3 Tips to Having a Memorable Wedding Photo Booth Experience


Having a Memorable Wedding Photo Booth Experience

Wedding days are truly special occasions, especially when it’s you and your significant other’s turn. That’s why having a photo booth is important to have during the reception to capture the happy faces and heartfelt messages of your guests without the shyness some people feel in front of your actual wedding phtoographer. But what exactly can make your photo booth truly memorable?

This article will discuss three practical tips to make certain that you can look back at your wedding day and say you and your guests had a memorable wedding photo booth experience. Take this as an opportunity to plan for your big day well by looking into the important services. This way, you and your future spouse can look forward to the success and excitement of your wedding!

3 Tips to Having a Memorable Wedding Photo Booth Experience

1. Ensure the setup, management, and removal are all taken care of

You definitely don’t want to be stressed on your special day, meaning you don’t want to go through the trouble of setting up and repacking the photo booth. After all, it’s your wedding day, and your first moments as a newly married couple should be spent in celebration. You also don’t want to burden your guests with these tasks.

As such, find a wedding photo booth provider that will set up, manage, and pack up the photo booth for you. Doing this lets you have one less thing to worry about and focus more on making wonderful memories with your guests. You may even have the chance to join them at the photo booth!

What I tend to do at weddings with my own photo booth is set up at the venue prior to heading to the groom’s place of preparation – that way it’s ready to go as soon as the reception starts. Then I just pack it up at the end of the night.

2. Designate a time in the program for pictures and socialising

You can have the best wedding photo booth in the world, but it can all go to waste if there’s not enough time during the reception for picture taking. It will just be a huge inconvenience for you and your guests, plus you will just be wasting money. That’s why it’s recommended to at least have some time dedicated to the photo booth and other wedding festivities.

To ensure everyone has time to try the booth, you should count the number of guests attending and the duration of your reception. All you need to do is have a portion of your reception not dedicated to anything else – it doesnt have to be ‘NOW EVERYONE TO THE PHOTOBOOTH!’ Just a time where there are no speeches, meals being served and whatnot. Also make sure everyone knows it’s there by asking your MC to mention that you’d like everyoneo use it!

This way, everyone can come home with their own photos to remember your special day!

3. Ask the photo booth provider how guests will receive pictures

The standard function of every photo booth is to offer patrons a chance to take photos with their friends and family and print them out as their keepsakes. There are even times when you can get the digital copy of the photos afterwards, allowing you and your group to download them and post them on social media.

All these expectations may be something you and your guests want from your wedding photo booth. So make sure to ask your provider how everyone will receive their photos. Ideally, you want something that they can print out and also download online to ensure they can get their memorabilia!

Generally my own photobooth will take 4 photos of the guests and print out a strip in duplicate. The idea beaing that one guests can keep as a keepsake from your wedding, and the other gets stuck into a photobooth guestbook or put into the wishing well.

Having a photo booth at your wedding can be a meaningful way for your guests to interact with one another and have a good time. You can now make the experience more memorable as long as you remember all the previously mentioned tips to having a mamorable wedding photo booth experience. So start your planning phase and book all the necessary services to ensure everything runs smoothly on your big day!

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6 Things to Ask Before Committing to a Wedding Photographer

Things to Ask Before Committing to a Wedding Photographer

Posing for a camera for hours is already challenging enough. Finding a quality photographer that fits your budget is another hurdle. If you are afraid of not liking what you see after spending so much on your wedding photography, here is one truth you should remember:

Your wedding photos will turn out better than expected if you are comfortable with the wedding photographer you hire. The secret to ensuring that you and your photographer have good dynamics is that you understand how they work and have no doubts about their service.

This scenario may seem too good to be true, but it happens pretty much every weekend as there are some amazing wedding suppliers out there! To find the right photography provider for you, the first thing you need to do is ask the right questions to get the answers that will calm your nerves.

Here are some things to ask your wedding photographers so you will have nothing to worry about later.

6 Things to Ask Before Committing to a Wedding Photographer

#1: Ask What Is Included in Their Service

All weddings have a budget, so it is essential to know where your money is going. Before settling with a wedding photography service provider, they should have presented you with a breakdown of things you will get from their service. For example, knowing if you will get a printed photo, album or just digital copies is a crucial detail to know. From there, you can determine if you need to allocate more of your budget for printing your wedding album.

#2: Ask for Client References

Every photographer should have a list of clients who can say good things about their service. Once your photographer shares this list of references, you get in touch with these people and ask for their opinion about them or verify what the photographer has said using a reputable source of reviews, such as ABIA. Reviews on Google and Facebook are also helpful as you need to be identity verified in order to post a review and is more difficult to fake. The best way to assess a team’s performance is by learning about other clients’ testimonials about their work.

#3: Check Their Lead Time for Post-Editing

Every couple is excited to see the photos of their memorable day. Before getting too giddy about it (and for less disappointment as well), make sure to ask your photographers when you can expect your final photos. Photographers do not have the time to do a quality check for every click they make during a wedding. Editing ensures that the pictures you get are of the best quality.

Couples can expect to wait up to 3-6 months for the busiest photographers, while that turn around time can be much shorter in the off peak periods of the year.

On a side note plety of photographers also opt to outsource their editing workload and can therefore have their photo collections done quicker. I prefer to have full control over all the creative processes so I personally tend to be a little slower, however still fairly quick usually taking no more than 2 months. COVID however has caused quite a bit of backlog so recently I’ve spread out to 3 months, but thats still a fairly decent timeframe!

#4: Find Out Their Turnover Details

Aside from the timing, check the details for the turnover of the photos. Will they give you a flash drive, or will they require a hard drive from you? Will they send over a download link, provide you with access to their web gallery, or will they only hand over printed copies? All these details should be clear before you sign your contract.

#5: Ask If They Accept Special Photo Requests

Every experienced wedding photographer already has a mental list of photos to take on a wedding day, but if you think you need a particular shot that they do not usually offer, make sure to request it. To make sure that the photographers will not forget, list it down and keep a copy for yourself. This is particularly important for group photos as chances are if you do not have a list of photos you’d like taken – they simply wont be taken!

A photographer does not know your family dynamics, nor who are the important people in attendance – they rely on you to sort out your group photos and a list is the best way to not miss any.

#6: Check the Payment Terms

Before deciding to work with a photographer, do not forget to ask for their payment terms. Photography services usually require a deposit, or retainer fee before the actual event. Make sure you know how much you need to pay and how youre able to pay so you will not be surprised later.

When your prospective wedding photographer asks if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask and get the answers you need. A photographer that welcomes your questions and answers them to the best of their abilities can tell you how well they value their clients and the work they provide. If they know how to make you feel comfortable at this stage, that says a lot about their capabilities. Do your research until you are satisfied with the information you find. Hopefully this list of things to ask before committing to a wedding photographer will help!

What I personally like to do when meeting with a prospective new engaged couple is that I like to walk them through an entire wedding – hopefully similar to what they have in mind and hopefully while walking through what that other couple did would give this new couple ideas on how I work, what they can do and most importatly, what they would look like in their own photos!

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3 Tips to Prepare Your Wedding Day for Possible Rain


Prepare Your Wedding Day for Possible Rain

When planning a wedding, especially outdoors, the one thing you hope will never happen is for it to start raining. Unfortunately, no one can control the weather, and even the world’s best forecasters are not 100% right. So what happens if it does rain on your wedding day? Well, that will entirely depend on how well you prepared for it! The keyword here is “prepare,” something we will help you to do in this article!

Just before we start though, it might interest you to know that the tradition of it being good luck for it to rain on your wedding day dates back hundreds of years and has it’s roots in biblical gospel! So theres that going for you 😀

3 Tips to Prepare Your Wedding Day for Possible Rain

Here are some tips on you can prepare your wedding day for possible rain –

  1. Plan with your vendors

You will have vendors helping you out on your wedding day, from photographers to designers, even candlestick makers 😛 . Whoever it is you are working with, communicate to them thoroughly about your concerns. For example, during your wedding photo-taking session, you will want to talk to your wedding photographers about what to do if the weather changes.

We recommend talking about bringing umbrellas for light rain and picking a new location for heavier downpours. That said, your vendors will likely have plenty of experience for such situations, so it does not hurt to ask them what they think you should do. Work together, and you will be able to come up with a solid plan.

Wedding photographs in the rain can make for some magical shots! Particularly in Adelaide as it doesnt tend to rain too often here – but heading out for some monsoonal weather during Darwin’s wet season will get everyone pretty wet but can make for some great shots!

  1. Have a solid backup plan

Speaking of a solid plan, you will need to be quite thorough with how you organise the event. Merely telling your organizers to “bring umbrellas” is not going to cut it. Umbrellas can be useful in light rain, but they are not going to do anything if it starts to rain hard. An umbrella is not going to stop the ground from pooling up with water, nor protect everyone from getting drenched.

Once again, remember to thoroughly plan with your vendors to create a solid backup plan. Make sure you include details on what to do in case the weather does not cooperate. Have a list of backup locations or venues, and account for tents and other types of protection to keep your guests and equipment dry.

A big plus on any wedding venue you might be looking out for would be a built-in inclement weather plan. For example the Mt Lofty House wedding venue usually holds their ceremonies out on the lawns overlooking the velley, but can be held in the reception area at short notice.

  1. Be flexible and adaptable

No one can control the weather, so make sure that you take it into account when planning your wedding. You have to be flexible and adaptable, as there is no point in trying to work against it.

We understand that you have probably meticulously planned your wedding day down to the tiniest details, but always be sure to keep an open mind. Do not let the rain ruin your day, and do not let it ruin your wedding. By being adaptable, you can ensure your wedding day runs smoothly despite any weather.

Remember that the most important thing about your wedding day is that you get to marry the love of your life, and that’s all that matters!

You can always just hope for the best and pray that it does not rain on your big day, but this is not the only thing you can do. Instead, follow the tips we have shared above. Being prepared, even by just a little, is better than not being prepared at all. Prepare your wedding day for possible rain as best you can and it can be the difference between a spectacular wedding day and one that leaves you and your guests disappointed.

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How to Capture Memorable Beach Wedding Photos – 5 Tips

Beach Wedding Photos

Having a wedding by the beach is a dream for most couples, and as an Australian-based wedding photographer I’ve been to my fair share! Particularly at this time of year – it’s warming up and everyone wants to head to the beach!

When you think about a romantic setting, the beach is often on top of the list. Imagine the blue and calm ocean as your ceremony’s background, with the light beaming off the waves, and a cool, delightful sea breeze that embraces you and your guests. That is a special welcome ceremony for starting a new, happy life together.

How to Capture Memorable Beach Wedding Photos – 5 Tips

With this heavenly setting, you can take beautifully-captured wedding photos. If you want breathtaking beach wedding photos to display at home, here are some tips on enhancing an already captivating ceremony, and make the most of your stunning setting!

#1 Find a beach you can own for the day

While tourist beaches probably come to mind first, you might want to find a place that is not too crowded. You will likely find a location that is as good but also peaceful and pristine. Aim for a beach with clear waters, fine sand, and surrounded by hundreds of trees. There are quite a surprising number of these types of beaches available here in Adelaide, Darwin, and Hobart!

While these points might seem like a given for most people, sometimes the beaches that some people want to goto can be quite dreadful. Take for example the Hallett Cove Conservation Park here locally, south of Adelaide – stunning surrounds but the entire beach is covered in pebbles – or try setting up a Darwin wedding ceremony on one of their beaches where the sand quickly turns into quicksand and swallows your feet!

Make sure it is also easy to reach for your guests but miles away from civilisation. A private resort or a remote island will be a perfect getaway for all to have a romantic barefoot ceremony and make for some stunning beach wedding photos.

#2 Check the weather and tide forecast

A photo taken during high tide will look different from one taken during low tide. Some beaches will look dry during low tide, which is a crucial detail to know, especially for your photographer. With this information, your photographer should be able to come up with plans to make the setting even more magical than it looks. The team should be able to make informed decisions using tide charts and weather forecasts.

One of my favourite spots to shoot in Darwin is especially succeptible to this! Sometimes there is a beautiful rocky beach to frolick around, while other timese it’s covered in meters of water. Check the tides, a!nd the timing of the sunsets too

#3 Make a beautiful ceremony arbour

A wedding by the beach is beautiful on its own, but add a gorgeous arbour, and you will have a centrepiece that can also serve as a nice backdrop for beach wedding photos. You should carefully choose where to position this arbour, as you want the lighting to be just right for your photos. It;s best for your photographer to position youselves so that the sun is shinging on you from behind, and not to any one side.

Ideally, the ocean should be the view behind the couple. However, if the scene is not camera-friendly, and if the sun is in the wrong direction, you can always create a stunning nature backdrop instead. You can either go big and create an extravagant centrepiece covered with flowers or opt for a minimalistic bamboo arbour.

#4 Make sure you bring appropriate clothing

Wedding attire isn’t what most people would often wear to the beach, and generally can be a bit of a bother when trying to scramble over rocks, or wade through sand – but if you prepare correctly the beach wedding photos you capture can be well worth the effort!

First up are the shoes – bridal heels need to be swapped out for either flats or no shoes at all, while your groom’s hushpuppies are going to be fairly annoying getting filled with sand also. Either dress as though you were going to the beach, or be prepared to have a bunch of people helping you walk about.

A long dress train is bound to get sandy and dirty before your reception – be prepared for this! If you don’t mind a bit of dirt on your special dress, then go to the beach! If not, perhaps stay on the grass or jetties – or not head to the beach all.

You’d usually think about heading to the beach on a hot day too – so if your wedding day turns out this way, perhaps plan for a short shoot in places you’d like to go and limit the amount of time you spend in the sun. A 3 piece suit and heavy dresses are not the best outfits in this kind of weather and can actually be dengerous to your health. Make sure you bring plenty of water.

#5 Guests attire can also be thematic

What you wear will affect how your photos will look, and the same goes for your bridesmaids and guests. Choose outfits that are stylish and weatherproof, and remind your guests to do the same as well. Avoid feautres like facinators that will easily be blown by the wind so you can be comfortable throughout the ceremony.

Since your wedding is not a traditional church wedding, you can be more creative with your approach. Instead of the traditional veil, try using a floral crown. You can also choose bohemian gowns that are perfect for beach celebrations. If you choose to do so, do not forget to pick a groom’s suit that matches your dress. More importantly, add accessories and statement pieces to make the wedding photos stand out.

A beach wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you should not take for granted. Even if your chosen setting is already a beautiful sight, following the tips mentioned in this article can help you elevate the experience and ensure that all your beach wedding photos will be as magical as you imagined.


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Creating the Perfect Wedding Album with 4 Easy Tips

Creating the Perfect Wedding Album

Wedding bells may be near, and you are preparing your wedding photo album plans! That’s because it is a valuable keepsake to have when you and your partner want to reminisce about this important day. However, you and your significant other may not be as creative or crafty when it comes to album making. But don’t worry, we’ve got just the information you need!

This article will discuss four easy tips to take note of to create the perfect wedding album. Take this as an opportunity to preserve your memories and cherish them with others when you want to get nostalgic, especially when you think about your children and grandchildren! You can also look at your wedding album as a family milestone worth remembering!

Creating the Perfect Wedding Album with 4 Easy Tips

Use different-sized pictures

You and your partner may have an idea of what photo albums look like, which are often those dusty books that you find hidden at your mum’s house. The reason why photo albums are often left in this sorry state is because they aren’t as memorable and have the same, dull design. That’s why you and your significant other should take note of printing different-sized wedding photos. That way, you can add some personalised arrangements that add intrigue and aesthetical value to your album!

Embellish your album with personalised trinkets

The best way to make a well-thought-out, conceptual wedding album is to think outside the box, meaning you should not just add pictures and call it a day! You should think about adding personalised scrapbook trinkets, like little bowties and decorative paper.

Another way to have more meaningful ornaments for your wedding photo album is to gather materials for your wedding! For example, you can have a “send-off” wall where you can encourage guests to write their heartfelt message for you and your significant other, and perhaps leave a momento in the form of something they used on the night. You can tell them that you will put it in your photo album to make it more sentimental and valuable!

A photobooth is an amazing way to do this as your guests can really let their inhibitions go and just ast stupid for their photos as opposed to doing the same in front of an actual photographer.

Think about your significant other’s tastes and preferences

Your parents may relate to this tip because when it was their turn to create their wedding album, the task may have either gone to either your mother or father, depending on who was more vocal. That means the photo album only embodies just one of your parent’s creative prowess. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to consider your partner’s voice when it comes to your wedding album.

As such, take the time to plan and make your wedding album together as a new couple. You can do it during your honeymoon once all the gifts have been unwrapped or as a weekend project. That way, you can create the best album that reflects your collective tastes and preferences!

Hire professional photographers for the best wedding photos and albums

You cannot put together the perfect wedding album without the best photos. You want every valuable moment captured, and you and your partner also like to see what your guests feel and ensure you can remember everyone present during your special day. That’s why you need to hire professional wedding photographers who can offer you well-shot pictures with variety, class, and capture tender moments during your wedding!

If you decided to invest in an album made by a wedding photographer you’ll also be assured of premium quality with your book and printing. Most photographers may even design the layout with you in a fun album designing session! Ask your photographer now if they provide such a service.

Having the perfect wedding album is an excellent way for you and your significant other to preserve a valuable life event. Fortunately, you now know what to do to ensure you create the perfect wedding album for reminiscing the good times. All you have to do is find the best wedding photography services to guarantee the best photo options for your album!

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