How to Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained


Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. This is one of the most special days in your life, and you can feel pressured to make it perfect and memorable. To ensure that your guests enjoy your special day, you must be well-prepared to run it as smoothly as possible, and one of the best ways to make things run smoothly is to keep your wedding guests entertained. 

The time between your ceremony and reception is usually the most uneventful part of any wedding for your geusts. As you and your significant other have your wedding photos taken together, your guests may just hang around waiting for the next agenda at the celebration, which can bore them to death. To keep your wedding guests entertained and engaged throughout the day, here are some tips you should follow:

How to Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained During Your Photoshoot

  • Serve them snacks and refreshments while waiting

While you are busy preserving your special memories during your big day with the help of your skilled wedding photographer, consider serving your guests with snacks and refreshments to fill the gap in your party if your ceremony and reception will be held at one venue. Time passes quickly when their bellies are being filled with yummy food and drinks, and this allows your friends and family to mingle with one another.

Prepare a snack bar and decorate it according to your wedding theme. Pick food options that are easy to eat and light on the tummies, and diversify them as much as possible to accommodate the unique taste of all your guests. Some snack ideas you can choose from are burgers, sandwiches, hotdogs, chips, pizzas, tacos, and more.

Most reception venues offer this as an add-on to their usual meal packages so please do consider taking them up on their deals!

  • Unleash their competitive side with games

Wedding games can fill your reception with fun and excitement and are effective in keeping your guests entertained at your wedding. Unleash their competitive side by holding outdoor wedding games or lawn games. 

Meanwhile, if it rains or you don’t have a venue with an outdoor area, it’s best to have some indoor games, such as brain teasers, playing cards, puzzles, and table quizzes. Set up a corner filled with various board games to bring them together and help those who don’t know each other to get talking.

  • Prepare some entertainment options

Once you transition from the ceremony to the reception set the mood with music by hiring bands and live musicians. Songs are the perfect accompaniment as your guests mingle and delight in tasty snacks and drinks. 

Taking photos is also one of the best entertainment options to pass the time and capture special moments on your wedding day. Book a fun photo booth where your guests can have their photos taken with creative backdrops and props. Opt for those that provide printed copies so every guest can bring home a precious memory immortalized through a high-quality image.

Alternatives to this include hiring a cartoonist to sit in the corner all night drawing craracatures of your guests, or even have an oil painter paint your first dance! may be expansive but makes for an incredible momento!

Your wedding is one of the most significant celebrations of your life, so you have to cherish every moment. One way to do that is to document your memories through photos on your special day after the ceremony. Keep in mind that your guests can get bored during this time, so hopefully the tips mentioned above will help out with guests from constantly watching the clock and keep them occupied during your photoshoot.

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3 Reasons Not to Make a Wedding Photographer Shot List

Don’t Make a Wedding Photographer Shot List

During the wedding planning, many couples do not know how to deal with wedding photographers. Having a professional cameraman running about taking photos on the most nerve wrecking day of your life is not something people do very often! This leads to a lot of Google searching and perhaps even asking family and friends who may know what to do in this unusual situation. While that is all well and good, advice can be a little behind the times.

One tip that is usually found handy is to provide a shot list for the wedding photographer. A wedding photographer shot list is exactly what it sounds likea definitive list of shots the photographer must take before, during and after the wedding. However, that could put a lot of unnecessary pressure on the photographer, and on you. 

Wedding photography can vary on the day itself given a number of reasons, such as the high probability that you and your spouse will likely be pulled in multiple directions. 

With that said, a wedding photographer shot list may not be a good idea. Here are three reasons not to give your wedding photographer a shot list:

3 Reasons Not to Make a Wedding Photographer Shot List

  • It implies a lack of trust

If you’ve already booked a photographer, then you’ve already shown you trust them. After all, you had to go through a rather tedious process of research to find a photographer you get along with and will take incredible photos. Given all of that, you should not have any need to give this professional any specific directions. 

Embrace the idea that you may not get all the shots you want, but know that you will definitely get the shots you need. Discuss things thoroughly with your photographer and make sure that you both come to an agreement on how each other expects the day to run. Being a little picky on having a few ‘must have photos’ is fine, but micro-managing someone who knows what they are doing just puts a lot of stress on everybody.

  • Weddings vary

There are so many variables during the wedding day. The weather could change, there could be adjustments or changes at the venue, the lighting will shift and more. Even the hair and outfits of the couple can change, whether it’s a last-minute style change or something brought about by wind or the general rush of things. The nature of the COVID-19 Pandemic is an excellent example of how things can change quickly!

Even if you put together all the elements to shoot a copy of the ideal images you spotted on Pinterest, something will be different. If your photographer has a shot list, they may focus on getting the exact shots you’d like instead of managing to capture a lovely candid moment which they would know will work based on their own experience and ability with the camera.

  • Precious time gets wasted

More often than not, wedding photographer shot lists include photos that have to be staged. Considering how weddings can essentially move from beginning to end in the blink of an eye, that’s tricky. Even if it’s just a matter of standing a certain way at a certain spot, setting up the shot can take time. This takes away not just from your photographer’s capability to follow the day’s actions as they happen in a timely manner, but also your time within the day itself that could be better spent on other aspects.

While a wedding photgorapher shot list may seem like a good idea in theory, in the long run, it actually is not. Your photographer most certainly knows what they’re doing. More than anything, make sure to have a good sit-down talk with your photographer so things can go as smoothly as possible.

This isn’t to say that you should not make a list of certain photos you’d like taken – like for example a list of family photos. But try not to drown your photographer with photos you’ve seen elseware and say you want them done the same way – just with your faces in them. 🙂

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IvyBrook Farm Wedding – Carly & Josh

I was delighted to have been asked to be Carly and Josh’s wedding photographer at their Ivybrook Farm wedding at the beginning of November!

Their day was one full of fun and family, and was certainly a relaxing day out with a lunch time reception and ample time to mingle with guests. The time mingling with their guests was foremost in Carly and Josh’s mind when planning their day with only a small portion dedicated to having glamour photos done, which I feel is a really nice way to look at your day.

Still, I was keen to make fulluse of the incredible scenery Ivybrook Farm has to offer!

Ivybrook Farm Wedding Ceremony

My coverage began with Carly and Josh’s Ivybrook Farm wedding ceremony under the large tree nearby the main building of the venue. Their guests were set up facing the tree on the grass, as Carly and Josh both approached the wedding arbour together from the on site bed and breakfast.

The highlight of their ceremony in my opinion was the delightful readings from a family member which detailed the love story of Carly and Josh coming together intermingled with inside jokes and fun stories that had everyone giggling.

Ivybrook Farm Wedding Reception

Carly and Josh opted to hold a lunchtime reception so as to maximise the time they could spend with the firends and family. The settig at Ivybrook Farm was set up in a delightfully rustic way, complete with Australian fauna and a stunning semi-nude wedding cake set atop a barrel which just made the whole setting pop.

Guests were treated to lawn games, food platters and games for the kids while everyone enjoyed the warm weather before settling down for a pizza lunch.

Lunch was eaten, and speeches were told before we had some time to head out around the grounds to shoot some glamour photos of Carly and Josh. After which we returned for the first dance!

Glamour Photos

The great thing about hosting an Ivybrook farm wedding is the variety of spots you can head to have your photos done. The area boasts fields of long unkempt grass, or well kept grass depending on what you feel would work best. There are also lines of trees, vineyards and rustic buildings which I certainly made the most of!

Thanks so much to Carly and Josh for having me at their delightful wedding!

Amani’s First Birthday Photoshoot

Amani’s First Birthday Photoshoot

I was lucky enough to head out to the local Pimpala Conservation Reserve, just behind the Woodcroft Shopping center to meet little Amani and his family for his first firthday photoshoot!

We opted to head out later in the afternoon so that the sun was lower in the sky and we were able to make the most of the amazing light that filters through the trees at this time of day!

Amani was a very well behaved little boy, and together with his enthiusiactic family, we managed to not only take some lovely shots of him by himself, but also group photos and even individual portraits of everyone there.

It was a lovely afternoon for this fun little first birthday photoshoot and I hope they enjoy their delightful family photography!

Halloween Themed Wedding at St Francis – Leticha & Carrie

Leticha and Carrie held their Halloween themed wedding at the delightful St Francis winery on October 31st last year, and what a delightful day it was! Surrounded by supportive friends and family, they also included guests that could not attend due to COVID by using my livestream service which made it all the more inclusive.

Leticha and Carrie’s Halloween themed wedding included pumpkins lining their aisle, suitibly coloured bouquets and bridal party, and even my greenscreen photo booth complete with a Halloween themed backdrop!


I began the day with Carrie and her family being prepared at her parent’s place nearby. Her bouquet was orange in colour, to suit the Halloween theme, and everyone there was wearing a matching orange item. Her entourage were wearing orange vests, while Dad was wearing an orange tie. It was a really nifty detail to add!

Leticha’s colour scheme was green, complete with an impressive green stoned engagement ring. Her entourage and bouquet was also green – contrasting the orange of Carrie, and also following the halloween theme.

One small detail I really enjoyed though was that Letich and Carrie also made sure their own personalities and interests was really put on display throughout the day. They obviously love boardgames and other ‘nerdy’ things by having their invites UNO themed, Harry Potter items were strewn about the place, and later on their wedding cake was based on Cluedo!

Halloween Themed Wedding Ceremony at St Francis Winery

Leticha and Carrie’s Halloween Themed Wedding Ceremony took place on the grassy area in front of the St Francis winery pond. Their aisle betwenen guests were decorated with pumpkins and ivy, perfectly complementing the Orange and Green theme that the bridal couple had chosen.

As this was a same sex wedding, both leticha and Carrie were walked down the aisle together at the same time, flanked by their fathers which was a really nice touch.

Glamour Photos

After the group photos, we made use of the St Francis Winery gardens and lovely weeping willows to take a few glamour shots, before heading off to a bike track with some rather spooky, dark trees which I thought would suit the Halloween theme nicely.

Along that same vein of thought, I also took Letchia and Carrie outside once it got dark with some smoke in a can to try and create a moody shoot under the lit weeping willows.

It was a little bit of fun thinking about how to create some moody, creepy wedding photos while still making them ‘weddingy’.

Halloween Themed Wedding Reception

The St Francis winery wedding reception area naturally has a neat, dark vibe to it due to it being an older building and built as a storage area for wine it’s aesthetic is rustically bare bones – making it quite a nice choice for a halloween themed wedding.

Their guests enjoyed making use of the green screen backdrop with a Halloween image superimposed behind them in each shot, while the dancefloor also got quite a workout by Letchia and Carrie’s guests. I was also in character whiole wearing my Jason hockey mask that I have as a photobooth prop while taking photos 😀

The personal touches that they had spent time in preparing really made the whole night come alive!

Thanks a bunch Leticha and Carrie for having me as your wedding photographer!