Belair National Park Wedding – Ellie & Nick

It was a wonderful day that was laid out in front of us for Ellie and Nick’s Belair National Park wedding! The sun was out and everyone involved had a wonderful day celebrating the coming together of these two wonderful people! They turned out to be very lucky with the timing of their wedding being only a week before the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown in South Australia.


My day started by shooting photos of Nick and his groomsmen who were being prepared at a house in Ingle Farm. Nick and his groomsmen were having a bunch of trouble tieing their ties before Nick’s best man and father stepped in to help! It was important for Ellie and Nick to get some shots of their dog in some of the shots too, so we had their fur baby model for us occasionally 🙂

Nick was a little distracted while getting ready partly due to nerves, but also because one of this groomsmen had a shirt that was a little too small for him – so they had to rush off and get a new shirt quickly before the ceremony.

Ellie and her bridesmaids were being prepared at a lovely bed and breakfast along Waterfall Gully road. We were so close to the waterfalls it pains me to know we diddnt use them for any photos! The girls were all in high spirits all morning, singling songs and making Elllie smile while doing silly things, the atmosphere was quite laid back and fun!

Belair National Park Wedding Ceremony

Ellie and Nick’s Belair National Park Wedding Ceremony took place in the ‘Joseph Fisher‘ picnic grounds which boasts some very tall pine trees surrounding a lovely grassy area, perfectly suited to a wedding ceremony. Theres also a covered area and toilets on site. The only issue I had was that as it was a very sunny day, the sun was very harsh coming in one direction – thankfully the ceremony itself too place under the shade of one of the pine trees.

Part of Ellie and Nick’s wedding ceremony included a creation of a time capsule where they will open it again if they ever find the need to remind themselves why they married one another and read love letters they write each other while drinking the wine inside. It’s a nice addition to a wedding ceremony to do this, or something similar as it breaks up the usual talking and reciting of vows. Another way to incorporate a time capsule is allowig youselves to open it each anniversary.

Glamour Photos

For Ellie and Nick’s glamour photos we began on site within the Joseph Fisher picnic area and made use of a love heart someone had engraved into one of the trees. Ellie was quite keen on getting that shot here! We then moved on throughout the national park to the Old Parliament House and then on to behind the Belair Train Station for more Belair National Park wedding photos.

The photos at the Old Parliament House were rushed a bit due to a small mix up of times which the area was booked – turned out the attendant on site expected us a good hour before we turned up for our photos – but she turned out to be a good sport and stuck around for us anyway 🙂

The Summit Cafe and Function Center Wedding Reception

Ellie and Nick’s wedding reception took place at the Summit Cafe and Function Center at the Summit of Mt Lofty. It’s a nifty little spot, perfect for photographing the sunset from the top of the tallest mountain in South Australia and also the city lights during the night – although it was fairly cold and windy!

I’d like to thank Ellie and Nick for having me as their wedding photographer at their Belair National Park Wedding!

Belair National Park Maternity Shoot – Emma & Ashley

After having been their wedding photographer at their wedding in Renmark back in October, 2017 – I was privileged to recently head to the Belair National Park to conduct a bit of a maternity shoot for them before their new bundle of joy comes along later this year. I was looking forward to using the sun shining through the trees of the National Park as I had so often done before for wedding shoots, however the day turned out to be rather miserable in the afternoon, but this turned out to be pretty advantageous, allowing for some soft, dreamy scenes throughout the forest.

Belair National Park Maternity Shoot

Belair Country Club Wedding – Bonita & Mike

I was incredibly lucky to be Bonita and Mike’s wedding photographer at their Belair Country Club wedding as the day turned out to be utterly perfect. Great weather, people and the Belair Country Club is such a beautiful venue! With rolling grass areas fringed by lush trees and a creek, it’s really beautiful. Aside from this, the Belair National Park is right next door where we went after the ceremony for some photos along with the old Belair train station.

Groomsmen Preparation

Mike and his two grooms men got ready at Glenelg in a hotel suite which they forgot they had to check out of by 10am! lucky the staff of the Oaks Plaza Pier Hotel allowed us to stay that little bit longer to take a few preparation photos. It helps when it’s your wedding day!

Bridal Party Preparation

Bonita (or Bonnie) got ready at their house in O’Halloran Hill. I arrived just before the make up artist was finishing up and as their motorcade was arriving. Quite a laid back couple there was little to no stress and laughter all around. The whole preparation process was a delight to witness.

Belair Country Club Wedding Ceremony

The Country Club is a venue just down the road from the Belair National Park entrance and is absolutely breathtaking as a wedding venue. Of all the Adelaide garden wedding venues, this Country Club has got to rank amongst my favourite for wedding photography.  The venue is nestled amongst magnificent gum trees, full of kangaroos, emus, Koalas and bird life as you would expect from a place surrounded by a national park.

Glamour Photos

For Bonita and Mike’s glamour photos we started out in the grounds of the Country Club, but then headed out to the old Belair train station and then took a short walk through the Belair National Park. All three locations were absolutely breathtaking and it made my role as their wedding photographer much easier.

Belair Country Club Reception

The Belair Country Club is approximately 20 years old with the main building looking very modern. The building comprises of three function rooms (The Garden Room, The Parkview Room and the Fairway View Room.) The Parkview and Fairway View Room can be opened up into one large room is desired. Bonita and Mike’s wedding took place in the Garden room. One of the owners of the Country Club is a former International Head Chef and it really showed in the food they served, was delicious.

I’d like to thank Bonita and Mike for choosing me as their wedding photographer as I had an absolute ball taking these photos and editing them. I believe some of the photos taken at this wedding were some of my more ‘epic’ in regard to sheer aesthetic appeal. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed creating them!

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