Seagrass Long Point Wedding – Hobart – Georgia & Matt

Heading down to Hobart is always a treat, and heading down to capture some Hobart wedding photography is even better! – particularly when the bridal couple are as keen as I am to create some awesome photography! Georgia and Matt’s Seagrass Long Point wedding had us galavanting through waterfalls, climbing mountains, destroying cameras and battling the wind all to create some awesome memories!

I had an absolute blast!

First Look Photoshoot

For me ever since Georgia and Matt said they would be keen on having a photoshoot in front of some of Hobart’s local waterfalls, I had been looking forward to heading out there with them with great anticipation!

The day before the wedding at Seagrass Long Point, we met by the beginning of the Cascades track – just behind the Cascade Brewery in order to conduct a bit of a ‘first look’ where Matt sees Georgia for the first time while wearing her dress.

It’s a rare enough occurance that a bride would be keen on getting ready to the extent one does on a wedding day twice in a row in order to have photos done, let along get ready in all her finery, and then traipse through canyons and hike around waterfalls! But I very much thank both Georgia and Matt for making the effort, as I’m very excited about their photos! Even though they did cost me one of my cameras which decided to go for a bit of a swim at one of the waterfalls :/

In the dying light of the afternoon, we made a bee-line to the summit of Mt Wellington to catch what was left of the sunset. Unfortunately it wasnt the best sun set, but we made do with what was available, including getting the lights of Hobart twinkling in the background in some of their shots.


The next day, thankfully my swimming camera had decided to come back from the dead which meant I diddnt have to make a mad dash to the camera store!

I began the day with Matt and his groomsmen being prepared at a rather nice bed and breakfast near Taroona – just south of Seagrass Long Point. The main topic of conversation was the rather ‘fun’ COVID restrictions that had caused a headache for some of the travelling guests Georgia and Matt had invited. Georgia and Matt by the way, despite previously living in Hobart, now live in Perth and had also travelled to Hobart as a destination wedding.

Georgia and her bridesmaids were being prepared at a family home further north in midway point. The house boasted a lovely, open master bedroom which was actually supposed to be the house’s rumpus room so had a huge amount of room to take beautiful, airy photos in.

The girls were all having a grand old time getting ready and reminiscing over their exploits during Georgia’s hen’s night while also taking the time to create some beautiful memories such as having Dad come in for an emotional first look of Georgia’s dress and Mum helping put it on.

Seagrass Long Point Wedding Ceremony

The Seagrass Long Point wedding venue is situated south of the Hobart CBD, slightly further south than the famed wrest point. The area boasts a large public park which looked to be quite popular with the locals, while Georgia and Matt’s ceremony took place on a strip of grass overlooking the River Derwent, or the harbour of Hobart.

Unfortunately the wind was a tad strong, and Georgia and Matt had some trouble adjusting to the sun glaring directly at them, but I think once they turned to look at one another during the ceremony all was well.

Glamour Photos

Directly after the ceremony, and family photos havig been shot using the Seagrass Long Point balcony, we head off around the park a little bit for some glamour photos with the bridal party – as they were not dressed up yesterday when we visited the waterfalls and Mt Wellington.

Seagrass Long Point Wedding Reception

Georgia and Matt’s Seagrass Long Point wedding reception was set up along two long tables, with a head table at one end of the reception hall, and a dancing area at the other. The reception hall was a lovely intimate affair, overlooking the river from a high vantage point which made the whole space feel rather cozy considering the plummeting temperature outside.

Georgia and Matt’s guests all had a good go on the dance floor, making sure it was being used all night! Was a lot of fun to be a part of!

Thankyou Georgia and Matt for having me shoot your Seagrass Long Point wedding! It was a beautiful couple of days, and thanks so much for heading out on a cross-country hike in wedding attire!

Morphett Vale Church Wedding – Mayli & Nathaniel

Mayli and Nathaniel held their Morphett Vale Church wedding at the local Seventh Day Adventist Church on a lovely day with family and friends. Their day was full of fun, faith and lovely people who all combined to create a super memoriable day!

It was a little fun for me too, having had only just recently moved away from living pretty much next door to the Morphett Vale Seventh Day Adventist Church which Mayli and Nathaniel held their ceremony and lunch time reception in – so I felt like coming back home!


I begun the day with Nathaniel and his groomsmen – all 8 of them! Coupled with Mayli’s 8 bridesmaids, that made a bridal party totalling 18 people! It’s pretty special that Nathaniel and Mayli were able to accomodate that many close, special people into their bridal party!

Nathaniel and his groomsmen were in good spirits when I arrived, watching TV and generally slowly getting dressed. One thing that caught my eye were the dress watches that each of them were wearing – I thought they were all pretty cool!

Mayli and her bridesmaids were being prepared at a different house, nearby Flinders Univeristy and the atmosphere was decidedly more rushed 🙂 Girls running about making sure Mayli was properly prepared, and cramming together to take some nice shots together in the front room – but it all worked out wonderfully!

Morphett Vale Church Wedding Ceremony

Mayli and nathaniel’s Morphett Vale Church wedding took place at the Morphett Vale Seventh Day Adventist Church – one of several churches on the same block on which I used to live.

The insides of this modern church was bathed in blue light, with ample room for a large congregation to watch mayli and Nathanienls wedding ceremony take place on the stage below. The ceremony was backdropped nicely by a yeallow-lit cross which added nicely to the overall theme of their ceremony.

The highlight of their wedding ceremony would have to have been the performance of two skilled musicians who sang and played guiter for a reasonable amount of time during the cermeony.

Morphett Vale Church Wedding Reception

Directly after the ceremony, and the mandatory family photos outside under a tree, Mayli and Nathaniel held a simple wedding reception within the church hall. This took place just after lunch time, and made it possible for all their guests at the ceremony to attend their reception, before retiring to a more intimate family reception at a private property in Crafers.

Their Morphett vale Church Wedding Reception was where they held all their important speeches, cut their wedding cake and mingled with family and friends.

Glamour Photos

Before leaving the church, I made sure to make use of the blue lights and in house smoke machine that was on stage to take some nifty glamour shots of Mayli and Nathaniel within the church before heading out for some glamour photos.

We drove all the way up to Mt Lofty Summit to use the lookout up there overlooking Adelaide – unfortunately the day was fairly overcast, but we made the most of the little bit of sunlight poking through. We then head to a private property in Crafers where mayli and Nathaniel held their smaller, family based wedding reception.

This was where I was able to make use of the rather funky house overlooking the valley, while also mixing things up by going for a bit of a walk down the hill to make use of the Australian bush as a backdrop. Can anyone spot the photobombing koala? 😀

Much thanks to Mayli for making the effort to trek down there in her wedding dress and heels!

Thankyou Mayli and Nathaniel for having me photograph your wedding!

The Manor Basket Range Wedding – Ameeta & Brenton

Ameeta  and Brenton’s wedding at the Manor Basket range was certainly one to remember! It was a lot of fun being a part of a traditional wedding I had not seen before now, while also being in the stunning surrounds of The Manor, Basket Range! It’s the best part of being a wedding photographer, and I can now add a Hindu wedding ceremony onto the list of different traditions of ceremonies I have now photographed!

Ameeta and Brenton then also held a shorter Lutheran ceremony making use of the Manor basket Range Wedding Chapel before holding a lunch time reception in the venue’s lower reception hall.


Before heading out The Manor Basket Range I head into the city where Brenton and his groomsmen were being prepared at a hotel. The morning was jovial, with the boys making jokes while brenton’s parents and family got ready within the same room.

Ameeta was prepared before the Hindu wedding ceremony in the small room reserved for bridal preparation above the Manor’s main doorway. The colours and intricate dresses and decor on display rally made for some striking scenes and I was really enjoying myself!

The Manor Basket Range Wedding Ceremonies

As Ameeta and Brenton’s Hindu wedding ceremony had to take place on the ground, they set up their wedding ceremony location to the left of where people usually hold their ceremonies at The Manor Basket Range; in front of the little stone chapel they have on site.

This allowed for more room to add more seating for all their guests while facing directly at the ceremony. The green foliage located behind the small chapel also made for a lovely backdrop to their photos.

Hindu Wedding Ceremony

As part of the Hindu wedding tradition, the groom arrives in pompmous style only to be greeted by the bride’s family where they assess the groom and allow him to pass in a ceremonial ritual that involves the spreading of ceremonial items and the groom stepping on and cracking an urn.

I wasn’t overly clear on the meaning of all the rituals, but it was a lot of fun to document both with photography, but also with videography which Ameeta and Brenton asked me to do in order to document their ceremonies.

Once Brenton had been allowed in, then the ceremony started proper with the Hindo priest presiding over various ceremonies while chanting in Hindi. I knew Hindu wedding ceremonies tended to take a long time, but Ameeta and Brentons was a little abridged and only took a little less than 2 hours.

While taking their photos I made sure to capture each individual small movement made by both Ameeta and Brenton, along side their parents and priest in order to make sure I did not miss anything important!

Lutheran Wedding Ceremony

After a short break, Ameeta and Brenton also held a Lutheran wedding ceremony in the same area that was set up for their Hindu wedding ceremony. One of brenton’s entouage from the morning presided over the shoprter ceremony as a Lutheran priest which was spearheaded by a speech he made about the use of different items in ways not usually intended.

The Manor Basket Range Wedding Reception

After the two ceremonies, Ameeta and Brenton hosted a lunch time wedding reception at The Manor Basket range’s smaller reception area on the ground floor. The area really seems like the inside of a castle and mades for a stunning atmosphere not often found in Australia.

Glamour Photos

Both before and after their reception we made use of some of the nearby areas to create some glamour photos of Ameeta and Brenton, while family photos took place after both wedding ceremonies.

We first walked around the grounds of The Manor Basket range and used the small gardens, and of course the stunning castle-style building the Manor is famous for, and then drove down the road a bit to a small Australian forested area to mix things up a bit.

While driving them down to where they were staying in Adelaide, we even found a nifty little vineyard to take a few photos in!

Ameeta and brenton’s wedding day was a blast to be a part of and I thank them so much for having me be their wedding photographer!

Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club Wedding – Amy & Brendon

After a few false starts due to the unfortunate effect that the COVID-19 pandemic had, Amy and Brendon finally held their Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club Wedding on an overcast day in early February.

I had been looking forward to being Amy and Brendon’s wedding photographer for quite a while, having learnt much more about this couple than many others due to them having me also produce their RSVP website, writing and reading about their relationship on there – although the wedding ended up being held at a different venue.

The day was filled with fun, lovely people to be around and they all certainly turned it up a notch later at night on the dance floor!


My day began with Brendon and his groomsmen being prepared with his parents and their ‘best dog’ which diddnt seem too keen on me that morning! Wasnt too sure about the flashing camera.

The atmosphere was jovial, with brendon running about trying to be as helpful as he can be to everyone there – perhaps to try to cover any nerves he was feeling that morning? 🙂

Amy and her bridal party was being prepared nearby at a bed and breakfast. It was a delightful house with a beautiful hall way that lead to a brightly lit master bed room where Amy got prepared.

The girls were all having a marvellous, laid back time sipping bubbly and enjoying each other’s company all morning, I’m not sure Amy ever stopped smiling!