Camera Shy? 5 Tips to Achieve Great Wedding Photos

Are you Camera Shy?

Not all couples who are about to get married are comfortable being in front of the camera. It’s only natural to feel anxious and camera shy – particularly as it’s not rerally something you do very often. However, you need to work through it; otherwise, you won’t have good wedding photos you can look back on.

Don’t worry; we will share with you some tips to have beautiful wedding photos. Let’s begin!

Some tips on how to get over being camera shy


Get Some Inspiration

Go on Pinterest, browse through wedding magazines and blogs, and check out real weddings. Do these things and more to get inspired. You can get a lot of wedding photography inspiration as well that will help you feel more motivated to strut your stuff in front of the camera. Moreover, this will help you know about the style of photography you want for your wedding.

When you’re inspired, the motivation can take over, which will help you overcome being camera shy more easily.

What I like to do with new couples is run them through a similar wedding – hopefully at the same wedding venue as they are planning to hold their own wedding at. This way you’re better able to picture yourself doing the same things that couple did – and may also give you some ideas for your own wedding!

Work With a Professional

You need to hire a good wedding photographer to have beautiful wedding photos. And it’s not only that. A professional photographer knows how to work with camera shy couples or are anxious in front of the cameras. Additionally, the photographer can provide you with tips on how you can be more comfortable in front of the camera.

That is why you need to prioritise finding the best wedding photographer you can to ensure you get the best wedding photos and at the same time, feel comfortable in front of the cameras.

Find someone with many years of experience in producing good wedding photography as this can guarantee you that he or she knows exactly how to capture stunning photos on your wedding day.

Have an Engagement Shoot

When you have found the perfect wedding photographer you’re really comfortable with and confident in their abilities, consider having an engagement shoot. An engagement shoot is an excellent way to overcome your camera shyness, and this will help you feel more relaxed with having your photos taken. Also, this is a great chance for you to get to know your photographer better.

Trust Your Photographer

You didn’t choose your wedding photographer for nothing, right? So, trust them. When you trust your photographer, you will feel more at ease behind the lens. Let their creativity flow and go with it. By doing so, you will have stunning photos, and you will feel more relaxed while you and your spouse pose in front of the camera on your wedding day.

Communicate Clearly

There will be certain events you need your photographer to pay closer attention to on your wedding day. For example, if you have a fireworks display after the reception, or releasing butterflys – then you would want your photographer to be prepared and ready to capture the moment.

It’s crucial you maintain clear communication. This way, you will feel more at ease that your photographer will be there at the right times on your wedding day. In turn, you will feel more relaxed in front of the camera; plus, you already expect them to be there, which will give some time to prepare and get yourself together.

remember – your photographer should have experience at weddings, but there is only so much they know about you and your personal familiarity with your own family politics. A shot list may help here when it comes to group photos.

Cheers to Beautiful Wedding Photos

Posing in front of the camera for almost the whole day can be nerve-wracking for some. Unless you don’t want photos on your wedding day, then you just need to work your way through this. The tips we mentioned above can help you be more comfortable in front of the camera and have amazing photos you can look back on.

For the best wedding photography in Adelaide and around Australia, Sven Studios is here for you. You don’t need to be camera shy with us because our professional photographers will help you be comfortable behind the lens. Let us take the best wedding photos for you. Contact us today!


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