5 Typical Wedding Themes to Explore


Typical Wedding Themes

Your wedding is the most memorable day of your love story and there’s a way for you to make it even more unforgettable—by selecting a charming theme.

You should know that choosing a theme for your wedding day is not as straightforward as it seems. First, you need to find one that reflects both yours and your partner’s personalities. Aside from that, you must find one that suits your chosen venue and the time of the year you are holding the wedding. 

Long story short—it’s going to be quite challenging! 

Nevertheless, if you’re stuck in this stage of your wedding preparations, we’re here to help you out! Below you will find five of the many typical wedding themes you may want to explore, and perhaps improve apon that would better uniquely suit your own wedding!

5 Typical Wedding Themes

  1. Romantic 

This is perhaps the most commonly used theme in ceremonies. This does not mean that going with this motif will make your big day any less special! 

With this concept, your venue will be decorated with flowers in pastel colours. Usually, there will also be lighting fixtures hanging overhead that give off a soft glow to set the atmosphere. To top it off, the whole place is filled with candles emitting low light—just the right amount to create the perfect mood for romance!

  1. Alternative 

If the first motif doesn’t appeal to you and your partner, taking the unconventional route with an alternative wedding is worth exploring. 

Weddings with this concept feature moody colours and distinctive decorations. They allow you to get creative with the scene you want to achieve and the elements you want to include. The best part is that it can let you show your family and friends how cool you are as a couple! 

  1. Bohemian 

Boho style has been the talk of the town recently, thanks to its natural fabrics, retro patterns, warm shades and statement accessories. If you’re an avid fan of this style, you’ll never go wrong with a bohemian wedding.

In this theme, you’ll enjoy a distinct soft and romantic feel that is heavily inspired by the beautiful outdoors. It’s a great way to make your big day look like it came straight from a mythical woodland book! 

  1. Vintage 

If you and your partner are a big fan of all things retro, a vintage wedding is definitely worth looking into. 

In this concept, your venue will be furnished with antique decorations here and there. Your wedding entourage will be dressed in classic vintage attire, and you get to wear your favourite period wedding dress or suit as well. The best part? You may even hire a vintage car for your transportation or your wedding photoshoot! 

  1. Classic 

This is your best bet if you want to keep things formal and traditional for your special day. A classic wedding features grand floral arrangements in your venue and even a small orchestra playing classical music. 

On top of that, your guests will be dressed formally, too—ladies will be wearing evening dresses, while the men will be wearing ties. Ultimately, there will be posh seating and complete table settings. 

These are just five of the many typical wedding themes you can consider for your big day. I hope that our list gave you some inspiration as to what feel and atmosphere you want to achieve for your wedding. As you decide, it helps to remember that there are no hard rules as to what theme you can use. As long as you come up with your own dream wedding theme, you’ll surely make the ceremony a truly memorable one! 


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