Little Para Linear Park Couples Shoot – Helen & David

I had a bit of fun heading out to Salisbury to the delightful; little Little para Linear park to meet Helen and David who’s daughter had previously purchased them a gift certificate redeemable for a bit of a couple’s shoot!.

Apparently Helen and David hadn’t had any professional photos done of them since their wedding day, and even then it was just a friend who happened to have a camera, so Helen and David’s daughter decided that it was high time they had some nice photos of themselves!

Little Para Linear Park Couples Shoot

We decided to time the photoshoot so that we made the best use of the spectacular light available just before and during the golden hour whcih allowed for some spectacular golden light to filter through the trees and foliage on display throughout the Little Para Linear Park.

We met at the corner of Riverview Dr and Riverglen Ct which alowed us to go for a bit of a lap of the dry dcreek that meanders through the park, lined with gum trees and tall grass.

Helen and David seemed pretty laid back and keen to make the use of their time in front of my camera, which made things very easy for me! Always laughing, and playing about while we did some rather odd things like traipse through the undergrowth did not phase this fun loving couple – and I feel as though their photos really show this!

Was a great little photo shoot and I hope Helen, David and their daughter enjoy the photos we took!

Planning an Unplugged Wedding? What You Need to Know

Planning an Unplugged Wedding?

Weddings have rapidly changed in the last few decades. With the advent of powerful smartphones, guests are often snapping away at the festivities, and are sometimes caught spending more time scrolling through their feeds than participating in the celebration. Smartphone addiction has become such a pressing problem that many celebrities have been known to ban these devices entirely from parties and weddings!

With so many guests carrying tiny yet impressive phones that can take high-quality photos, you may be second-guessing your decision to hire a wedding photographer. However, there’s no better way to relive your special day than by working with professional photographers, who know the best ways to capture the memorable moments. When taking all of this into account, you may be wondering if you should plan an unplugged wedding instead.

What You Need to Know about an unplugged wedding

It encourages your guests to be present

While others welcome having their wedding plastered all over social media, some prefer keeping it more intimate. They feel uncomfortable at the prospect of total strangers seeing all the details about their special day, from the décor, catering, to your wedding dress. Most couples agree that they’d rather have a wedding in which all their guests were mentally present instead of staring down at their smartphone screens. It also ensures that guests thoroughly enjoy the special event and celebrate your love with your other friends and family.

It is almost instinctual for guests to pull out their phone and permanently capture the marvels of your wedding day. Still, they also forget everything else with it, like the fact that you’ve hired a professional wedding photographer. If your guests put down their phones, they can sit back and enjoy the occasion with the full assurance that someone is taking great photos of the scene.

Banning Phones: Is It a Good Idea?

You may be considering a total smartphone ban on your wedding day with all of the issues above, but a ban isn’t necessary to enjoy your dream wedding. Most people nowadays rely heavily on their phones for communication, so if they don’t have these lifelines with them during your wedding, they may be worried about emergencies. Instead, you can discourage photo-taking with their smartphones and ask them to tuck these devices away—at least, while you make your way down the aisle.

Another option you can consider is to speak with your wedding photographer and ask if there are a few photos you can share with your guests soon after the wedding. That way, your guests can access some photos and videos that allow them to relive an unforgettable day.

How to Ask Your Wedding Guests to Put their Phones Away

Even though you can’t completely control your guests’ behaviour, you can make a polite request for them to keep their phones away as much as possible during the wedding and reception. Many people worry about getting good enough photos to post on their social media. Still, couples want them to have fun and join the festivities instead, letting the wedding photographer do the worrying.

An unplugged wedding is possible by including a short note on the invitation that asks guests to switch off their devices, including phones and cameras, to make sure nothing interrupts the event. Waving phones around can also be distracting, so keeping them away will help make a more memorable day. You can remind them during the program, especially during your first dance, which you don’t want to be spoilt by random bright lights from camera flashes. Another option is to put some signs around the area to enforce the ‘no phones’ rule.

The rise of smartphones has also led to an increase of unplugged weddings. Modern couples want to celebrate their union with their nearest and dearest, and they seek an intimate setting away from the standard technologies. A mostly smartphone-free wedding will ensure that your guests can focus on the events unfolding before them while ensuring you get perfectly-lit wedding photos!

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Camera Shy? 5 Tips to Achieve Great Wedding Photos

Are you Camera Shy?

Not all couples who are about to get married are comfortable being in front of the camera. It’s only natural to feel anxious and camera shy – particularly as it’s not rerally something you do very often. However, you need to work through it; otherwise, you won’t have good wedding photos you can look back on.

Don’t worry; we will share with you some tips to have beautiful wedding photos. Let’s begin!

Some tips on how to get over being camera shy


Get Some Inspiration

Go on Pinterest, browse through wedding magazines and blogs, and check out real weddings. Do these things and more to get inspired. You can get a lot of wedding photography inspiration as well that will help you feel more motivated to strut your stuff in front of the camera. Moreover, this will help you know about the style of photography you want for your wedding.

When you’re inspired, the motivation can take over, which will help you overcome being camera shy more easily.

What I like to do with new couples is run them through a similar wedding – hopefully at the same wedding venue as they are planning to hold their own wedding at. This way you’re better able to picture yourself doing the same things that couple did – and may also give you some ideas for your own wedding!

Work With a Professional

You need to hire a good wedding photographer to have beautiful wedding photos. And it’s not only that. A professional photographer knows how to work with camera shy couples or are anxious in front of the cameras. Additionally, the photographer can provide you with tips on how you can be more comfortable in front of the camera.

That is why you need to prioritise finding the best wedding photographer you can to ensure you get the best wedding photos and at the same time, feel comfortable in front of the cameras.

Find someone with many years of experience in producing good wedding photography as this can guarantee you that he or she knows exactly how to capture stunning photos on your wedding day.

Have an Engagement Shoot

When you have found the perfect wedding photographer you’re really comfortable with and confident in their abilities, consider having an engagement shoot. An engagement shoot is an excellent way to overcome your camera shyness, and this will help you feel more relaxed with having your photos taken. Also, this is a great chance for you to get to know your photographer better.

Trust Your Photographer

You didn’t choose your wedding photographer for nothing, right? So, trust them. When you trust your photographer, you will feel more at ease behind the lens. Let their creativity flow and go with it. By doing so, you will have stunning photos, and you will feel more relaxed while you and your spouse pose in front of the camera on your wedding day.

Communicate Clearly

There will be certain events you need your photographer to pay closer attention to on your wedding day. For example, if you have a fireworks display after the reception, or releasing butterflys – then you would want your photographer to be prepared and ready to capture the moment.

It’s crucial you maintain clear communication. This way, you will feel more at ease that your photographer will be there at the right times on your wedding day. In turn, you will feel more relaxed in front of the camera; plus, you already expect them to be there, which will give some time to prepare and get yourself together.

remember – your photographer should have experience at weddings, but there is only so much they know about you and your personal familiarity with your own family politics. A shot list may help here when it comes to group photos.

Cheers to Beautiful Wedding Photos

Posing in front of the camera for almost the whole day can be nerve-wracking for some. Unless you don’t want photos on your wedding day, then you just need to work your way through this. The tips we mentioned above can help you be more comfortable in front of the camera and have amazing photos you can look back on.

For the best wedding photography in Adelaide and around Australia, Sven Studios is here for you. You don’t need to be camera shy with us because our professional photographers will help you be comfortable behind the lens. Let us take the best wedding photos for you. Contact us today!


Botanic Park Wedding – Naz & Peter

Peter and Naziera opted to hold a very small, intimate Adelaide Botanic Park wedding in front of their 3 sons, their celebrant and myself which made for a cozy little atmosphere under the stunning moreton bay fig trees on a stunningly sunny day!

Although their Botanic Park wedding ceremony was flanked by no fewer than 3 engagement celebrations and other users of the public space, their wedding ceremony felt beautifully personal regardless!

Adelaide Botanic Park Wedding Ceremony

Peter and Naz’s tiny little ceremony – which could also be called an elopement took place on one of the larger moreton bay fig trees on parade along the Botanic Park, just north of the Adelaide Botanic Garden‘s Friendship gates.

We attempted to have as little as possible behind Peter and Naziera during their cermeony so that their photos did not have anything but the stunning beauty of the park in the background. Wasn’t always possible of course, but we tried our best!

Their ceremony was short and sweet, with two of their three sons acting as witnesses on their marriage certificate.

Glamour Photos

For glamour photos, we made good use of the Botanic park’s trees, going for a little walk and trying to get the midday sun to shine through the foliage before heading into the Botanic Gardens to make use of some different backdrops.

The Moreton bay fig trees in Botanic park make for some stunning backdrops for wedding photography – I just love walking through them – particularly on sunny days such as this, the atmosphere is one of such joy and happiness when the sun plays nice!

The Adelaide Botanic Gardens as always turned it on for us, walking through we managed to make use of quite a few little spots I had grwon fond of after my many weddings I have shot through here. That being said though, the middle of the day is possibly the wost time of day to take photos through here – so I attempted to head to shadier spots to make use of the shade rather than direct sunlight.

Peter and Naz’s Botanic Park wedding ceremony was a delightful little outing, and I do hope they enjoy their photos!

Morphett Vale Church Wedding – Mayli & Nathaniel

Mayli and Nathaniel held their Morphett Vale Church wedding at the local Seventh Day Adventist Church on a lovely day with family and friends. Their day was full of fun, faith and lovely people who all combined to create a super memoriable day!

It was a little fun for me too, having had only just recently moved away from living pretty much next door to the Morphett Vale Seventh Day Adventist Church which Mayli and Nathaniel held their ceremony and lunch time reception in – so I felt like coming back home!


I begun the day with Nathaniel and his groomsmen – all 8 of them! Coupled with Mayli’s 8 bridesmaids, that made a bridal party totalling 18 people! It’s pretty special that Nathaniel and Mayli were able to accomodate that many close, special people into their bridal party!

Nathaniel and his groomsmen were in good spirits when I arrived, watching TV and generally slowly getting dressed. One thing that caught my eye were the dress watches that each of them were wearing – I thought they were all pretty cool!

Mayli and her bridesmaids were being prepared at a different house, nearby Flinders Univeristy and the atmosphere was decidedly more rushed 🙂 Girls running about making sure Mayli was properly prepared, and cramming together to take some nice shots together in the front room – but it all worked out wonderfully!

Morphett Vale Church Wedding Ceremony

Mayli and nathaniel’s Morphett Vale Church wedding took place at the Morphett Vale Seventh Day Adventist Church – one of several churches on the same block on which I used to live.

The insides of this modern church was bathed in blue light, with ample room for a large congregation to watch mayli and Nathanienls wedding ceremony take place on the stage below. The ceremony was backdropped nicely by a yeallow-lit cross which added nicely to the overall theme of their ceremony.

The highlight of their wedding ceremony would have to have been the performance of two skilled musicians who sang and played guiter for a reasonable amount of time during the cermeony.

Morphett Vale Church Wedding Reception

Directly after the ceremony, and the mandatory family photos outside under a tree, Mayli and Nathaniel held a simple wedding reception within the church hall. This took place just after lunch time, and made it possible for all their guests at the ceremony to attend their reception, before retiring to a more intimate family reception at a private property in Crafers.

Their Morphett vale Church Wedding Reception was where they held all their important speeches, cut their wedding cake and mingled with family and friends.

Glamour Photos

Before leaving the church, I made sure to make use of the blue lights and in house smoke machine that was on stage to take some nifty glamour shots of Mayli and Nathaniel within the church before heading out for some glamour photos.

We drove all the way up to Mt Lofty Summit to use the lookout up there overlooking Adelaide – unfortunately the day was fairly overcast, but we made the most of the little bit of sunlight poking through. We then head to a private property in Crafers where mayli and Nathaniel held their smaller, family based wedding reception.

This was where I was able to make use of the rather funky house overlooking the valley, while also mixing things up by going for a bit of a walk down the hill to make use of the Australian bush as a backdrop. Can anyone spot the photobombing koala? 😀

Much thanks to Mayli for making the effort to trek down there in her wedding dress and heels!

Thankyou Mayli and Nathaniel for having me photograph your wedding!