Getting Camera Shy Husbands Comfortable for a Family PhotoShoot


Camera Shy Husbands

Every family needs a few good photos to display in their home. As simple as taking a photo might sound, there’s always that one family member that doesn’t like posing for them – and it’s quite often the husband!

As frustrating as that sounds, this is not entirely unusual. After all, not everybody is accustomed to smiling on cue! Many people have trouble expressing their emotions on command and don’t care for cheesy, choreographed poses for fear of looking awkward or forced.

If this describes your husband, then you’re in luck! We have prepared three ways that you can convince camera shy husbands to cooperate for your planned family shoot.

Getting Camera Shy Husbands Comfortable for a Family Photo Shoot

Speak from the heart

It’s no secret that a lot of husbands have trouble processing their emotions. Chalk it up to a hard upbringing or less than healthy media representations of men. Whatever the reason for it might be, it’s best to approach your partner with your honest intentions, letting them know of your desire to have a professional family photoshoot done.

It’s a good idea to remind him that your young and adorable kids won’t remain the way they are today for long! Time flies by very fast—and before you notice it, your kids could be moving for college in a different state, making their own way in the world!

You and your husband probably aren’t getting any younger too. Having a photo of you and your kids sooner than later will allow you to capture this specific moment in time, where your family is still growing and has a lot of good years ahead of you. This picture will be a good reminder of what life you’ve had, as you and your husband spend your time reminiscing about days past.

Get a skilled photographer

If your words don’t compel him, maybe a few sample works will! As much as they deny it, husbands are very emotional too. It may just be a matter of presenting the right material to trigger that soft side of theirs.

If you haven’t chosen a photographer yet, try to seek out a photographer that has a style of family portraits that most suits you, and try not to have the price be too much of a hang up. This is an investment in your memories so it’s not really something to cheap out on.

Have someone who can capture your kid’s anticipation while waiting for you to finish that Saturday’s breakfast pancakes. Get a family photographer who can encapsulate the warmth of having you and your kids share a laugh while watching your favourite cartoons. These are fleeting moments that matter the most but are the easiest to forget.

Once you find that photographer, have them send over a few of his best photographs, or look throguh their website. If the thought of experiencing these moments without having the means to experience them again doesn’t at least make your husband reconsider, then move on to the next tip!


Every man has a price. As this is camera shy husbands we are talking about, this is obviously something he might not like to do, perhaps sweeten the deal with something he likes? As a man myself I can confirm I am just a big kid at heart, so what works with a 10 year old would probably work here too.

Get creative about it too! Whether it’s allowing him a night off with his boys, giving him control of the television remote for a week, or buying him that shining set of golf clubs that he’s been talking about for months, he’s bound to give in at some point. Maybe something as simple as a chocolate bar? Little acts of affection can go a long way!

Whatever you do, just make sure that he understands that he needs to agree to the family photoshoot.


Photographs freeze certain moments in time, allowing us to go back at a later date and experience them again with a glance. Family members come and go: kids and grandkids grow up and move on—but photographs remain, and the memories they bring back are there for you to cherish forever.

Having a camera shy husband hampering your efforts in capturing this moment in your family’s life need not force you to abandon the idea, just work on the idea and I’m sure he’ll come around 🙂


Our Top 3 Tips to Prepare for Your Outdoor Family PhotoShoot


Your Outdoor Family PhotoShoot

Outdoor family photos are a great alternative to the traditional studio photo. After all, outdoor photo sessions are often more relaxed, lively, and can feel more authentic than studio photography. With your family in a more comfortable and less restrictive environment, they are much more likely to show their real personalities through their body language and facial expressions.

Our Top 3 Tips to Prepare for Your Outdoor Family PhotoShoot

To make the experience even better, here are our top three tips to prepare for an outdoor family photoshoot:

Choose a good location

When it comes to your outdoor family photoshoot, choosing the right location matters! Besides factoring in the time of day and the appropriate light exposure for your images, the specific details about the background can also make for a good story.

Ideally, the location should be accessible. While a mountain trek may be a good bonding experience with your family members and the peak may make for exciting photo composition, you probably don’t want to look all sweaty and huffing in your final photos. That being said though, you also dont want to shoot in a carpark – a short walk through a park, off the beaten track a bit always makes for a much more interesting photo.

There is also a matter of crowd control. Unless you’re willing to rent out a beach resort for exclusivity, the chances are that there are other people strolling around, which will make it more difficult for you to do an outdoor family shoot.

That being said, there are ways to avoid large crowds of people, such as shooting your photo earlier in the morning or scheduling the shoot on off-season months, where there will be fewer people walking about like Olivia and Dimitri’s shoot taken in the rain on the top of Mt Lofty!

Choose the right clothes

Family photos portray you as a single and united unit without making you look stiff and forced. This means that colour coordination is encouraged, though this doesn’t necessarily mean wearing the same shade for everyone!

When we talk about colour coordination, we mean choosing those that complement each other in a way that groups you as a unit while still maintaining individuality. One good example is in wearing pastel-coloured clothing.

Pastel colours are hues that have been tinted with white, giving them a subdued but aesthetically-pleasing appearance. These shades work well with natural light and can add a touch of photographic interest without distracting from you and your family’s facial features.

Make sure the young kids are full and well-rested

While everybody’s mood will improve when they are not hungry or tired, it’s the young children that you really have to worry about! Hunger and sleep deprivation are young children’s worst enemies, and it will lead to some rather unpleasant experiences during a photoshoot that’s supposed to capture you and your family at your best spirits!

To get a higher chance of having adorable and cooperative kids on your photo session, ensure that they are well-rested and full from eating their favourite food before the shoot. It’s also a good idea to schedule the shoot early in the morning or late in the afternoon—after they’ve taken a nap—to lower the chances of dealing with an irritable kid that just wants to get some sleep.

Get a professional family photographer

Just about everyone with a camera can claim to be a photographer, but getting a professional family photographer who can bring out the best in you and your family for a photoshoot is rare. Remember that outdoor photoshoots can present so many uncontrollable variables, which is why hiring a predominantly studio photographer used to having control with studio lights may not be the best choice.

If you have young children, it’s also good to ensure that the photographer has the patience and tricks up their sleeves to get a kid’s cooperation. If possible, spend some time getting to know your family photographer to ensure that your personalities don’t clash and to provide a smooth and productive photo session.

An outdoor family photoshoot is an excellent way to capture your family in their most relaxed state. While it can be a bit of an involved process, a professional family photographer will have the necessary skills to produce family photos that are worth remembering and will be cherished for the next years to come.

Sven Studios is a photography studio specialising in capturing natural and fleeting moments that you can treasure forever. Our award-winning family photography services in Adelaide are priced at $260, inclusive of the session itself, the editing of the images, and we offer a wide array of physical products! Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Veale & Himeji Gardens Family Shoot


Veale & Himeji Gardens Family Shoot

On a beautiful, sunny day, just prior to the recent CIVID-19 related full lockdown we’ve endured in South Australia, I was asked by Nadia to head out with her family for a bit of a family shoot!

Nadia and her husband were in Adelaide, from Perth and decided to make the most of their time with their family while here, considering the recent troubles in the world, times like this are precious and what better idea is there than to refresh their family portraits?

Himeji Gardens Family Shoot

We began our little family shoot by heading to the lovely, manicured surrounds you can find within the Adelaide Himeji Gardens. Giften to Adelaide by our Japanese sister city, Himeji the gardens provide a stunning backdrop to photography all year round.

And the best thing is that the gardens are free to roam about in, and they cannot be booked as a wedding venue, or for other such private events, meaning they are always available during opening hours.

The lovely light shining through the leaves of the beautiful weeping willows at this time of day are always the biggest drawcard of the Himeji Gardens – they make for the best background for any Himeji gardens family shoot.

Veale Gardens Family Shoot

Whenever I head to south Terrace for a photoshoot, I tend to use both Himeji gardens and Veale Gardens to provide a bit of variety in the colours of the images I provide. Himeji Gardens – at this time of year – is lush and green, and well manicured, while Veale gardens just up the road also provides this, but also a bit of an Australian twist with a small Gum tree forest behind.

This allowsfor a bit more yellow and warmth in photos, while also having different trees in the background.

While walking about we made sure to take photos of both the full family together, and also couples shots, and individual portraits alklowing me to provide a huge amount of photos for Nadia’s family to use in many different ways – hopefully to fill their walls with beautiful physical prints!

I’d like to thank nadia for having me photograph her beautiful family, and I’m super glad she and her husband were able to get back into Perth before the big Adelaide shutdown!

3 Reasons to Have a Family Photo Professionally Taken

Have a Family Photo Professionally Taken!

Family photos are incredibly meaningful keepsakes, as each one is capable of telling a story. Memories of good times, happiness, and shared love are captured in a single frame, transforming a mere image into treasured possessions that can last for many years.

Whether in an album or framed by your bedside, family photos can help you look back and recall the ups and downs that the family has been through together. Not only that; they can act as a window into the future, helping you imagine what things might be when people start to grow up.

3 Reasons to Have a Family Photo Done

That said, if you do not have a family photo yet, we highly recommend that you take one―and try to have one done once a year! Apart from the reasons to have a family photo taken that we’ve already mentioned, family photos (and the process of having them taken) are a great way to bring the family together.

  1. They are excellent gifts

If you are stuck trying to figure out what kind of gift you should give for Mother’s or Father’s day or any other special occasion that brings the family together, the gift of a family photo is a perfect choice.

To make things even better, when you have a picture taken by a professional, you will be able to gift a high-quality image with a similarly impressive frame that will proudly sit on any shelf, table or wall. Of course, quality is just part of the experience. The biggest reason family photos make great gifts is the fact that they come with a lot of emotional value that no other gift can match.

  1. It can be a family day out

When you are having a family photoshoot, you will likely spend a couple of hours at the studio, or on location having your pictures taken. While this might seem like a chore, if you plan things right, it can be the perfect day out.

For example, rather than having children complain all the time, you can talk with the photographer to allow the kids to roam around and explore the area. Not only will this pique their interest, but it will give the parents some sweet, peaceful time to take a couple of photos, too. After that, you can plan the rest of the day visiting a nice restaurant or going to another place to enjoy a family day out. It’s also a great way to get more natural shots of your kids playing about.

  1. You can display them

When you work with a professional photographer, you will be happy to know that the picture you put up on display will look much better than the photos you take on your phone. Having a family photo you can be proud of is important!

Many photographing services come with printing services to help you print out these pictures in the best quality possible. You can have a perfectly printed image with a fitting frame to put up in your living room and ‘wow’ anyone who takes the time to look.

There are many reasons you should have a family photo session done by a professional. Not only is the activity a perfect excuse to take the family out, but it gives you a chance to bring home a quality picture that tells your family’s story for that day.

When you hire a professional to capture the moment, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your entire family looks their best when they smile for the camera.

Are you looking for a great family photographer? SvenStudios are professional photographers in Adelaide who can make an amazing keepsake for your family! Enjoy our quality and reliable services and contact us today.


Stockade Botanic Park Elopement – Sheridyn & Chris

Sheridyn and Chris held a delightfully simple elopement at the Stockade Botanic park in Northern Adelaide on a beautiful, overcast day at the beginning of October!

Sheridyn and Chris opted to split their wedding day into two separate days due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, with their ceremony at the Stockade Botanic Park, and their reception at the delightful Inglewood Inn mid next year! Hopefully they’ll be able to invite all their guests then!


Both Sheridyn and Chris were being prepared together in a house nearby, while still observing the tradition of not seeing each other while fully dressed in their wedding best before their ceremony. This meant that Chris put on his suit, then helped their little one get ready before heading out to Stockade Botanic Park before everyone else.

Shortly after Chris left, Sheridyn put on her dress and had a bit of fun with the family geting their little one to smile 🙂

Stockade Botanic Park Elopement

The number of people present to witness Sheridyn and Chris was kept to the bare minimum, while having me also act as their wedding videographer making sure they have a record of their big day in order to show all the guests that could not attend.

The park was showcasing some delightful colours, with greens and yellows galor seeping through the overcast sky, and with the area almost deserted, we really had the run of the entire area for Sheridyn and Chris’ intimate ceremony.

Their ceremony was beautifully simple, with contributions from mother and father by providing a short reading and acting as ring bearer.

Glamour Photos

The glorious thing about the Stockade Botanic Park is the beautiful green foliage flowing from the trees located within the retaining walls at the center of the park, while enjoying the ambient sounds of the waterfall located in the corner of the park.

After taking a small amount of family photos, and trying to get the little one to smile, we utilised the park to take some beautiful glamour photos!

I’m very much looking forward to covering Sheridyn and Chris’ reception at Inglewood Inn later next year!