Bone Gully Forest Family Shoot

Bone Gully Forest Family Shoot

I head out recently for a bit of a family shoot with the aim of updating the aging family photos that had been taken quite a few years prior! We head out to the Bone Gully Forest section of Kuitpo Forest near Kangarilla to make use of the dying light and we certainly produced what we set out to do!

Bone Gully would have to be one of my favourite spots to head to within the Kuitpo forest area as the kills and closely growing pine trees make for a marvellouslly intimate atmosphere! It’s just a shame not many wedding couples are keen on heading this far out of Mclaren Vale to utilise it. Makes it easier when it’s a family shoot like this though!

Lisa’s family came from far and wide, mainly from ceduna to update their family photos and I’m so glad to have been a part of their little outing as their family photographer!

Idyll and Co Wedding – Monique & Anthony

Monique and Anthony’s Idyll and Co Wedding was simply devine! Nestled in amongst thick bushland, the Idyll & Co Bed and Breakfast turned out to be the most brilliant of venues to host Monique and Anhtony’s wedding! The combination of the thick foliage in every direction, with the cloudy weather and beautiful people made me thankful that they chose me as their wedding photographer as I had an absolute blast all day, and I had a smile on my face the entire time I was editing their photos!

Idyll and Co Wedding Ceremony

The spot that Monique and Anthony had chosen to host their Idyll and Co Wedding Ceremony was hidden down the hill a little from the main bed and breakfast house which meant that their whole ceremony was shaded in all directions by the most magnificent Ausralian bush land I had experienced when compared with any other wedding venue I have visited.

The fun part about hosting a Idyll and Co wedding is the mode of transport the bride and her entourage gets to make use of to arrive at the ceremony! The owners of the venue actually makes the use of a little ride-on tractor available for anyone who wishes to make use of this unique feature which put a smile on everyones face as soon as they laid eyes on it!

Monique and Anthony’s ceremony itself was full of smiles and heartfelt vows, intermingled with personal anecdotes of funny times when they were dating and readings from close friends. You know you’re doing something right when emotion shows all everyone’s face!

Glamour Photos

I could have spent all day roaming the grounds taking Idyll and Co Wedding photos with Monique and Anthony! The grounds simply suit my style of wedding photography perfectly and in fact was a big reason apparently what Monique and Anthony had chosen me in the first place which is lovely to hear as I really try to bring in the surrounding details of the venue itself within my photography.

I like to point out to all my bridal couples that while I’m super passionate about wedding photography, I’ve also had past successes being an Australian reknowned landscape photographer, taking out numerous state and national awards for my work in other genres and I like to bring in that knowledge to create some unique wedding photography.

It was that uniqueness that drew Monique and Anthony to me, and they specifially stated on the day to make them as small as possible within the more ‘landscapey’ shots I was going to create for them, so hopefully they enjoy the shots I took! The Idyll and Co grounds was a perfect space to do this in too, with rolling hills, thick forests and even a pond to make use of; I had a blast!

Idyll & Co Wedding Reception

Monique and Anthony has set up a temporary gazebo to expand on the space of the nearby the small shed the venue has set up to host small parties, and up the hill, they had enlisted the help of Daisy Burger to cater their reception with their lovely burgers. My photobooth was also set up spitting out photos all night, and it was awesome to be a part of 🙂

The light faded fairly quickly during the night due to the overcast weather, meaning that some amazing light started to filter throughout the surrounding bushland. This made for a good opportunity to take a few more photos of the bridal party before everyone got too jovial, and I even coerced Monique and Anthony to traipse about in the darkness to take some spectacular shots nearby a gnarly old tree 🙂

Thanks so much to Monique and Anthony for having me be your phtoographer on your big day! Your was an amazing wedding to shoot and I hope you enjoy your photographs! 😀

Kuitpo Hall Wedding – Leah & Jarron

I was super excited to head out to the lovely Kuitpo Hall for Leah and Jarron’s wedding in mid February as I had heard stories about how awesome the venue was through my years of being a wedding photographer, but I had never actually covered a wedding there until now. It’s a beautifully little rustic venue, complete with large grassy areas to entertain larger crowds, while also having some of the best photo opportunities just across the road in Kuitpo forest – and boy did we get a great light show for Leah and Jarron’s photos!

Before the ceremony

While waiting for Leah to arrive, I was floating about taking detail shots of Leah and Jarron’s set up while also mingling and taking care to be as much of a ninja as possible shooting people enjoying the finger platters and drinks that were already available for everyone. Jarron seemed to keep busy running about greeting everyone while sorting out the final details before Leah arrived.

Kuitpo Hall Wedding Ceremony

Leah arrived in a long black limo a little late, but that’s pretty much expected in this day in age 🙂 Before walking around the back of the Hall, Leah stopped to have a chat with her family and also made sure everyone was in position for her entrance.

Leah and Jarron chose to hold their ceremony in front of the rather eclectic corrugated iron fence that lines the back of the boundary of the Kuitpo Hall’s grounds, meaning there was only just enough room for some chairs and some standing room inbetween the back of the hall and the fence for their congregation. Thankfully their congregation wasn’t on the larger side so it was ample room for all 🙂

Kuitpo Forest Glamour Photos

I absolutely love heading to Kuipto forest for photos, especially during the time of day we were able to head just up the road to the woodcutter’s cabin. The sun was in the perfect spot to create some beautifully orange lens flares while cascading through the tall pine trees making a scene I was totally nerding out about all the while I was shooting Leah and Jarron’s photos and video. I had a great time 😀

Kuitpo Hall Reception

As I was only asked to be Leah and Jarron’s wedding photographer for 3 hours, I wasn’t with them for much longer after getting back from the Woodcutter’s Cottage, but I did manage to get a few more shots of everyone having a wonderful time in the dying light.

Thanks so much Leah and Jarron for having me as your wedding photographer! I hope you enjoy your photos!

Burbrook Forest Wedding – Brooke & Lachlan

Since Brooke and Lachlan got in contact with me to cover their wedding at Burbrook Forest, I had been looking forward to it as it’s in my opinion one of the best wedding venues in all of South Australia! I may also be biased as it was the venue for my own wedding, but anyway…

The weather was perfect, the trees were beautiful, and the day just turned out to be so awesome that I included a record number of photos on their USB, more than I have ever included on a USB 😛


The day started for me at Brooke and Lachlan’s house in which they were in the middle of selling, so the whole place was set up like some sort of display home – perfectly clean and prepared to look awesome. This made my job that much easier! All of Lachlan’s groomsmen were being prepared along side his parents which made for a wonderfully heartfelt time!

Similarly Brooke was being prepared alongside all of her bridesmaids, her parents and even a gaggle of kids who made for some cute distraction to any wedding nerves that people may have been feeling. Brooke had found a delightful bed and breakfast just up the road from Kuitpo hall, and Burbrook forest which was super convenient, and also stunningly beautiful as a backdrop for their preparation photos!


Burbrook Forest Wedding Ceremony

Brooke and Lachlan’s wedding day took place on a very hot and sunny day in which the nearby Kuitpo forest had been closed due to fire danger. Luckily, the privately owned Burbrook forest had no such restrictions so their wedding ceremony could take place with no interruptions. The tall trees surrounding the lovely gnarly ‘wedding tree’ (as it’s affectionately known) supplied some nice shade for the entire wedding congregation, and actually made the area quite comfortable.

The Burbrook forest wedding tree would not look out of place in any Harry Potter film, and it mades for an imposing setting for a wedding ceremony where the bride and groom would stand under it, with guests looking up at them with the tree overlooking the whole clearing. It’s quite a sight.

Burbrook Forest Glamour Photos

The main appeal for holding a wedding at Burbrook forest is using the awesome rows of pine trees with the sunlight shining through to create a stunning effect in photos. it’s a big reason why my wife and I also chose to be married here! After the family photos, we made sure to make use of these trees and sweeping views around the forest. We also made some time later in the day, during the reception to head back for the sun setting through the trees.

Unfortunately some clouds had appeared, hiding the sunset proper, but I’m pretty good with photoshop so… 🙂 It’s also a bit of a fun story to know that behind Brooke and Lachlan in some of the photos is Brooke’s mother crouching down spraying some ‘atmosphere in a can’ to frame them in a bit of a neat haze for the photos.

Kuitpo Hall Wedding Reception

Kuitpo Hall, which is conveniently just down the road from Burbrook forest is a beautifully rustic spot to hold a wedding reception at. This is particularly true on a warm night, like what Brooke and Lachlan enjoyed, where guests can enjoy the large grassy field outside the hall itself. Brooke and Lachlan had the entire area lit with outside lighting and well stocked with barrels, and outside furniture so everyone was comfortable.

I’d like to thank Brooke and Lachlan for having my wife and I as a part of their wedding day! I had a blast as their wedding photographer at their Burbrook forest wedding and I hope they enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

One Tree Hill Engagement Shoot – Thalia & Josiah

One Tree Hill Engagement Shoot

I’m not sure why, but whenever someone mentions ‘One Tree Hill’ I just imagine a single tree on a beautifully landscaped green hill, similar to the famous Windows XP wallpaper. Perhaps it has something to do with the town’s name? 😛 Anyway when I arrived on Josiah’s family farm for Thalia and Josiah’s Engagement shoot, One Tree Hill pretty much lived up to it’s name sake. There were rolling green hills that made for beautioful vistas, and even an incredible flowering (cherry?) tree that would not have look out of place in a Harry Potter film! The only thing better would have been if the tree was on top of the hill!

We used this area for their engagement shoot as Thalia and Josiah shared one of their first dates here, in amongst the bushes, which were unfortunately a little sparce due to it being winter, but still made for an awesome spot for a little picnic. This little corner of Adelaide was a stunning spot to visit and I mentioned it to Josiah that they could probably rent out the space for wedding photography 🙂 I had a bunch of fun and captured some really unique shots!

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