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Introducing instant wedding photography

These past few months, as many in the wedding industry can attest – has been absolutely hectic – with the COVID-19 pandemic putting a halt to most weddings during much of 2020, only to have them all postpone to around about NOW. I myself had to postpone 18 weddings last year only to have them all re-book to late 2020 to early 2021.

As a result, wedding suppliers such as myself have found myself a little behind on work and having to issue apologies to their bridal couples for being a little behind… I usually say up to 2 months in order to recieve your wedding photos, but lately it’s streched to almost 3 months – Sorry about that! I’m working flat out to make up for the lost time.

To combat this problem in the future, I’ve thought long and hard about how to provide instant wedding photography… and the answer was staring myself in the face the whole time! I’ve been providing instant wedding photography for years in the form of my photobooth! So I figured I could simply strap my photobooth to my back and run around all day printing photos!

This is of course so much better than going out and buying a instamatic or polaroid camera as the image quaility of those things are horrendous.

I needed to modify my new instant wedding photography design to that it was more portable. I needed to add a portable power source in order for it to operate while out and about – which only added another 20kg so naturally with my godlike physique this was nothing to the 20kg in camera gear I was already carrying around with me on a wedding day.

The way I’ve designed this unique solution to the plague of waiting for wedding photographs to be produced is such that it will algorithmically select images worth keeping – selecting the in focus, and visually pleasing images and automatically print them into a neat little folder which I will then hand over to my bridal couple at the end of their day. My design can print images up to A2 in size, so the very next day you could have beautiful wall art plastered all over your house’s walls!

The insides of the box that I will be carrying about on my back contains an A2 printer, storage space for the prints it produces and a computer in order to store, select and lightly edit the photographs I am taking during your day. This is not a stop-gap solution – I pride myself in the quality of work I produce for my wedding couples and the standard of work my instant wedding photography solution provides will be sure to impress!

Despite me having to visit the chiropractor after every wedding I shoot..

I’ll be rolling this service out at every wedding I shoot this morning, April 1st so look out for a phtoographer with what looks to be a fridge strapped to his back!

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