Auchendarroch House Wedding – Rebecca & Simon

Auchendarroch House in Mt Barker was the venue for Rebecca and Simon’s stunning wedding day under the sun. The day was complete with fireworks, courtesy of the nearby Christmas celebrations and absolutely sublime weather which all made for an incredible day! Rebecca and Simon opted to have be as their wedding photographer for most of their day, leading up to their reception, and then took advantage of the SvenStudios photobooth throughout their reception complete with one of my new hand-made  wooden guests books!

Preparation photos

I began my day at the house that Simon and his grooms men were being prepared in. Simon was in high spirits, joking about and being super helpful in getting all his gear ready for some photos. Soon after we started, more of his family arrived and I think the reality of the situation sunk in a little bit as some nerves were starting to show 🙂

Rebecca and her bride’s maids were being prepared at their home in Mt Barker, nearby Auchendarroch house. The atmosphere was very laid back with  Rebecca’s brother being on hand at all times to lighten the mood with silly jokes. The morning went very smoothly with everything happening as it should so there wasn’t really any need for any nerves 🙂

Auchendarroch House wedding ceremony

Auchendarroch House was originally opened in 1860 by a Scottish migrant named Lachlan MacFarlane to be used as a hotel – then known as the Oakfield Hotel. Soon after, in 1878, it became the Summer residence of local businessman and philanthropist, Robert Barr Smith. It then became a convalescent home and Air Force hospital before being restored by the Wallis family in 2002 into the magnificent function center it is today. The house is a popular location for weddings in Mt Barker due to it’s old-world charm, surrounded by some quite impeccable gardens and local parks. All while still being the the center of the town of Mt Barker, so still quite convenient.

Rebecca and Simon were wed under the heritage listed tree next to the house. I’m sure their guests were quite thankful for this due to the weather becoming very hot by this time of day. It made for a wonderful backdrop to their wedding photos, complete with some easy to manage shadows over the entire party. It was wonderful!

Glamour Photos

After getting my drone out to take some family photos, we utilised the grounds of Auchendarroch House to take some glamour shots, with a few silly shots sprinkled in. We then made use of the magnificent interior of the house before heading over to the old main street of Mt Barker.

The interior of Auchendarroch House is everything you’d expect from an 1800s hotel. Grand, opulent and full of beautiful wooden details complete with contrasting carpets and drapes. The whole setting makes for some of the best scenes for some intimate wedding photography.

In between these amazing glamour photos we also took a moment to take a photo where the bridal party was to look concerned about something I’ll photoshop in later. In this case Rebecca and Simon are big fans of Star Wars, so they requested a scene where they were running from some Star Wars war machines. They also happened to have Simon’s car in the background so I decided to blow it up!

Auchendarroch House wedding reception

Rebecca and Simon also opted to have my photo booth set up at their reception, so I was tasked to take a few photos of the reception while also man the photobooth. The great thing about this wedding reception though was the fact that the local Christmas party was happening right next door, so we got some killer fireworks shots from above the house also!

Rebecca and Simon’s Auchendarroch House Wedding was such an awesome wedding to be a part of! Everything went smoothly from my perspective, and some amazing images were produced! I hope Rebecca and Simon enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed producing them and I hope to cover another Auchendarroch House Wedding soon!

Nexus Arts Wedding – Genna & Adam

Genna and Adam celebrated their wedding at the Nexus Arts club space at the Nexus art hub nearby the UniSA campus on North Terrace. Their wedding was quite different in the way that they wanted absolutely no instruction from me as a photographer, rather only having me as a pure photojournalist. This was as interesting challenge as I generally lean towards the photojournalist angle when acting as a wedding photographer anyway so I quite enjoyed the freedom.

Adelaide Registry Office wedding ceremony

Before heading over to the Nexus Arts though, Genna and Adam’s actual ceremony took place at the Adelaide registry office. The building, and the registry office’s usual ‘chapel’ room where most weddings that take place there were under heavy renovation so their wedding ceremony took place in a smaller room elsewhere in the building. There was a large party in attendance so this smaller room made for a very cozy setting 🙂

The ceremony itself was a short but sweet affair, with the resident celebrant being his usual jovial self making everyone laugh at his antics and really made things fun.

Lunch at Thea

In between the wedding ceremony and their wedding celebration at the Nexus Arts, we headed over to the Thea restaurant for a bite to eat. The restaurant has a mixed asian theme with a menu consisting of a multitude of different flavoured teas and food from Japan, China, Vietnam and other East asian countries. I was taking photos of the group as they were dining, taking advantage of the tea shop vibe.

Nexus Arts wedding reception

The venue on offer at the Nexus Arts complex is a unique offering in Adelaide. Being the center of the Cabaret scene, the venue is an open air area consisting of a stage for performances, and bar at the back. It’s really quite perfect for hosting events that has a bit of a hipster vibe and needs to be a little bit different. Genna and Adam had a Simpsons DVD running on loop on the large projector on stage, and their music selection ranged from electro to heavy metal.

All in all a super fun wedding to be a part of, and I relished the challenge to be a complete fly on the wall all throughout the day. I’d like to thank Genna and Adam for having me be a part of it all! 🙂

Royal SA Yacht Squadron Wedding – Tracy & Jordan

What a gorgeous wedding this was! Tracy and Jorden were wed on the grassy hill next to the Royal SA Yacht Squadron club houses in Outer Harbour on a super sunny, but not too hot day in November. The day provided for some amazing scenes thanks to Tracy and Jordan’s eagerness to travel and get to the right places for the best shots. It also helped quite a bit they had planned to go to some amazing spots for their photos after their ceremony. As they opted to take advantage of my value-packed full day package as their wedding photographer, I was on hand to capture every single moment of their stunning day.


As s often the case, I began the day with Jordan and his grooms men. When I arrived in the morning, the boys sprang into action getting ready while also putting finishing touches on the best man’s speech. Most of the photos were taken in Tracy and Jordan’s house, which a small amount of time taken to take the dogs for a walk to the local park.

Tracy and her bridal party were being prepared in a room overlooking the Largs Pier at the Largs Pier Hotel. This stunning old building has some incredible details throughout the building, with none more impressive than the grand staircase meandering up the floors. The bridal party were in high spirits and were actually prepared quite quickly so after a few photos, we had a bit of time for a bit of a breather before heading down to the pier and bar for a few shots outside.

Royal SA Yacht Squadron wedding ceremony

The Royal SA Yacht Squadron has has a presence in Outer Harbour since 1924 after having been founded at Birkenhead in 1881. The Royal SA Yacht Squadron is a stoic institution, originally founded amongst the tall ships of Port Adelaide as a social organisation, the club was forced to move to Outer Harbour due to the port becoming too congested.

Today the clubhouse of the yacht squadron has become a very popular location for weddings, and receptions, especially due to it’s newly renovated function room overlooking the marina. I myself journey to the Yacht Squadron a number of times a year for weddings and their receptions. The most recent of which would be Vanessa and Justin’s only a few weeks prior.

Tracy and Jordan’s wedding ceremony took place on the grassy hill overlooking the marina. The wind picked up just before the ceremony so there was a bit of that to contend with, but other than that the ceremony went off without a hitch.

Glamour Shots

The first location we headed to directly after the wedding ceremony was the Yacht Club’s quaint little original boat house that is located under the newly renovated function center. The area provides for a stunning backdrop with some very interesting lighting suitable for striking couple shots framed by glowing light.

We then headed down to the Semaphore beachfront to take advantage of the sun and surf. Before heading to the jetty though, we first went for a bit of a walk toward the rocks that line the inlet towards Outer Harbour. Tracy was looking forward to using the rocks as a bit of a prop, and I was more than keen to oblige!

Finally we navigated the crowds congregating for the Port Adelaide Christmas pageant to drive to the wonderfully popular wedding photo location that are the old Wool sheds for some inductional themed shots. These turned out incredibly considering the amount of redirected traffic we had to contend with while shooting. I’ve never seen this road that busy!

Royal SA Yacht Squadron wedding reception

After having taken these amazing shots around Port Adelaide, we headed back to the newly renovated Yacht Squadron for the wedding reception. The party was a boisterous affair with some characters keeping the night from becoming boring 😉 All in all the entire day was an absolute blast and I really enjoyed myself!

Crafers Cottages Wedding – Renee & Paul

Renee and Paul’s wedding took place in a beautifully intimate garden, hidden behind the Crafers Cottages bed and breakfast, and directly in front of the Crafers primary school. You would never know this oasis of a garden exists unless you were brought there for a wedding, and what a stunning wedding this was! renee and Paul opted to keep their guests to a minimum to keep the celebrations as low key as possible which allowed for a wedding ceremony full of love. I was to cover their wedding photography for 3 hours, beginning at their ceremony through to a short while at their reception at the nearby Bridgewater Inn.

Crafers Cottages wedding ceremony

The surrounds of the garden behind Crafers cottages is lush with an incredibly green landscape, complete with a small creek that runs through the center, it provided for a magnificent;y natural backdrop for wedding shots. The wedding ceremony itself was held on what looks to be a purpose built terrace. Complete with grass covering each step down to the garden, it allows for a sort of auditorium setting for all guests to watch a wedding ceremony from a perfect vantage point.

Renee and Paul’s ceremony included a number of personal moments, including a sand ceremony – symbolising the coming together of both Renee and paul’s family which now included a daughter. Also the lighting of a remembrance candle for Paul’s father. It’s these small heartfelt moments of a wedding that I feel are most special.

Glamour shots

We wandered about the garden for a little while making use of the rather overgrown foliage within the garden. I love this kind of setting as the photographs always turn out wonderfully dreamy. It’s all just beautiful.

Bridgewater Inn wedding reception

Renee and Paul opted to hold a small wedding reception for their immediate friends and family at the Bridgewater Inn where a single table was set up alongside a private bar and dancefloor. The area looked to be the old cellars for the Inn, which again provided for a very intimate atmosphere for their small reception party.

I feel very privileged to have been a part of Renee and Pauls beautifully intimate wedding, and I hope they enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!