Winner of the 2017 People’s Choice photo of the year contest

So ends yet another year of wedding photography with the conclusion of my annual little contest! now all that needs to be done is to announce the Winner of the 2017 People’s Choice photo of the year contest. The below video lists all the entrants, with the finale being the winning image that will be receiving a large, framed print of their photo. Just a reminder that these are the favourite images chosen by the bride and groom from each respective wedding I covered during 2017. So it’s very interesting for me to see what others see in my photography as these images would not necessarily be the same images I would have chosen as my favourites from the weddingsd I covered in 2017. I actually put together a bit of a video my my own personal favourites here if you’re interested 🙂

Winner of the 2017 People’s Choice photo of the year

The $100 winning voter

I also give away $100 each year to a randomly chosen voter. If it weren’t for the voters on this little contest, the entire idea of having a contest wouldn’t work, so I do this just to thank everyone involved and hope you all come back next year to vote also! 😀

And the winner is…


Thanks so much to everyone who took part! 😀

Framed wedding photography is a must

There’s something special about seeing a nicely framed piece of photography hanging on a wall, especially when it’s of your own framed wedding photography. It’s so incredibly important for people of the digital age to realise that investing in a properly printed and framed version of all their digital professional photos can add an incredible value to your home and life.

Imagine having something like these printed and framed works of art hanging on your wall at home, instead of languishing on your computer’s hard drive. People you entertain at your home will see them and think ‘wow’. Each time you walk past it you’ll also remember the day and the moment that image was snapped. Viewing framed wedding photography is such a different experience than simply flicking through your digital album, primarily because the ability of computer monitors and TVs simply cannot come close to the level of fidelity a properly printed image can. It’s kind of like trying to read a book on an ipad, who prefers an actual paper book? It’s the same sensation.

Framed wedding photography

These images were printed and framed using different processes as prizes in the 2016 SvenStudios People’s Choice wedding photo of the year contest. One was printed using the highest quality art paper and then framed professionally, the other was printed on silver halide paper then mounted between two pieces of sturdy acrylic to create an ultra modern finish. The options SvenStudios provides for framing wedding photography is on display here, and are of the highest quality. Yes the prices tend to be a little more than what you can buy at BigW, but when you’re producing works of art, using only the highest quality product will suffice.

These completed pieces will now be given to the two winners of my annual photograph of the year contest and I’m sure they’ll find a suitable home for these marvellous creations!