Little Para Linear Park Couples Shoot – Helen & David

I had a bit of fun heading out to Salisbury to the delightful; little Little para Linear park to meet Helen and David who’s daughter had previously purchased them a gift certificate redeemable for a bit of a couple’s shoot!.

Apparently Helen and David hadn’t had any professional photos done of them since their wedding day, and even then it was just a friend who happened to have a camera, so Helen and David’s daughter decided that it was high time they had some nice photos of themselves!

Little Para Linear Park Couples Shoot

We decided to time the photoshoot so that we made the best use of the spectacular light available just before and during the golden hour whcih allowed for some spectacular golden light to filter through the trees and foliage on display throughout the Little Para Linear Park.

We met at the corner of Riverview Dr and Riverglen Ct which alowed us to go for a bit of a lap of the dry dcreek that meanders through the park, lined with gum trees and tall grass.

Helen and David seemed pretty laid back and keen to make the use of their time in front of my camera, which made things very easy for me! Always laughing, and playing about while we did some rather odd things like traipse through the undergrowth did not phase this fun loving couple – and I feel as though their photos really show this!

Was a great little photo shoot and I hope Helen, David and their daughter enjoy the photos we took!

Botanic Park Wedding – Naz & Peter

Peter and Naziera opted to hold a very small, intimate Adelaide Botanic Park wedding in front of their 3 sons, their celebrant and myself which made for a cozy little atmosphere under the stunning moreton bay fig trees on a stunningly sunny day!

Although their Botanic Park wedding ceremony was flanked by no fewer than 3 engagement celebrations and other users of the public space, their wedding ceremony felt beautifully personal regardless!

Adelaide Botanic Park Wedding Ceremony

Peter and Naz’s tiny little ceremony – which could also be called an elopement took place on one of the larger moreton bay fig trees on parade along the Botanic Park, just north of the Adelaide Botanic Garden‘s Friendship gates.

We attempted to have as little as possible behind Peter and Naziera during their cermeony so that their photos did not have anything but the stunning beauty of the park in the background. Wasn’t always possible of course, but we tried our best!

Their ceremony was short and sweet, with two of their three sons acting as witnesses on their marriage certificate.

Glamour Photos

For glamour photos, we made good use of the Botanic park’s trees, going for a little walk and trying to get the midday sun to shine through the foliage before heading into the Botanic Gardens to make use of some different backdrops.

The Moreton bay fig trees in Botanic park make for some stunning backdrops for wedding photography – I just love walking through them – particularly on sunny days such as this, the atmosphere is one of such joy and happiness when the sun plays nice!

The Adelaide Botanic Gardens as always turned it on for us, walking through we managed to make use of quite a few little spots I had grwon fond of after my many weddings I have shot through here. That being said though, the middle of the day is possibly the wost time of day to take photos through here – so I attempted to head to shadier spots to make use of the shade rather than direct sunlight.

Peter and Naz’s Botanic Park wedding ceremony was a delightful little outing, and I do hope they enjoy their photos!

What You Need to Know About Bridal Portraits

Bridal Portraits

Aside from preparing for the big day itself, it’s natural for you to sort out even the smallest details for your wedding photography. After all, the resulting photos will be your reminder of that beautiful day that you finally said, ‘I do.’

On that note, you should know that aside from your themed attires, you can also put on your wedding dress for photo sessions that are specifically called a bridal portrait, this session focuses solely on you in your white gown.

This is usually held before your wedding day – but can also be after. Bridal Portraits allows you take photos in your dream dress in a perfectly controlled environment—something that can be hard to do during the big day. It’s also used as a dry-run for the ceremony. It can be used as an opportunity to run through the big day, identify potential issues, and give you a feeling of reassurance as you approach the date.

What You Need to Know About Bridal Portraits

To help you prepare for your bridal portraits further, here are some points worth keeping in mind:

Reasons to Take Bridal Portraits

Some believe that bridal portraits are simply add-ons that can be omitted. In reality, having this photography session can benefit you and your wedding preparations in many ways.

Here are just two of the many reasons why having bridal portraits is worth your time and effort:

  • They are your reliable backups in case your wedding-day bridal portraits don’t turn out the way you want them to. Sometimes, even the most well-planned weddings can get out of hand; as a result, relying on your same-day photos may only stress you out.
  • Having a separate bridal portrait gives you a chance to get creative and execute your ideas. Unfortunately, wedding-day bridal portrait sessions do not give you the same flexibility as often the space you get ready in isn’t exactly ‘magazine ready’

Identifying the Best Place to Take Bridal Portraits

One of the biggest advantages of having a separate bridal portrait session is that you have the liberty to choose your location. Whether you want to have them at a beautiful spot, at a place that reflects your personality, or at the venue itself, all you have to do is coordinate with your wedding photographer.

In the end, know that the choice is up to you! Follow your heart and what you truly want—after all, this opportunity will only come once in your life!

Identifying the Best Time to Take Bridal Portraits

You must also consider when to hold the bridal portrait session to achieve the visuals and feel that you want.

If you’re looking to capture that golden-hour light in your photos, scheduling your photoshoot early in the morning or late afternoon will be the best strategy. With that said, you should also remember that sunrise and sunset have distinct characteristics.

To achieve soft light, you’ll want to go with an early morning shoot; for a deeper and richer colour, having your shoot done just before sunset would be the best

Finally, it’s a smart idea to schedule your photo session one to two months before the wedding. By this time, you may already have your wedding-day accessories, and your hair and makeup trials may also be underway. Coordinating your schedule to put these activities together will allow you to get more things done while saving time, and money!

Your wedding day is going to be one of the busiest days of your life. Considering this, relying on same-day bridal portraits alone may leave you with photos arent exactly what you had in your mind’s eye. It is for this reason that bridal portrait sessions can be worth having. These sessions give you a chance to execute your photoshoot ideas and take great photos without the hustle and bustle of your big day. Ultimately, it lets you capture amazing images that you will surely treasure forever.

Looking for skilled wedding photographers for your bridal portrait? We’ve got you covered! At SvenStudios, we believe that you deserve quality professional photographs to document your big day. On that note, we’d love to hear more about your photography needs—get in touch with us today for a quick chat!

How to Get the Best Bridal Preparation Photos

How to Get the Best Bridal Preparation Photos

When it comes to documenting you and your partner’s big day, the photos taken during the ceremony and reception are probably the first things that come to mind. However, did you know that some of the best pictures are actually taken before the wedding?

Wedding preparation photos offer plenty of opportunities for wedding photographers to capture fun and candid shots that turely show the personalities of the two people coming together as a married couple. These also allow them to take pictures of the most dramatic highlights of the preparation, such as the moment you put on your wedding dress or veil.

With all of that said, getting your pictures taken during preparation time is not as easy as it sounds – it’s also not generally the most natural of settings having a camera clicking along while you’re getting dressed! The final moments before you head down the aisle are memorable, but they are also often filled with panic and cramming. This is especially true if you had to adjust some things in your timeline and are running late for your schedule.

Tips on how to Get the Best Bridal Preparation Photos

To help you ensure that you get the best bridal preparation photos on your wedding day, keep these tips on how to get the best bridal preparation photos in mind:

  1. Don’t Create a Tight Schedule

Your wedding day will naturally be filled with lots of activities here and there. However, creating a tight schedule may not give your wedding photographers enough time to take great shots.

As much as possible, think about the time you allocate for your hair and makeup. I personally try to get to the place of bridal preparation just before the makeup is complete. It would also help for you to go last. This will not only allow your makeup artists to get you ready without rushing the process but also give the photographers time to take creative shots with you as you “prepare”.

Finally, try to be in the venue earlier than scheduled, then if you plan to be just that little fashionably late you can be without the stress. This will give your photographer enough time to capture a good amount of final shots before you walk down the aisle.

  1. Prepare All the Wedding Details

Your wedding details are also an essential element of your preparation photos. Considering this, try to have your shoes, bouquet, wedding rings, and other details ready for your photographer to take creative shots of, and dont put them on until they are done with them.

This is also a great way to save time, especially if there has been a delay in your schedule. Whilst you are still not ready to have your photos taken, the photographers can work on these as they wait for you.

  1. Bring the Girls With You

Aside from your solo shots, getting pictures of you with your bridesmaids is also a lovely idea. It can be a candid shot of you and your girlfriends getting ready, or a lovely snap of the whole group in your matching dressing gowns.

These photos can also serve as a souvenir you can give your bridesmaids afterwards to thank them for being a special part of your big day.

  1. Let the Boys Shine, Too

When it comes to preparation photos, you should also give your groom and his crew a chance in the spotlight. However, it’s best to have the guys’ preparation photos done first. This will leave your wedding photographers to be with the bridal party up to the final moments before the actual ceremony.

If you and your partner are getting ready in different places, make sure to coordinate with your photographer on how to schedule the photography sessions best. I usually spend about an hour with boys, then 90 odd minutes with girls before heading to the ceremony venue. If it’s a same sex wedding then I generally allocate the same amount of time with both.

You will never again experience the thrill and excitement of getting ready for your big day. Nor will you get to see your closest friends get their makeup done with you and go through that feeling of finally putting on your wedding gown for the ceremony. Imagine your wedding album as a story book telling the story of the coming together of two beautiful people. The Preparation photos are the biginning of that story!

As these are all once-in-a-lifetime moments, make sure to follow the tips mentioned above to ensure you get the best bridal preparation photos possible. Above all of these, however, don’t forget to savour each moment and remember the reason for the occasion!

If you are looking for experienced and reliable wedding photographers in Adelaide, SA, we’re the ones to call! At SvenStudios, we offer you professional photography services to capture your big day in the most natural way. Get in touch today to learn more about our wedding photography packages.

6 Tips to Plan the Best Summer Wedding Photoshoot

Summer Wedding Photoshoot

While weddings can take place at any time of the year, planning a wedding in the Summer months and surrounds will always be the most common. Choosing this season for your special day comes with several benefits: The warmer months allows for beautiful tree foliage, more reliable weather, you have more options for venues, and you have extra hours of daylight perfect for capturing your wedding photos at your summer wedding photoshoot.

More daylight means more opportunities for great wedding photography, but it also comes with a unique problem. Wedding receptions usually take place during the early evening, which means the photo session will likely occur from early to mid-afternoon, missing out of the sunset and golden hour! While this time gives you bright light to capture the best wedding photos, there is also the problem of excessive heat that may leave couples and guests sweaty and thirsty.

6 Tips to Plan the Best Summer Wedding Photoshoot

There is no need to worry, though, because there are steps you can take to prepare for this beautiful yet sweltering weather to make the most of your summer wedding photoshoot.

#1 Prepare your family shot list

You may already know in your heart all the people who need to be part of the shot list, but it is always better to put it on paper so that you do not forget. Plan this together with your photographer, as they know how to make it more efficient. They can recommend the best sequence and the best combinations to ensure that no time is wasted.

#2 Have a plan

A well-planned timeline will make sure that everyone’s photo is taken and that you have all the shots you need. It is also a sure way to minimize the time people get exposed to the sun. With a planned timeline in hand, you gain more control over how the shoot will take place. The less time you spend outside in the sun, the better it is for everyone.

#3 Specify your locations

Apart from having a schedule to follow, you should also identify the specific spots in the venue where you will take your photos. Variety is always helpful in making your photos memorable. Having locations in mind is also beneficial when scheduling the shot sequence, allowing you to advise people on where they should go.

For example, if you are taking portraits or family photos, choose a location with open shade. Since family photos are usually taken around mid-day, selecting the right location will prevent exposing people to too much glare and heat.

#4 Include breaks in your schedule

There is a chance that you will try to keep everything on a tight schedule to finish on time. However, keep in mind that breaks are necessary, especially under the scorching heat. You also need to have time for makeup retouches or refreshments to ensure that you look fresh and glowy in your photos. Your guests also need to do the same.

Moreover, taking short breaks can make you feel less pressured. Having extra time is also useful in case something unexpected happens.

#5 Assign an organiser

Of course, you cannot do everything on your own. It is your wedding, after all, so do not even attempt it. If you do not have a wedding coordinator, ask a close friend to take charge of keeping the photoshoot as scheduled. I’m generally pretty good at this as a wedding photographer, but it always helps to have someone also looking out for the time.

Any event needs to have someone who will oversee everything, ensure that the schedule is followed, and the photos of everyone on the list are taken. This is a huge responsibility you cannot do by yourself. No matter how much you want to, you cannot keep on worrying and going back and forth to call on people on your big day.

#6 Make sure to capture the magical summer light

A summer wedding will not be complete without the summer sunset shot. Check ahead what time and where the sun will set on your wedding day, and make sure to go to that place at least one hour before the schedule. Take as many photos and videos as you can during the golden hours and try to capture a dreamy wedding photo you can treasure forever.

A summer wedding photoshoot is a dream time for many. Minimize the stress by following our tips above. On the day of your wedding, your only concern should be to look and feel your best in front of that beautiful sunset backdrop.

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