a more draconian version of social distancing. I believe the majority of these weddings have reasonably small guest lists, allowing them to go ahead as long as the total number of people on site (including suppliers) are below 100. This is the case with the 2 weddings I’m attending this weekend. The only thing that would stop me from attending a booked wedding would be a complete social shutdown – which many fear may happen as it has happened in some parts of Europe and the US. Scary times.

I plan to attend each one of these weddings as the booked wedding photographer unless the couple advises otherwise


I have had a total of 1 wedding cancel outright so far, with plans to rebook in the future, and a few that have got in touch in order to begin sorting out a new, postponed date. It’s quite important for wedding couples that are stressing over their wedding day to not worry too much as the suppliers they have researched and booked in are going to be more than happy to bend over backwards for them in order to sort out a new date for their big day.

It’s rather scary for us as wedding suppliers too, this COVID-19 pandemic has the possibility to effect our livelihood in a way that nothing has come before. With this in mind, If any of your wedding suppliers have gone out of their way to help out in this horrid situation, it would really brighten their day if you were to give shoutouts on Social media, or reviews on sites like google or facebook as although we make a living out of the industry, the current situation is dire and we all wear our hearts on our sleeves when it comes to our weddings. As taken from the Facebook Adelaide Wedding Chit Chat page – We urge you to work with your suppliers to make it work – by supporting the small businesses you are helping put food on the table for the family and to pay the rent/mortgage. Remember to shop local and buy local, the small businesses out there need you now more than ever.

Ekhidna Wines Wedding – Sarah & Ricardo

Ekhidna Wines, or Ekhidna Winery in Mclaren Vale was the stunning backdrop to Sarah and Ricardo’s wedding amongst a wonderful bunch of people who had travelled from far and wide to attend their big day. A big difference between their wedding and many others however was the fact that they opted to do their glamour shoot a few days prior to their wedding day. They instead got dressed up 2 days before their wedding day in mid Januray and had a bit of a ‘first look’ and glamour shoot using optimal light later in the day.

Pre Wedding Shoot

The great thing about what Sarah and Ricardo decided to do was that they were able to dedicate their whole wedding day soley to their friends and family, without leaving everyone at their Ekhidna wines reception while they went off to have their glamour photos taken. As their glamour photos had already been done a few day prior they were able to just party all day! It was also great to me as we were able to make use of the best light during the day, without worrying about getting back inside for speeches or cake cutting. It was a wonderful idea and I can’t believe more pople don’t opt to do this!

Our glamour shoot began as a simple little ‘first look’ between Sarah adn Ricardo in the garden of the bed and breakfast they were staying at that night. It was a very small little garden, but it worked out beautifully as the sun was in a great spot for it to shine in through the leaves of the trees lining the road. Then we head out to the main street of Mclaren Vale where there is a stunning little grove of Olive Trees that are free to walk through as a tribute to the regions large Olive business. I like using this spot later in the day as the sun shines through the canopy of this little grove quite nicely. The next spot we head to was the ‘story bench’ in Willunga which I learnt about back when I was a teacher at the nearby Willunga Primary School. Its a simple little park with large gum trees, a big open grassy area and some nifty, whispy trees I’m not sure what their names are. 😀 We then finished the day back at Ekhidna Wines where Saraha and Ricardo’s dog came to visit for a bit of a shoot throughout the vineyards.


On the actual day of the wedding, Sarah and her bridal aprty were being prepared at the Ekhidna Wines on-site bed and breakfast which is always convenient as it’s right next door to the wedding venue. I had a little bit of time with Sarah and everyone there and grab a few shots of them all getting ready!

Ekhidna Wines Wedding Ceremony

Sarah and Ricardo’s wedding ceremoyn was full of meaningful readings and heartfelt cameos by friends and family throughout, and was of course backdropped to what I feel to be one of the best backdrops to any wedding venue in Mclaren Vale – that of the Hills behind Ekhidna WInes. When there is a little cloud in the sky, it just makes for a stunning backdrop!

Ekhidna Wines Wedding Reception

To finish up I was at Sarah and Ricardo’s wedding reception on site at Ekhidna wines for a few hours before my wedding photography coverage was at an end. Can you believe I maaged to grab all these shotswithin 6 hours?! 2 hours on their glamour shoot day, and 4 on their actual wedding day and I managed to pretty much cover it all! It was obvious to me that many of those who made speeches throughout the evening were used to public speaking as the quality of all the speeches were fantastic, and tall the guests got right into each one, making the whole experience that much more intimate and special.

Sarah and Ricardo, your wedding was an absolute joy to be a part of and I hope you enjoy your photos!

Inglewood Inn Wedding – Kasia & Ben

I’d been looking forward to being Kasia and Ben’s wedding photographer ever sinse Kasia had asked me to do it several months prior as I grew up with Kasia’s brother throughout High School and knew they were a wonderful bunch of people! It was a super hot day for Kasia and Ben’s Inglewood Inn wedding, but the heat really did not stop the jovial nature of their wedding guests. The whole day was full of laughter, joy and intimate moments that just makes being a wedding photographer all the more worthwhile.


Ben and a few of the boys were being prepared at a house on the other side of town. If Ben had any nerves he certainly wasnt showing them as he was quite keen on making the preparation time quite fun by having photos done in his jocks, and throwing banter about with some of the other boys getting ready there.

Kasia was being prepared in a hotel room at The Watson, North East of the city. The room was light and airy with a huge window at one end of the room which made for great natural light to seep through and illuminate everthing. Kasia was getting prepared in the same room as several others, including her brother who was also acting as her ‘Man of honour’, and ‘Flower Man’ during the cermeony.

Inglewood Inn Wedding Ceremony

The day was so hot that it was an absolute blessing to have the canopy of stunning oak tree foliage covering Kasia and ben’s guests during the ceremony. I really felt bad for Ben and some of the other men through in 3 piece suits! I even had some of my secondary equipment fail on me due to the heat it was that hot. Luckily, when holding an Inglewood Inn wedding ceremony, usually the whole ceremony takes place in the shade. Also, it certainly did not put any hamper on processings as Kasia and Ben’s ceremony was full of heartfelt vows and readings from important members of the family. Even their celebrant was a friend of the family!

It was lovely to be a part of 🙂 It’s also a lot of fun to see a grown man act as the ‘flower man’ rather than a little girl – always puts a smile on everyones face!

Glamour Photos

The Inglewood Inn is an incredible place to take photos in, with beautifully curated areas around the grassy spot for the ceremony, but also very unkempt areas surrounding a number of creeks flowing through the property. Theres also even a beautiful old colonial cottage ruin a short walk away, along with a paddock full of farm animals and gum trees.

Of course though, the main drawcard for having wedding photos done at the Inglewood Inn is Gollop’s Bridge, which happens to be the oldest road bridge still in use in SA.  Named after John Gollop who constructed a wooden bridge over the branch of the Little Para river just below the Inglewood Inn in the 1840’s. The bridge was replaced by the current stone-arch bridge in 1863. We used the bridge during the day to get what I figure to be the ‘money shot’ of an Inglewood Inn wedding, but we also head back out at night with some smoke in a can to use the area in the dark.

Inglewood Inn Wedding Reception

The inglewood Inn reception area overlooks the ceremony grounds so well that you could potentially attent a wedding here without leaving the reception hall. It boasts panoramic windows overlooking the hills surrounding the venue and is large enough to host larger weddings, while still being quite an intimate space.

Kasia and ben’s reception was full of lovely speeches by quite a few guests, and everyone was up on the dance floor which was great to see!

I’d like to thank Kasia and Ben for having me on their special day and I hope they enjoy their wedding photography! 😀

Vote for the 2020 Wedding Photo of the year!

I’m very excited to announce that if you’re reading this that means that you are now able to vote for the 2020 wedding photo of the year! Each year I run the SvenStudios photo of the year contest as a thankyou for all of my previous year’s wedded couples by asking them which out of all the photos I took on their big day was their favourite and I put them all together for a vote online. The couple’s photo with the most votes by the end of the contest period will win a large framed print of either their favourite photo, or another of their choosing if they have already had it printed.

Vote for the 2020 Wedding Photo of the year!

Voting is now open from the 7th of March through to the 11th of April 2020 with the winning image being that which has the most votes by midnight April 11th. Voting is now closed though and you can see the winners here! The winner of the voter prize of $100 will be drawn randomly from all eligible votes and emailed about accepting their prize. All voters are limited to a single vote throughout the voting period. I’ve put in place a lot of anti cheating procedures so that duplicate votes are recorded and removed from the tally in a number of different ways.

It’s always interesting to me what others see in my photography, which is one reason why I run this little contest. The photos that have been chosen by my couples do not necessarily represent my own choices as my favourite photos from my weddings. To represent that I usually put together a little video about what I feel are the best 🙂 That said however I dont shoot for myself! It’s all about what my couples see and value in my work!

Of the 37 weddings I covered in 2019, I’ve had 20 couples get back to me with their favourite photos for this contest. If you’re reading this and you are one of the couples that have not got back to me, or know of a couple that I have photographed and arent in the draw, get in contact wth me and I’ll add your favourite photo to the vote – Just as long as it’s before the end date of the 11th of April.

Get on it and vote! Well you can’t now as the conest is over 🙁 It only takes a few seconds and you could come away with $100 cash! Even though you only have a single vote to give you are still able to help the photo you voted for win by using the sharing buttons to share your photo on your social media in order to get others to vote too! Although it’s not needed to win, the majority of the winning photos in previous contests have also had the most shares, so share it to your facebook and twitter!

The 2020 Wedding Photo of the year contestants!