Batman cosplay photoshoot – Blackwood Batman

Once in a while I might be asked to do something quite out of the ordinary, and very different to my usual wedding-related or family photography 🙂 One such time was when an old firend of mine asked if I could go out on a Batman cosplay photoshoot with him. It sounded like a bit of fun, so we went out and did it! It’s great as Anthony Chammas, or otherwise known as the ‘Blackwood Batman’ (ig @abatman94) dresses up in his Batman cosplay to inspire kids and head to hospitals, schools etc as a bit of a hobby, while also working as a personal life coach. He also has several other cosplay outfits, but Batman is his favourite.

For our little shoot, we made use of the rooftop parking in one of the carparks along Hindley street in the Adelaide CBD, whith the idea that I’d get some of the taller buildings in the city as a backdrop to mimic that of Gotham city’s skyline. We also made use of the dingy little allyways nearby, and even head all the way out to Crozier St in Port Adelaide to use the lovely weathered industrial walls out there. Much to the amusement of a security guard who asked what we were doing 🙂 As this was Batman I was shooting, I made use of some smoke bombs and smoke in a can to create the hazy effects seen in a few of these shots, while also applying some liberal colour adjustments to make the shots look more like they belong in Gotham city.

Blackwood Batman would very much be eager to act as an officiant at your wedding ceremony if you’d like that sort of thing 🙂 Just contact him through his IG page!

Batman cosplay photoshoot


Mt Lofty House Couple’s Shoot – Zoe & Shannon


Mt Lofty House Couple’s Shoot

It was a delightfully sunny day for Zoe and Shannon’s Mt Lofty House Couple’s shoot where we wandered about the grounds of Mt Lofty House and a bit of the nearby Botanic Gardens on the anniversary of when they first met 🙂 It was a lovely tradition it looks like they’ve begun for their anniversary and I was delighted to be a part of it!

The unfortunate thing about the day was that a bit of the grounds of Mt Lofty House was under construction so I couldnt use all of the wonderful gardens and sights available, but we made do as much as we could. The sun was quite intense at times, but it made walking about outside all the more comfortable and certainly not as cold as it can be on top of the hill!

We began outside nearby the vine-encrusted coach house to use the lovely textures the vines and brickwork make, but standing out in the sun diddnt make for the most flattering shadows, so we moved inside to use the library and front door of Mt Lofty House. The house is always a great backdrop for some lovely, classy and moody portraits.

The garden was our next stop, wandering around while I was trying to replicate a couple of shots Zoe had given me as inspiration, before heading off to the upper entrance to the Botanic Park where we finished off.

Thanks go out to Zoe and Shannon for having me capture their love!

Baby Hadley – Newborn Shoot


Baby Hadley

Say hello to Baby Hadley! One great thing about being a wedding photographer is that I get to meet many of the cute little babies that come as a natural result of being married 😛 While I diddnt cover Miranda and Jake’s wedding as they were married overseas, I did cover their reception party that took place more locally several years ago.

This little cutie wasn’t overly keen on having her newborn photos done, but we managed to get a couple in between plenty of mummy and daddy cuddles 🙂 It is a bit of a scary thing to do sometimes when you’ve only experienced the world for 3 weeks. It was wonderful meeting little baby Hadley, and my little one, Chloe was also quite excited to make a new friend! 😀

Baby Fatah – Newborn Shoot


Baby Fatah

I was asked to pop around the corner into Woodcroft to visit little Fatah for a bit of a newborn shoot 🙂 While I was there, we also went for a little bit of a walk to a nearby park to have some shots with the extended family who had travelled all the way from India to visit. The little bub wasn’t too fazed with all the lights and going ons around him while I was taking photos, but really did not like being away from the warmth of a fluffy blanket! The entire family was obviously enamoured with their new addition to their family and it was a joy to be there! 🙂

Baby Ivy – Newborn Shoot


Baby Ivy

I was very happy to meet little baby Ivy for a quick newborn shoot at my home studio recently and the little cutie was a beautiful little model for me! At first she wasnt overly certain about all the flashing lights around her, but she soon calmed down nicely and had a little nap while we took a few photos 🙂 I got to meet little Ivy as I had shot a relative’s wedding in the past at Peacock farm in Willunga! it’s so great doing this job as I get to meet these little cuties along with their lovely parents! Thanks for coming out!