Silvestris of Clarendon Wedding – Natasha & Sean

It was a stunning April day for Natasha and Sean’s wedding at the beautiful Silvestris of Clarendon garden! The day was filled with family joy, wonderful weather and even a cake that was flown on from interstate! Natasha and Sean opted to hold their wedding ceremony in the lovely little garden on site, then heading off to the nearby Riverbend reserve for photos before heading back to the Silvestris of Clarendon restaurant for their reception. I was asked to be their wedding photographer for their entire day, and I had a great time! 🙂


Sean was being prepared at a house in Morphett Vale, with his groomsmen and  mother watching on. His heritage was on display for all to see with his Celtic cufflinks, and of course the wonderful kilts he and his groomsmen were wearing! It was quite a coincidence that apparently my mother had spent her youth highland dancing with Sean’s mother – which just goes to show how small Adelaide is!

Natasha was being prepared at the couple’s house nearby with her favorite movie of ‘Beauty and Beast’ playing in the background. The entire morning went very smoothly with only a slight delay with the bridal party leaving a little late due to Natasha’s hair taking a little longer than expected, but that’s the bride’s prerogative to be late! 🙂 Somehow they still beat me to Silvestris of Clarendon though, despite me leaving before them..

Silvestris of Clarendon Wedding Ceremony

The gardens of Silvestris of Clarendon were bursting with Autumnal colours which made the already wonderful garden that much more special. The famed dome made for an awesome backdrop to where Natasha and Sean chose to hold their ceremony, and the sun was in a great spot for some amazing lens flare 🙂

Glamour Photos

After the family photos were done on a terrace just below where the ceremony took place, we used the gardens – with a focus on the dome for some glamour  photos before heading off to the nearby Riverbend Reserve to make use of the cliffs and Australiana surrounds for more photos.

Silvestris of Clarendon Wedding Reception

While I had been to Silvestris of Clarendon before to cover a wedding, I had not set foot in the wonderful restaurant that is also on site. It’s a wonderfully modern function room and restaurant with adjacent courtyard suitable for cocktails. The setting was resplendent and the service immaculate. A wonderful place to celebrate a wedding!

Thanks so much to Natasha and Sean for having me as your wedding photographer!

Adelaide Botanic Gardens Wedding – Emma & Daniel

Emma and Daniel were wed in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens under what’s known as the ‘Barbershop’ Gazebo, pretty much in the center of the gardens. I was asked to be their wedding photographer for a short stint of 3 hours before heading over to their early reception at the nearby Hackney Hotel.

The whole day was rather laid back affair, with Daniel showing some nerves, arriving very early to the gazebo to greet everyone and make final arrangements before Emma arrived. But after the ceremony, Daniel relaxed a little and hopefully enjoyed our walk around the gardens for photos 🙂


Adelaide Botanic Gardens Wedding Ceremony

The Barbershop gazebo is located at the end of the two famed wisteria arches in the center of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, and nearby the central cafe. It’s suitable for smaller weddings like Emma and Daniel’s and provides for some protection from any weather that might arise. In Emma and Daniel’s case it was nice to have as the clouds forming over head were always threatening, but thankfully never started raining.

Glamour Photos

After the ceremony, Emma, Daniel and I went for a little walk around the gardens, for our glamour photos. They did not have a bridal party, so the entire shoot was fairly laid back and informal and was complete in quite a quick time, allowing us to also use the wonderful moreton bay fig trees out in Botanic park before hopping in an uber to head to the Hackney Hotel.

Hackney Hotel Wedding Reception

Emma and Daniel’s reception took place in the smaller of the two function halls at the Hackney Hotel, which is a cozy little room suited for smaller, more intimate parties. The air was casual and everyone involved looked to have a great time 🙂

Thanks so much to Emma and Daniel for having me as your wedding photographer! 🙂

Adelaide Sailing Club Wedding – Helen & Simon

There was no better place to be than the beach for Helen and Simon’s stunning wedding ceremony out the front of the Adelaide Sailing Club House. The weather was absolutely stunning, not too hot or cold, and the wind was just enough to make you feel like you were beach side! Helen and Simon’s family had travelled long distances in some cases in order to celebrate their union together and a more happy family is very hard to come by. 🙂 I was asked to be their wedding photographer from their ceremony through to the sunset, and we got some great shots in front of the sun that’s for sure!

Adelaide Sailing Club Wedding Ceremony

Helen and Simon’s ceremony took place on the large grassy area out the front of the Adelaide Sailing Club house. The grassy area meets the body of water and small beach held within the artificial rocks that make up the boat ramp catchment area of the sailing club. Quite fortuitously on the same day as their wedding, there was a sailing regatta on in the background, so there was a lovely display of small sailing boats cruising about on the waters just behind where Helen and Simon’s ceremony took place. It was a lovely sight to behold.

Glamour Photos

After the family photos had been completed, we head off first to the rocks lining the small catchment area for some glamour photos before heading over to the Grange Jetty a short drive away. I love heading to the Grange foreshore as the sand dunes there make for some lovely photos, and under the jetty make for some very interesting photos.

Adelaide Sailing Club Wedding Reception

helena nd Simon’s reception took place back at the Sailing Club where their main function area was used. The function room is large enough to hold quite a few people, and is equipped with a large dance floor and private bar. It’;s a really nice spot to celebrate a wedding, while also watching the sunset over West Beach during a reception.

We couldn’t hang around in the reception while there was a stunning sunset going on, so Helen, Simon and I went out to make use of it on the beach. The tide had come in significantly since their ceremony so our first choice of location for these photos could not be used, but we made do with the beach on the other side of the club – the only issue being the amount of seaweed on the beach, but the photos still turned out great 🙂

Thanks so much Helen and Simon for having me capture your wedding photography! 😀