The Bright Side of postponing your wedding

The Bright Side of postponing your wedding


Here is the bright side of postponing your wedding

Have You Postponed Your Wedding Due To COVID-19?

The world is facing a global pandemic that has changed our lives, even the way we live and interact with one another has not been left out. This is a dark moment in history that has affected everyone, including those planning to get married. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been forced to reschedule our plans, stay all day indoors, go on compulsory leave from work, and postpone important activities on our calendars.

One of the most important events that you may have been forced to postpone due to the present crises is your wedding day. Although, it’s painful to have had to postpone such a significant event, I wanted to paint a positive picture for you and illustrate the bright side of postponing your wedding. I know for a fact as a wedding photographer I’ve thus far had 12 postponements for weddings through March to October. Hopefully not too many more :(.

Yes, there is a bright side to all this – as long as you’re an optimist.. haha. Seriously though, rescheduling your wedding to a future date isn’t all a bad idea. If you look at it critically, you could still find the silver linings underneath. The tips we have below will inspire couples to discover the bright side of postponing your wedding. We hope they help you to chase the bright side and stay positive. We are all in this together.

  1. Reaping The Benefits Of A Longer Engagement

Whether you are postponing your wedding for a few days or some months, the bright side of postponing your wedding in this situation is that you can enjoy a more extended engagement. It relieves you of the stress of the unknown and planning a wedding for a while. You will have a deep breath and a sigh of relief from the uncertainties of the big day. The sense of peace you will feel can’t be overemphasised, and you can still continue all the fun of courting dates 🙂

  1. More Time To Save Money

If you were struggling with your finances before the postponement, here is an opportunity to save some more. However, this is more certain when you have the privilege of still having a job during this pandemic. More so, if you have a home business or you work from home, you can use this period as a good time to save up some bucks for the great day. And since the government already restricts movement, it means fewer expenses for you. Keep all the funds you would have spent going to parties, visiting friends, and engaging in impulse buying for your wedding.

  1. More Opportunities For DIY

What is that DIY project you wanted to tackle before your wedding day? Here is an opportunity to engage in those crafts you envisioned but had little time to do them. Distract yourself with such fun activities and get lost in your world of fantasies. You can find lots of DIY wedding projects online for your inspiration, maybe try making your own wishing well?

  1. Invest In Your Relationship

When it’s just a few days to the wedding, many couples crave more time to invest in their relationship and find out some salient facts about their partner. But since the time is already fixed, they are left with no other option than to take their wedding vows joyfully. If this describes your condition, then you should be happy to have postponed your wedding. Consider this time as a gift to be treasured and used wisely. Use this quarantine to invest deeply in your relationship. If you ever wanted to discuss a pressing issue before your wedding, here is the time to do so. Use this opportunity to solidify the foundation of your marriage.

  1. Discover A Meaningful Purpose

The whole point of getting married is establishing a union and a brighter future together. If you have already taken steps to do this, it’s a huge bonus. Spending more time to enrich your relationship can help you to find a higher purpose for your union and rekindle your love for each other. Use this lockdown time to lean on each other, trusting that soon, and you will become one flesh.

  1. Develop A Heart Of Gratitude

Think of how blessed you are to have found someone worthy enough to walk down the altar together. Finding the ‘right person” is a massive accomplishment in the life of anyone. Rather than seeing the postponement as a loss, spend some time to think of your blessings. Start a gratitude practice by writing down your blessings in a journal and reading them aloud to your partner. Reassure each other of your undying love and willingness to spend the rest of your lives together.

  1. A Better Honeymoon

Postponing your wedding means more time to plan for your upcoming honeymoon. This is the perfect time to find the hotel that suits your taste. You can also use this period of lockdown to research your honeymoon destination. If you have been entertaining any uncertainties about your honeymoon, this is the time to resolve it all with your spouse. It’s good to have everything carefully planned out before your wedding day.

I love travelling so much! I Can’t wait before I can go overseas and cover another destination wedding!

  1. Invite More Guests

Perhaps, you invited only a few guests because of the budget constraint. Now that you have the opportunity to save up more money for the wedding, you can go all the way to invite more guests if you like. This also means you may have to plan for other things and review other significant aspects of the wedding plans such as venue, food, and drinks. In a nutshell, it’s good to have such an opportunity to invite more people to your big day.

  1. It’s Okay To Feel Sad about the Turn Of Events.

A wedding is a significant life event, and it’s not your fault as no one anticipated that a viral infection would hit the world so hard. It’s okay to feel sad about it, but don’t allow the turn of events to make you feel depressed. Instead, see it as an excellent time to rearrange your wedding plans and infuse more activities that will make it memorable. Just because the bright side of postponing your wedding means you can make use of the time to do all these things, it’s still completely natural to feel bad about not having your original date 🙁

It is your wedding that was postponed and not your love life. This post is meant to help you see the bright side of postponing your wedding as you try to stay safe at home.


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