2020 – Not as bad as it could have been

So yeah, 2020 huh? What a year. I had no idea at the time, but the first few weddings I covered at the beginning of the year were going to be the last sense of normalcy we were going to experience.

It’s so strange, but I covered a roaring 20’s themed wedding on NYE 2019 thinking it was a cute homage to the exciting 20’s with flapper dresses and gangsta styled pin-striped suits. But this year has turned out to be more like the actual 1920s where the Spanish flu wrecked havok. This year it was the COVID-19 Coronavirus.


Looking back at the 2019 year in review blog post I wrote this time last year, I had huge optimism for SvenStudios and my career as a wedding photographer having had a crazy busy year with 37 weddings and 27 weddings booked for 2020 including 5 interstate and one international. Now lets say I have a lot of flight credit to use!


2020 Weddings


Booked Weddings

To be honest though, despite 17 of those weddings I had booked for 2020 cancel or postponing due to the pandemic, the year was not as bad as it could have been for SvenStudios. Of those 17 weddings, 16 postponed to 2021 or beyond and only 1 interstate wedding cancelling outright in lieu of a smaller gathering – which was completely fair!

I still managed to cover 25 weddings this year, with more and more optining to also have me as their wedding videographer also which is a bit of a new thing for me! I also had an explosion of family and baby photoshoots booked this year, bringing my total client count up to 41, which was a little lower than 2019, but I really can’t complain considering the type of year we’ve just had!

These last few months from October has been absolutely hectic though! All throguhout the year since the COVID restictions came in, it’s almost been a holiday with Jobkeeper keeping me afloat, only to have 9 weddings in October anf 5 more November -December with 9 other clients in between! I just got back from Darwin yesterday from a wet season wedding!

This unfortuantely means that I’m a little behind on editing with 7 weddings still to edit. Sorry about that!

In the coming year I am again really excited for what’s to come! I have 28 weddings already booked, with 5 of them soley as a videographer. I’ll be ranging the country again, from Hobart in February, Ceduna in April and Darwin of course May through July. Natually nothing overseas though :

Ekhidna Wines Mclaren Vale Wedding
Veale Gardens Wedding - Jacqui & Dion 1
Stockade Botanic Park Elopement sc
Idyll & Co wedding
Botanic Gardens Adelaide Wedding Georgia Nick

Also due to the fires, pandemic, toilet paper shortage, lockdowns, aliens, orange orangutans, stubbing my toe, etc. It also meant that the annual AIPP photography awards I tend to enter could not go ahead as usual. Instead online awards were run were I ended up being a finalist in an artistc category, which was neat!

ABIA is another of the awards I enter into each year and I did quite well too! Coming second in the state as both photographer and photobooth supplier! Was a bit of a pain to miss out on top spot as a photographer – thought I had it this year! but alas my score of 99.8% client satisfaction rating wasn’t enough! Ah well 🙂

On a more personal note we were also lucky enough to have bought a new house during all the craziness that was 2020! We now have a much larger space to play with, including room for a photography studio and a more impressive client room which I’ll share with everyone once it’s all set up!

Lets go 2021!

2020 - Not as bad as it could have been 2

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