Make the Most of a Rainy Wedding Day

How to Make the Most of a Rainy Wedding Day


How to Make the Most of a Rainy Wedding Day


If rolling clouds and light showers are to stay on your Big Day, there is still room to get creative. The best wedding photographers will know how to play with shadows and make the most of a rainy wedding day amd get the best out of raindrops and puddles. Chances are, your wedding album will make a statement rather than be tucked away in the attic. A little bit of rain shouldn’t dampen the festive air around the soon-to-be-newlyweds, in fact it’s tradition that rain on a wedding day is actually good luck!

Tips to Make the Most of a Rainy Wedding Day

Tip 1 – Think Ahead

When selecting a venue, always account for inclement weather by falling back on covered spaces and indoor ballrooms. If you’re tying the knot in an area home to unpredictable weather, don’t take your chances—study reports ahead of time.

Tip 2 – Say Yes to the Wet

Is the prospect of a little mud on your dress a no-go or something playful to think about? Most wedding photos occur before dinner time—no one is going to pay attention to spots on your gown while you’re seated. While a muddy dress doesn’t typically pique anyone’s interest, it can make for an interesting character on the dance floor.

Tip 3 – Arm Yourself with the Right Rain Gear

No, we aren’t talking about a waterproof bridal gown or tuxedo. In case of rain, you want to have an umbrella handy. Avoid brightly-coloured or black products, instead opting for a simple white or transparent to add a touch of chic to your photos. Carry a set of matching umbrellas for you and your partner—your wedding portraits will thank you later.

A neat shot that a wedding photographer can shoot on a wet wedding day is having some background smoke, or umbrellas light up with an off-camera flash. Looks awesome!

A spare set of wedding shoes can become costly. While hitching up your dress or pants from location to location will certainly do, a pair of wellies or sneakers won’t hurt—especially if they’re invisible under your gown.

Tip 4 – Allow Some Time to Tidy Up

Always allow ample time to dust off or wash up your wedding attire before photos. Keep a stain stick handy in case you get spots on your gown.

As I mentioned earlier, don’t worry too much about a bit of mud on the hem of your dress, particularly if you’ve spent the last few hours traipsing through vineyards! People simply wont notice during your reception.

Tip 5 – Know When to Call it a Day

Shooting in the rain is all good fun if you aren’t fussy about it—but it’s best to know your limits. Torrential downpours and gale-force winds aren’t very forgiving, so you won’t want to be out for more than a couple of shots. If you’re worried about your outfit or are shivering in the cold, it’ll come through in your photos.

Tip 6 – Take Photos on a Different Day

There’s no reason you have to take your wedding photos on your actual wedding day – take for example what Sarah and Ricardo did for their wedding day. Allow the flexibility to reschedule your shoot if the weather doesn’t support it. Consult with your wedding photographer regarding pre or post-wedding shoots.

The only issue with doing this is that you’ll have to get ready twice, which may mean booking makeup artsists and hair dressers twice – but it’s very doable if you wish.

A little bit of rain isn’t the end of how you envision your wedding photographs. By preparing ahead of time, coming up with a contingency plan, or simply embracing the weather, the joy in your photos will shine through. Hopefully these tips on how to make the most of a rainy wedding day helps you realise this.

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