Botanic Gardens’ Sunken Garden Wedding – Anna & Isuru

It was a delightfully sunny day for Anna and Isuru’s wedding at the Adelaide Botanic Garden‘s Sunken garden wedding ceremony venue with a small group of close friends and family in person, and plenty watching a livestream! (When Isuru’s phone worked!)

The plan was to hold a small intimate ceremony here in Adelaide, and when COVID goes away hold another interstate with more guests.


Anna was prepared in a room of the Mayfair hotel on King William St along with two of her friends. The atmosphere in the room was one of fun and excitement for the wedding ceremony and if Anna was feeling any nerves, she hid them well!

I made use of the Mayfair hotel lobby for a couple of shots on their spiral staircase while also heading out to the intersection for a few shots on the road, which the girls seemed to find amusing 😀

Sunken Garden Wedding Ceremony

The botanic Garden’s Sunken Garden Wedding venue provides for a lovely private spot to hold a ceremony in what is usually a rather busy place on a such a lovely day! The set up was lovely for me as a wedding phtoographer as the sun was right behind whre Anna and Isuru were standing which made for some lovely ethereal photos.

The heat of the day was quite powerful, as Iruru’s phone soon found out as unfortunately they had a bit of trouble keeping the livestream going – thankfully I was also recording the ceremony using 360 Virtual Reality technology as I always do so they made good use of that the next day!

Anna and Isuru’s wedding ceremony was full of personal insight into the couple’s relationship complete with in jokes and fun little things that had the entire congregation smiling and laughing along as they watched.

Adelaide Botanic Gardens Glamour Photos

We had a short amount of time for some photos in amongst the Adelaide Boatnic Gardens after having family photos done at the Sunken Garden so we hopped right to it making a beeline to the friendship gates then walking slowly back towards the National Wine Center.

I wanted to use the lovely trees that you can find in the nearby Botanic Park for some photos before walking back through the gardens. We were lucky enough to be walking back through the gardens a little later than allowed due to having the reception at the National Wine Center as we got to capture the dying sun through some of the trees on display around the grounds.

National Wine Center Reception

Anna and Isuru’s National Wine Center reception took place in their ‘Gallery’ room which boasts a huge glass wall overlooking the rest of the wine center’s grounds.

As their guest list was on the smaller side, only one long table was set up to make the entire setting feel quite opulent and grand! It also allowed all their guests to sit together and not have to travel a million miles to see everyone!

I’d like to thank Anna and Isuru for having me photograph their Botanic Gardens’ Sunken Garden wedding, and I hope they enjoy their photos! Super happy to travel interstate for your other celebrations too! 😉

Veale Gardens Wedding – Jacqui & Dion

Jacqui and Dion’s Veale Gardens Wedding on South Terrace in the Adelaide CBD was an epic affair, full of fun, dancing, fireworks and lovely people! The COVID Pandemic had unfortunately threw Jacqui and Dion’s plans a little bit but they made very good use of the (then) lesser restrictions in place that allowed for dancing and ‘vertical’ drinking!


Preparation in the morning was a jovial affair with dancing, making alot of nose and plenty of proud parents looking on at their sons and daughters! We were tasked with producing some videography along with the photography for the day so my wife also came along to help out with producing some footage.

I started out the day with Jacqui’s house of preparation to begin the documentation, before heaing over to Dion’s place of preparation while my wife stayed at Jacqui’s house for the dancing and merry making.

Dion and his family were being prepared in a more subdued mannor, with not so much dancing, but still making a bit of noise with the suped up cars they had parked out the front! There were smiles all round as everyone was helping each other get ready by tieing ties and fitting flowers to suits.

Veale Gardens Wedding Ceremony

it was a bit of a running joke with Dion and his family that 2020 kept throwing a few curve balls Jacqui and Dion’s way right up to the beginning of their ceremony! Unfortunately their celebrant had a bit of a family emergency just prior to their wedding so ended up being a little late for the party – but it all worked out in the end! In fact the entire day worked out very well.

Jacqui and Dion’s veale Gardens wedding ceremony was held at rock pool 7, which is perfectly suited for cars to drive in to the nearby carpark for the pavilion restaurant and then walk through the lovely manicured gardens and grass to reach it.

Their ceremony was highlighted by two readings while their wedding rings were held by a member of the family which was a nice way to include as many people as possible.

Veale Gardens Wedding Photos

We did not linger long for Veale Gardens wedding photos, but rather zoomed off for a few after ceremony drinks in a small cocktail bar in Peel St. However i did manage to convince Jacqui and Dion to walk about in the nearby Gums trees for a bit of variety in their wedding photos!

Afternoon tea

In peel st we made use of the older architecture for some more photos before heading into the cocktail bar for a few drinks with family. During what is usually a hectic time of a wedding day, Jacui and Dion opted to take it easy and spend the time with family and friends rather than spending their entire day taking photos – which I totally understand and respect!

JDF Function Center Wedding Reception

The main event – sos to speak was Jacui and Dion’s epic party they had planned at the JDF Reception center in Windsor Gardens. Their reception was decked out with almost everything you could imagine at a wedding party – from my Photobooth to dry ice and indoor fireworks! It certainly was a party to remember, and it was midnight before anyone knew it! The night was just such a blast that the time flew.

Thankyou Jacqui and Dion for having myself and my wife photography and produce the videography for your Veale Gardens wedding day!

Stockade Botanic Park Elopement – Sheridyn & Chris

Sheridyn and Chris held a delightfully simple elopement at the Stockade Botanic park in Northern Adelaide on a beautiful, overcast day at the beginning of October!

Sheridyn and Chris opted to split their wedding day into two separate days due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, with their ceremony at the Stockade Botanic Park, and their reception at the delightful Inglewood Inn mid next year! Hopefully they’ll be able to invite all their guests then!


Both Sheridyn and Chris were being prepared together in a house nearby, while still observing the tradition of not seeing each other while fully dressed in their wedding best before their ceremony. This meant that Chris put on his suit, then helped their little one get ready before heading out to Stockade Botanic Park before everyone else.

Shortly after Chris left, Sheridyn put on her dress and had a bit of fun with the family geting their little one to smile 🙂

Stockade Botanic Park Elopement

The number of people present to witness Sheridyn and Chris was kept to the bare minimum, while having me also act as their wedding videographer making sure they have a record of their big day in order to show all the guests that could not attend.

The park was showcasing some delightful colours, with greens and yellows galor seeping through the overcast sky, and with the area almost deserted, we really had the run of the entire area for Sheridyn and Chris’ intimate ceremony.

Their ceremony was beautifully simple, with contributions from mother and father by providing a short reading and acting as ring bearer.

Glamour Photos

The glorious thing about the Stockade Botanic Park is the beautiful green foliage flowing from the trees located within the retaining walls at the center of the park, while enjoying the ambient sounds of the waterfall located in the corner of the park.

After taking a small amount of family photos, and trying to get the little one to smile, we utilised the park to take some beautiful glamour photos!

I’m very much looking forward to covering Sheridyn and Chris’ reception at Inglewood Inn later next year!

Idyll and Co Wedding – Monique & Anthony

Monique and Anthony’s Idyll and Co Wedding was simply devine! Nestled in amongst thick bushland, the Idyll & Co Bed and Breakfast turned out to be the most brilliant of venues to host Monique and Anhtony’s wedding! The combination of the thick foliage in every direction, with the cloudy weather and beautiful people made me thankful that they chose me as their wedding photographer as I had an absolute blast all day, and I had a smile on my face the entire time I was editing their photos!

Idyll and Co Wedding Ceremony

The spot that Monique and Anthony had chosen to host their Idyll and Co Wedding Ceremony was hidden down the hill a little from the main bed and breakfast house which meant that their whole ceremony was shaded in all directions by the most magnificent Ausralian bush land I had experienced when compared with any other wedding venue I have visited.

The fun part about hosting a Idyll and Co wedding is the mode of transport the bride and her entourage gets to make use of to arrive at the ceremony! The owners of the venue actually makes the use of a little ride-on tractor available for anyone who wishes to make use of this unique feature which put a smile on everyones face as soon as they laid eyes on it!

Monique and Anthony’s ceremony itself was full of smiles and heartfelt vows, intermingled with personal anecdotes of funny times when they were dating and readings from close friends. You know you’re doing something right when emotion shows all everyone’s face!

Glamour Photos

I could have spent all day roaming the grounds taking Idyll and Co Wedding photos with Monique and Anthony! The grounds simply suit my style of wedding photography perfectly and in fact was a big reason apparently what Monique and Anthony had chosen me in the first place which is lovely to hear as I really try to bring in the surrounding details of the venue itself within my photography.

I like to point out to all my bridal couples that while I’m super passionate about wedding photography, I’ve also had past successes being an Australian reknowned landscape photographer, taking out numerous state and national awards for my work in other genres and I like to bring in that knowledge to create some unique wedding photography.

It was that uniqueness that drew Monique and Anthony to me, and they specifially stated on the day to make them as small as possible within the more ‘landscapey’ shots I was going to create for them, so hopefully they enjoy the shots I took! The Idyll and Co grounds was a perfect space to do this in too, with rolling hills, thick forests and even a pond to make use of; I had a blast!

Idyll & Co Wedding Reception

Monique and Anthony has set up a temporary gazebo to expand on the space of the nearby the small shed the venue has set up to host small parties, and up the hill, they had enlisted the help of Daisy Burger to cater their reception with their lovely burgers. My photobooth was also set up spitting out photos all night, and it was awesome to be a part of 🙂

The light faded fairly quickly during the night due to the overcast weather, meaning that some amazing light started to filter throughout the surrounding bushland. This made for a good opportunity to take a few more photos of the bridal party before everyone got too jovial, and I even coerced Monique and Anthony to traipse about in the darkness to take some spectacular shots nearby a gnarly old tree 🙂

Thanks so much to Monique and Anthony for having me be your phtoographer on your big day! Your was an amazing wedding to shoot and I hope you enjoy your photographs! 😀

The Manor Basket Range Wedding – Kate & John

It was such a joy to head back out for a big wedding after having South Australian COVID restrictions ease for weddings! I saw myself at The Manor Basket Range, a majestic wedding venue for Kate and Josh’s wedding on a stunningly sunny day; despite it still being winter!

it was a super fun day to be a part of, and I even met some long lost relatives as it turned out I was actually related to half of the guests somehow! Adelaide is such a small city, and it’s so much fun to meet people and head to weddings because of it!



The day turned out to be a fairly long one for me, with Kate and her girls requesting I first meet them in Hahndorf while they were having their hair and makeup done early in the morning! Which was fine, it just emant I had to get up ealier 😛

I then head on over tot he bed and breakfast that John and his groomsmen were getting ready. I Unfortuately put my foot in it in the mornign and called John ‘Josh’ so much in the mornign that the boys just ran with it for the rest of the day as they found it pretty funny 😛 Sorry John!

The boys were all pretty laid back, having had a bit of a board game night the night before, and leasurely got ready – until it was time to put on their ties that is. Only one of them knew how to properly tie a tie so that took up most of the time I was there 🙂

The bed and breakfast boardered a farm with some llamas and featured a cubby house which we very much took advantage of.

Once the girls had had their hair and makeup done in Hahndorf, they made their way to the Manor to put on their dresses and take a few shots helping Kate get into her wedding dress.

I made sure to make use of the amazing huge chandelier in the entrance lobby to the Manor to really put a bit of medieval flair to their preparation photos, as after all they were getting ready in a castle! Fun tidbit, the last time I was at a The Manor Basket range wedding was back when it was called Camelot castle.

The girsl got ready without much fuss, and made a point of having Kate’s Dad come in for a bit of a father daughter ‘first look’ as he had not seen his daugher in her wedding dress prior to the day. It’s always a lovely moment to share!


The Manor Basket Range Wedding Ceremony

As a mentioned earlier, The Manor was once called ‘Camelot Castle’ due to the fact that it’s built in the image of a medieval castle, complete with a small stone chaple, snuggled amongst a garden and tall battlements along the top of the manor. In front of the chapel is usually where wedding ceremonies are held, and Kate and John’s was no exception.

One exceptional thing about Kate and John’s The Manor Basket Range wedding ceremony though was Kate’s surprise entrance flanked by 5 medieval knights in full battle armour! Apparently there were supposed to be 6, but one could not make it. They took up position behind the bridal party during the ceremony and formed a guard of hnour as it ended.

Another highlight of Kate and John’s ceremony was their hand fasting, which culminated quite cleverly in a ceremonial ‘tying of the knot‘ to mark their union.