Cruising Yacht Club of SA Wedding – Emily & Angel

Emily and Angel held their lovely intimate wedding ceremony at the the Cruising Yacht Club of SA. The prestige of this venue is apparent as soon as you arrive as you’re surrounded by multi million dollar yachts in a stunning location! I was asked to be their wedding photographer for a few hours, seeing me with them for their preparation, through to the first parts of their early reception dinner.


Emily and Angel chose to be prepared on the same location, together at a property not far from the Cruising Yacht Club. The atmosphere was reasonably laid back with family and freinds also on site fussing about, preparing lunch, or getting ready while watching a Chinese action movie on the TV in the background. I was treated to some scrumptous home made food while there, and it was very much appreciated!

As Emily and Angel were being prepared at the same lcoation they could share makeup artists and hairdressers, without having them travel to multiple locations in the morning – this made everything run much smoother than what I have experienced in the past, and everyone was ready to leave, and head to the ceremony quite early.

Cruising Yacht Club of SA Wedding Ceremony

The Cruising Yacht club of SA is a well kept secret of Adelaide wedding venues, nestled along the shores of the north-western Adelaide beaches, the marina and club rooms are hard to spot unless you are looking out for the venue as you drive past. The main draw of the venue for weddings would be the views of the marina and exclusivity of the space provided – including gated car parking and a hidden wedding ceremony spot.

The wedding ceremony location set up at the Cruising Yacht Club of SA is a small, dedicated area set off to the side of the marina, shaded by cloth sails and headlined by an impressive concrete circular station where the bridal couple stands during the ceremony. Emily and Angel’s wedding ceremony was held bilingually in both English and Chinese for the benefit of all those in attendance and made everyone smile with it’s innate sweetness and beauty.

Glamour Photos

After the ceremony and family photos which we held just behind where the wedding ceremony took place, we first used the Cruising Yacht Club of SA’s lovely marina lined with huge yachts to take some glamour photos. Emily and Angel had even arranged to use the bow of one of the yachts to have photos done, which was wonderfully unique. We then went on a short drive to Grange beach where we used the lovely sand dunes and jetty for more shots, while also making use of the large kites that were being flown that day as a backdrop.

Cruising Yacht Club of SA Wedding Reception

The Cruising Yacht club of SA has a number of different function rooms to choose from when holding a wedding ceremony. As Emily and Angel’s wedding party wasn’t on the large side, they opted to make use of the smaller of the available areas for their wedding reception. It was a nice space that boasted sweeping views of the marina and all the boats. The highlight of their party I feel was their duel bouquet toss, where they both threw their bouquet at the same time. it’s always fun when everyone joins in for that! WHile I wasn’t there for their entire reception, the atmosphere was friendly, laid back and felt very family friendly, with evertyone enjoying themselves and listening to speeches.

Thanks go out ot Emily and Angel for having me as their wedding photographer!

Kangaroo Island Elopement – Claire & Jacob

Claire and Jacob held a super secret Kangaroo Island Elopement unbeknownst to all their family and friends except for their witnesses! From the moment I met with Claire and Jacob I knew their elopement was going to be a special one, and it certainly turned out to be a fantastic day starting from sunrise on pennashw’s beach, up to Cape Willoughby Lighthouse before finally heading to Pennington bay for their elopement ceremony.

Morning Photoshoot

We began the day at the crack of dawn – hoping for a stunning sunrise to illuminate the sky behind the lovely rocks at Frenchman’s rock. Unfortunately that wasn’t to be with a rather overcast beginning to the morning, we made use of the rock formations anyway, before finally slivers of the sunrise revealed itself towards the end of our time there.

As a result Claire and Jacob’s Kangaroo Island elopement photoshoot began by getting our feet wet a bit, which in my books is the best way to start a day of photo taking! Next stop was scaling cliffs near the Cape Willoughby Lighthouse!

Before heading out to the lighthouse however, we made use of the nearby Sculpture trail on Penneshaw beach to take some shots within some of the sculputes and on the lovely suspension bridge cutting across the gully.

The last time I was on Kangaroo Island before Claire and Jacob’s kangaroo island elopement was about 10 years prior, and I had just got into photography then. I ventured out this way myself hoping to capture some stunning landscapes and of course I did so – but that trip allowed me to remember some amazing spots bewteen Penneshaw and Cape Willoughby – including tree lines dirt roads and grass along the sides of some roads! made sure we made use of them.

Our time at the Cape Willoughby Lighthouse was the moment I was most looking forward to before heading out for Claire and Jacob’s elopement. I remembered there was an amazing winding road leading to the lighthouse itself, and also some stunningly tall cliffs whcih I was keen to ask Claire and Jacob to scale for photos! I was lucky they were keen to do so! Not since Georgia in Hobart had I seen a bride so willing to run around on rocks in her wedding dress before the ceremony!

It was absolutely marvellous despite viewing the footage my wife took after the fact and realising how high the cliffs under us really were!


Kangaroo Island Elopement Ceremony

Claire and Jacob’s Kangaroo Island Elopement ceremony took place on a little secluded beach, surrounded by cliffs nearby the beautiful Pennington Bay. This secluded location allowed for minimal wind to interrupt the ceremony and it made for a lovely, intimate ceremony.

Pennington Bay Glamour Shoot

The waters around Pennington bay is beatifully clear and shallow enough so that Claire and Jacob could wade out a bit for some photos, so of course I made them do so! The scenery just called for another round of wading so we certainly made use of it all!

Thanks so much to Claire and Jacob for having me as your wedding/elopement photographer I know some of the things I asked you do do for the shot wasnt easy, but I am so grateful you gavClaire and Jacob held a super secret Kangaroo Island Elopement on the pristine sands of Pennington Bay after scaling cliffs and getting wet!e me the opportunity to take some amazing shots!

How to Capture Memorable Beach Wedding Photos – 5 Tips

Beach Wedding Photos

Having a wedding by the beach is a dream for most couples, and as an Australian-based wedding photographer I’ve been to my fair share! Particularly at this time of year – it’s warming up and everyone wants to head to the beach!

When you think about a romantic setting, the beach is often on top of the list. Imagine the blue and calm ocean as your ceremony’s background, with the light beaming off the waves, and a cool, delightful sea breeze that embraces you and your guests. That is a special welcome ceremony for starting a new, happy life together.

How to Capture Memorable Beach Wedding Photos – 5 Tips

With this heavenly setting, you can take beautifully-captured wedding photos. If you want breathtaking beach wedding photos to display at home, here are some tips on enhancing an already captivating ceremony, and make the most of your stunning setting!

#1 Find a beach you can own for the day

While tourist beaches probably come to mind first, you might want to find a place that is not too crowded. You will likely find a location that is as good but also peaceful and pristine. Aim for a beach with clear waters, fine sand, and surrounded by hundreds of trees. There are quite a surprising number of these types of beaches available here in Adelaide, Darwin, and Hobart!

While these points might seem like a given for most people, sometimes the beaches that some people want to goto can be quite dreadful. Take for example the Hallett Cove Conservation Park here locally, south of Adelaide – stunning surrounds but the entire beach is covered in pebbles – or try setting up a Darwin wedding ceremony on one of their beaches where the sand quickly turns into quicksand and swallows your feet!

Make sure it is also easy to reach for your guests but miles away from civilisation. A private resort or a remote island will be a perfect getaway for all to have a romantic barefoot ceremony and make for some stunning beach wedding photos.

#2 Check the weather and tide forecast

A photo taken during high tide will look different from one taken during low tide. Some beaches will look dry during low tide, which is a crucial detail to know, especially for your photographer. With this information, your photographer should be able to come up with plans to make the setting even more magical than it looks. The team should be able to make informed decisions using tide charts and weather forecasts.

One of my favourite spots to shoot in Darwin is especially succeptible to this! Sometimes there is a beautiful rocky beach to frolick around, while other timese it’s covered in meters of water. Check the tides, a!nd the timing of the sunsets too

#3 Make a beautiful ceremony arbour

A wedding by the beach is beautiful on its own, but add a gorgeous arbour, and you will have a centrepiece that can also serve as a nice backdrop for beach wedding photos. You should carefully choose where to position this arbour, as you want the lighting to be just right for your photos. It;s best for your photographer to position youselves so that the sun is shinging on you from behind, and not to any one side.

Ideally, the ocean should be the view behind the couple. However, if the scene is not camera-friendly, and if the sun is in the wrong direction, you can always create a stunning nature backdrop instead. You can either go big and create an extravagant centrepiece covered with flowers or opt for a minimalistic bamboo arbour.

#4 Make sure you bring appropriate clothing

Wedding attire isn’t what most people would often wear to the beach, and generally can be a bit of a bother when trying to scramble over rocks, or wade through sand – but if you prepare correctly the beach wedding photos you capture can be well worth the effort!

First up are the shoes – bridal heels need to be swapped out for either flats or no shoes at all, while your groom’s hushpuppies are going to be fairly annoying getting filled with sand also. Either dress as though you were going to the beach, or be prepared to have a bunch of people helping you walk about.

A long dress train is bound to get sandy and dirty before your reception – be prepared for this! If you don’t mind a bit of dirt on your special dress, then go to the beach! If not, perhaps stay on the grass or jetties – or not head to the beach all.

You’d usually think about heading to the beach on a hot day too – so if your wedding day turns out this way, perhaps plan for a short shoot in places you’d like to go and limit the amount of time you spend in the sun. A 3 piece suit and heavy dresses are not the best outfits in this kind of weather and can actually be dengerous to your health. Make sure you bring plenty of water.

#5 Guests attire can also be thematic

What you wear will affect how your photos will look, and the same goes for your bridesmaids and guests. Choose outfits that are stylish and weatherproof, and remind your guests to do the same as well. Avoid feautres like facinators that will easily be blown by the wind so you can be comfortable throughout the ceremony.

Since your wedding is not a traditional church wedding, you can be more creative with your approach. Instead of the traditional veil, try using a floral crown. You can also choose bohemian gowns that are perfect for beach celebrations. If you choose to do so, do not forget to pick a groom’s suit that matches your dress. More importantly, add accessories and statement pieces to make the wedding photos stand out.

A beach wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you should not take for granted. Even if your chosen setting is already a beautiful sight, following the tips mentioned in this article can help you elevate the experience and ensure that all your beach wedding photos will be as magical as you imagined.


Do you need Hobart-based wedding photography services for your beach wedding? Sven Studios is a trusted wedding photography studio that will give you memorable photos to treasure and look back on. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you/


Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club Wedding – Amy & Brendon

After a few false starts due to the unfortunate effect that the COVID-19 pandemic had, Amy and Brendon finally held their Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club Wedding on an overcast day in early February.

I had been looking forward to being Amy and Brendon’s wedding photographer for quite a while, having learnt much more about this couple than many others due to them having me also produce their RSVP website, writing and reading about their relationship on there – although the wedding ended up being held at a different venue.

The day was filled with fun, lovely people to be around and they all certainly turned it up a notch later at night on the dance floor!


My day began with Brendon and his groomsmen being prepared with his parents and their ‘best dog’ which diddnt seem too keen on me that morning! Wasnt too sure about the flashing camera.

The atmosphere was jovial, with brendon running about trying to be as helpful as he can be to everyone there – perhaps to try to cover any nerves he was feeling that morning? 🙂

Amy and her bridal party was being prepared nearby at a bed and breakfast. It was a delightful house with a beautiful hall way that lead to a brightly lit master bed room where Amy got prepared.

The girls were all having a marvellous, laid back time sipping bubbly and enjoying each other’s company all morning, I’m not sure Amy ever stopped smiling!

Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club Wedding Ceremony

Amy and Brendon’s Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club wedding ceremony took place on the back directly in front of the club house. Unbeknownst to anyone prior to the day, it was a little unfortunate that the yacht club was holding a little regatta right next to where the ceremony had been set up! So hiding all the yacht trailers and people walking in the background of their photos was a bit of a challenge.

The weather was very calm, and cool due to the overcast sky which made for a perfect beach wedding ceremony. While a little bit of sunshine might have been pleasant; exposing photos on the white sand of the beach with a hot sun beating down, creating harsh shadows on faces isn’t easy – so the cloudy sky made for much nicer photo-taking conditions!

Amy and brendon’s ceremony was a lovely simple affair, with a fun little twist at the end where they randomly selected their witnesses to sign their marriage documents! This was a fun little nod to their personality, and also events leading up to their wedding day!

Amy and brendon had also asked me to live stream their wedding using my little livestream setup which worked very well for the guests who unfortunately could not attend due to COVID lockdowns.

Glamour Photos

After a (rather too quick) family shoot session – we whisked away to the Pt Willunga Jetty for glamour photos. Amy and brendon decided to head down there to make use of the stunning demolished jetty on display there.

We also made use of the nearby Kingston House gardens and made sure to head out during their reception for what was left of the sunset.

Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club Wedding Reception

Amy and Brendon’s Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club wedding reception took place in the club house upstairs, overlooking the stunning beach below where they held their ceremony.

They had my photobooth set up in the corner, complete with a custom made photobooth book I had made for them, but all focus was definately on the dance floor, which was full all night starting from the end of Amy adn brendon’s first dance!

I’d like to thank Amy and Brendon for having me as their wedding photographer and I apologise for continually mispronouncing Brendon’s name as Brandon! The bridal party all made fun of me for it 😛 I hope you enjoy your photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Beach Huts Middleton Wedding – Sarah & Tom

Sarah and Tom’s Beach Huts Middleton wedding was a delightfully intimate family affair with the focus being on enjoying themselves with their friends and family without ducking out too much to have photos taken. Due to this Sarah and Tom opted to have their glamour photos done before their ceremony at the nearby Middleton beach which was super busy due to the warm weather!

Middleton Beach First Look

While I’ve called their photoshoot beforehand a ‘first look‘ truth was that Sarah and Tom both arrived together so that whole idea of getting over the nerves with a first look photoshoot had already been done that morning :). All Sarah and Tom were really after were a couple of nice photos together without having to spend too much time away from their family and friends at the Beach Huts Middleton.

So after they arrived about 30 mins late due to usual wedding morning shenanigans, Sarah and Tom only had about half the amount of time originally allocated to have their photos done – but it was plenty of time to walking up the Middleton beach board walk and walk about the beach a bit. A bit of photoshop was required to remove all the other beachgoers though!

Beach Huts Middleton Wedding Ceremony

As is usually the case with a Beach Huts Middleton Wedding, Sara and Tom opted to hold their ceremony on the grassy area nearby the tennis courts, surrounded by the delightful little beach huts which the venue gets it’s name from.

While Sarah and Tom had opted to do thir photoshoot beforehand, they still did the traditional bridal entrance where she walked down the aisle with father on one arm and veil covering her face before approaching her soon to be husband.

The ceremony was a lovely, simple affair spearheaded by vows full of in jokes and funny anecdotes of the couple’s lives together.


After the ceremony and before heading to the Blue’s restaurant on site at the Beach Huts Middleton for the evening reception, Sarah and Tom hosted a laid back afternoon reception for their guests which they were keen to be a part of.

The afternoon was full of lawn games, having fun with friends, and a couple of guests even picked up the tennis racquets and tried to hit my camera 😛 Every now and again I might catch Sarah and Tom and pull them aside for a quick photo, but I was aware they diddnt want to leave their friends and family for too long 🙂

The reception within Blues restaurant consited of a nice sit down dinner, with simple addons like a photobooth in the corner run by ‘In the Booth’, a kareoke machine set up as the DJ and Tom acted as his own MC – even going as far as announcing himself and Sarah as they entered the building!

It was a beautifully fun filled afternoon with plenty of lovely people laughing, playing and having a great time being together to celebrate this lovely couple’s love for one another.

Thanks so much to Sarah and Tom for having me capture their delightful Beach Huts Middleton Wedding for them! I had a blast taking the photos and I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I did taking them! Cheers!