Maternity Photography Tips

Maternity Photography Tips and Reminders – What to Know


Maternity Photography Tips and Reminders

A woman will not be pregnant forever, and believe it or not, it is a life stage that will fly by quickly even though during the hard parts it can seem like it’ll never end. To celebrate this momentous event, women often have a maternity photo session. It allows them to document their precious moments and the magical journey that their bodies go through as they create a new little life. Photos from the shoot will serve as a forever reminder of the excitement and joy of bringing a child into the world.

Whether you are a photographer looking for some maternity photography tips to make this photoshoot session a success or an expecting mom looking for some pointers on how to take your self-portrait or act in front of a camera, here is some useful information that can help you refine the experience.

Maternity Photography Tips

On Composition

  • Some women love seeing their pregnant figure, including all the extra weight. To capture this look, opt to shoot photos at eye level. This composition will put your client’s face and body front in the centre of the shot.
  • Other clients are the exact opposite. They are conscious of their body and weight, and some are even bothered by the added puffiness on their faces. In these scenarios, try to shoot from an angle above the model. A distance of around one or two feet will do. It will slim down all her features, giving her more flattering photos.

What to Wear

The truth is some expecting moms do not feel beautiful about the changes their bodies go through. As a result, some may try to cover up by wearing loose or large clothing. On the other hand, others will want to pose nude or close to it.

Every client is different, so it is essential to make sure that what they are wearing makes them feel comfortable. If you feel that the client needs a little confidence boost, encourage her to wear something elegant and beautiful. Putting on nice clothes can immediately add a certain level of sophistication to the shot and the woman’s self-esteem.

Reminders for the Maternity Photographer

  • Understand Maternity Poses

You might have come across this a lot: a mother smiling while her hand touches her belly. That is the usual pose that people expect from a maternity shoot. While this is an almost mandatory shot that a soon-to-be-mom would expect to have, the photographer should not only get her into the pose. They have to capture her in that position while ensuring that she is comfortable and beautiful as well.

  • Direct Your Client

Finding the right poses that your client can execute well can be challenging since not all moms are professional models. That being the case, you need to unleash your direction skills. Prepare for this by researching the different poses your client can imitate. Come prepared with not so much instructions on how to pose her body, more some activities that someone would be doing while on location, where she can look, what to do with her hands, and what expressions to put on her face. An example light be to simply walk through some trees while flicking her hair or something.

I find the most beautiful shots are taken during some sort of action – this is a good tip to understand, not just when thinking about maternity photography tips!

Make sure not to be so strict or bark out instructions to your client to avoid making her feel miserable. You can start by going over a few posing ideas you have so she knows what to expect from the shoot.

  • Always Consult Your Model

You can always discuss the composition and types of poses you want your client to do, but if she gets uncomfortable with any of them, you need to have backup plans. There will always be a time when looking relaxed and smiling for a pregnant woman can feel unnatural. Remember that she can be in pain during the whole process. What you need to do is check on her frequently and ask whether she is comfortable with what she is doing. She may also have some ideas to make both your lives easier.

These friendly maternity photography tips and reminders can make the whole maternity shoot session a victory. The main idea is to always keep your client happy, and just remember traipsing around a forest in lingerie isnt exactly the most natural feeling in the world, so try and make it fun! Put these tips into practice to capture a great photo that will serve as a remembrance of this special period.

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  1. Kristofer Van Wagner
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    Thank you for reminding us that when planning to organize a maternity photo shoot, it is recommended for us to keep in mind the maternity pose, as it could impact the quality of the image. My sister-in-law is pregnant and my brother mentioned that he would like to do surprise her with a photoshoot for keepsake. I will advise my brother to have someone who can show her maternity poses so that she will feel more confident.


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