Veale Gardens Wedding - Jacqui & Dion 1

Veale Gardens Wedding – Jacqui & Dion

Jacqui and Dion’s Veale Gardens Wedding on South Terrace in the Adelaide CBD was an epic affair, full of fun, dancing, fireworks and lovely people! The COVID Pandemic had unfortunately threw Jacqui and Dion’s plans a little bit but they made very good use of the (then) lesser restrictions in place that allowed for dancing and ‘vertical’ drinking!


Preparation in the morning was a jovial affair with dancing, making alot of nose and plenty of proud parents looking on at their sons and daughters! We were tasked with producing some videography along with the photography for the day so my wife also came along to help out with producing some footage.

I started out the day with Jacqui’s house of preparation to begin the documentation, before heaing over to Dion’s place of preparation while my wife stayed at Jacqui’s house for the dancing and merry making.

Dion and his family were being prepared in a more subdued mannor, with not so much dancing, but still making a bit of noise with the suped up cars they had parked out the front! There were smiles all round as everyone was helping each other get ready by tieing ties and fitting flowers to suits.

Veale Gardens Wedding Ceremony

it was a bit of a running joke with Dion and his family that 2020 kept throwing a few curve balls Jacqui and Dion’s way right up to the beginning of their ceremony! Unfortunately their celebrant had a bit of a family emergency just prior to their wedding so ended up being a little late for the party – but it all worked out in the end! In fact the entire day worked out very well.

Jacqui and Dion’s veale Gardens wedding ceremony was held at rock pool 7, which is perfectly suited for cars to drive in to the nearby carpark for the pavilion restaurant and then walk through the lovely manicured gardens and grass to reach it.

Their ceremony was highlighted by two readings while their wedding rings were held by a member of the family which was a nice way to include as many people as possible.

Veale Gardens Wedding Photos

We did not linger long for Veale Gardens wedding photos, but rather zoomed off for a few after ceremony drinks in a small cocktail bar in Peel St. However i did manage to convince Jacqui and Dion to walk about in the nearby Gums trees for a bit of variety in their wedding photos!

Afternoon tea

In peel st we made use of the older architecture for some more photos before heading into the cocktail bar for a few drinks with family. During what is usually a hectic time of a wedding day, Jacui and Dion opted to take it easy and spend the time with family and friends rather than spending their entire day taking photos – which I totally understand and respect!

JDF Function Center Wedding Reception

The main event – sos to speak was Jacui and Dion’s epic party they had planned at the JDF Reception center in Windsor Gardens. Their reception was decked out with almost everything you could imagine at a wedding party – from my Photobooth to dry ice and indoor fireworks! It certainly was a party to remember, and it was midnight before anyone knew it! The night was just such a blast that the time flew.

Thankyou Jacqui and Dion for having myself and my wife photography and produce the videography for your Veale Gardens wedding day!

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