It was a beautifully sunny day for Tam and Shaun’s wedding at the Glenelg Golf Club which backdropped an incredible day full of love and joy. They opted to have me as their wedding photographer for the entire day allowing me to capture both of their preparations, right through until their exit from the Glenelg Golf Club where they held both their wedding ceremony and reception.


I started the day with Shaun’s place of preparation which was a house in Hallett Cove, surrounded by his extended family and friends. The atmosphere was laid back and Shaun’s groomsmen were doing their best to keep things light hearted and fun by telling jokes and ripping on one another. When it came to tying ties though, things started to get serious, as none of them really knew how to tie the specific knot that Tam had requested them to wear! So out came a handy youtube video to help, but they still hadn’t perfected the knot before I left. It’s a pretty common thing that men have trouble with during their preparation. 🙂

Tam was getting prepared in a room of the Grand Hotel on the Glenelg foreshore. Much like the guys, the atmosphere was lovely and laid back with no real rush to get ready too soon. Once the dresses and make up was done, we went for a little walk out along the Jetty and used the Grand’s pool area for some glamour photos before revealing the wedding dress to tam’s dad.

Glenelg Golf Club Wedding Ceremony

The Glenelg Golf Club is located just to the south of the Adelaide Airport, nestled away in an area that you just wouldn’t know is there unless you’d sought out one of the best and most awarded golf clubs in South Australia. Founded in 1926, the Glenelg golf club was developed by the idea of a group of local business men who wanted to have a more local golf club for ‘regular Sunday morning sojourns’. Due to it’s locations, it’s become one of the more prestigious and well looked after golf clubs in South Australia.

The functions side of the Glenelg Golf Club has been awarded as well, winning a multitude of ABIA awards, with the most recent being the 2017 Australian Bridal Industry Academy Award for Best Club Reception Venue in Australia.

Tam and Shaun’s wedding reception took place on a little grassy area in front of the club house, as is the case with the majority of weddings that take place at the Glenelg Golf Club. The area is backdropped by a line of trees and a fairway for one of the course’s holes which can be a good and bad thing, as it looks nice, but you’ll always have people playing golf in the background. The time of day they held their reception however saw some magnificent sun shine seeping through in their photos which was nice.

Glamour Photos

Rather than stay at the Glenelg Golf Club and make use of their lovely fairways as a backdrop to their wedding photos, Tam and Shaun opted to go for a bit of a drive down to  Hallett Cove where they spent their first date. However due to the slightly later wedding ceremony they held in Glenelg, by the time we arrived at Hallett Cove, the Sun was just about ready to set, so we had to hurry to get all the photos we could before it sank below the horizon all together.

Glenelg Golf Club Wedding Reception

The Glenelg Golf Club’s reception hall is a lovely laid-out area surrounded by decking outside suitable for guests to wander out on during the night. The guest’s tables were spread out across the room that can accommodate a rather large wedding congregation, surrounding the dance floor which was located at the fore of the head table where Tam, Shaun and their bridal party sat. It was a good fun night, culminating in a sparkler send off out the front of the club rooms with every guest, sparkler in hand seeing off their getaway car. Was pretty awesome 🙂

Thanks so much Tam and Shaun for having me capture your wedding photography. I hope you enjoy your photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! 😀

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