Off to Greece today for a Destination Wedding

While you’re reading this I’m probably rushing around my house making sure I have all my spare batteries and chargers, and each of my cameras all packed ready to head off to Greece for a destination wedding in Santorini. I haven’t been to Europe before that I can remember, so I’m super looking forward to heading over there and creating some wonderful photographs for the wedding couple who were awesome enough to have me as their photographer!

Travelling has always been one of my great passions, having visited or lived in 11 different countries now and it’s a huge reason why I got into photography in the first place while I was living in Japan. Booking destination weddings like this upcoming one in Greece has been a goal of mine since I started wedding photography and while I’ve already done several interstate weddings primarily in Darwin, I’ve already booked my next international destination wedding in Fiji next year!

If you’re considering hosting a destination wedding, I’d love for you to consider me as an option for your wedding photography as chances are I’ll be bending over backwards to make it both financially feasible and the obvious option for you as opposed to being stuck with a resort selected photographer. At least with me you’ll know I produce good work – but I’ll write more about that in a dedicated blog once I get back and I can show off some of the pretty photos I took!

I’m of course going to be making use of the opportunity to be in Europe for some of my other personal work too, so if you’re interested in landscape and fine art photography, I’d love for you to follow my other instagram account @StevenDuncanART, for on the ground updates, or my art Facebook page for the actual edited photos when I get back, of course along with my actual art website at I’ll be galavanting around Italy and Greece, along with some island hopping in between, and I’d love to share it with you all! 🙂 I’ll also of course be keeping up appearances on my SvenStudios accounts too.

Ok, now where are those boarding passes…

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