Canon Selphy CP910 Photo Printer Review

The Canon Selphy CP910 Photo Printer is a cute little thing, measuring only 178.0 x 127.0 x 60.5 mm it fits pretty much anywhere and is highly portable. One thing that really stood out to me about this printer is it’s printing process ‘dye-sublimation‘ which is basically melting different colour plastic onto the paper which builds up to create the final image. It’s the same process photo labs use as the resulting print can last far longer than say a traditional ink-based printer.

I purchased by Canon Selphy CP910 for use in a small photo booth where people will be coming in and taking automated photos over and over again and from my first few tests it seems the printing speed is really quite fast when connected via USB cable, but a bit slower when connected via it’s highly advertised wireless function. So that’s great, but thepaper cartrage unfortunately only holds a maximum of 18 sheets of paper :/ if my photobooth is busy that may mean I’ll be replacing the paper cartridge about 3 times an hour, which is ok considering the price of the the Selphy CP910 was less than $100.

Canon Selphy CP910

As you’ll see in my short youtube use video of the first time I used my Canon Selphy CP910 the actual usability of the device is very straight forward, ink goes into the side, paper in the paper tray and you install the Selphy CP910 like any other printer on your system. However you don’t need a computer to use this device as it’s designed to print directly from any wireless device such as modern compact cameras or your smartphone. In the video I have connected the Selphy CP910 via USB cable so that the response time is quite a lot quicker than it would be if you were to use the wireless feature.


As a professional photographer, I don’t particularly need the built in filter effects the Selphy CP910 has, however I can see how they can be a bit of fun to play around with, that is of course your camera doesn’t already have a similar feature.

Overall I can see that the Selphy CP910 is a nice little robust piece of hardware that won’t break the bank and would provide a convenient way to print small prints in (cheap) photo lab quality.

Adelaide Botanic Gardens wedding – Alexis and Brandan

Alexis and Brandon were married on the 20th of April, 2014 in the midst of the beautiful Adelaide botanic gardens. Having travelled from Murray bridge, Alexis and Brandon chose to stay in a nearby hotel and travelled via stretch hummer to the botanic gardens one group at a time. After the ceremony we were able to spend some time in and around the botanic gardens themselves to take some photos, then headed off to the Japanese Himeji Gardens on South terrace for more. Their reception was held at Ayers House, just across the street from the Adelaide botanic gardens, which was very convenient for their guests.

Preparation photos

As I said, both Alexis and Brandon stayed at a nearby hotel in the Adelaide CBD for convenience sake that also happened to overlook the Adelaide oval while a crows game was going on. The boys were obviously big AFL supporters so they wanted to show that in their preparation photos.


The girls were getting ready in a room just down the hallway in the hotel complex.


Alexis and Brandan’s Adelaide botanic gardens ceremony

The Adelaide Botanic Gardens are a 125-acre public garden at the north-east corner of the Adelaide city centre, in the Adelaide Park Lands. It encompasses a fenced garden on North Terrace (between the Royal Adelaide Hospital and the National Wine Centre) and behind it the Botanic Park (adjacent to the Adelaide Zoo). Established in 1854, the botanic gardens in Adelaide boast lush green scenery comprising of a vast collection of flora from around the world. The Adelaide botanic gardens makes for a wonderfully green backdrop for a wedding, giving a soft, natural flair to photos.


Alexis and Brandan’s Adelaide botanic gardens and Himeji Gardens bridal shoot


The Adelaide Himeji gardens on the other side of the city to the Adelaide botanic gardens was a gift from Adelaide’s sister city, Himeji, in 1982. The gardens showcases quintessential Japanese aesthetics in gardening including a small zen garden and koi pond. The wonderful Japanese maples make for nice soft wedding photos. After walking about the gardens for a while we moved on to a nearby playground were we took some silly photos and then spent some time taking photos of the stretch hummer.

Alexis and Brandan’s Ayers House reception

Ayers House is the modern name for an historic mansion in AdelaideSouth Australia located on North Terrace. It is named after Sir Henry Ayers, five times Premier of South Australia and wealthy industrialist, who occupied it from 1855 until 1897. Since Sir Henry Ayers’s occupation, the mansion has had many functions including a dance hall, a club for injured soldiers (from 1918 to 1922) and an open-air cafe (from 1914 to 1932). Today, the mansion serves as a classy location to host functions such as for weddings or other such occasions. Alexis and Brendan’s reception was held in the west wing, which features a large glass greenhouse and ample space for a bar, dancefloor and extra room which was utilised by a photo booth.

I’d like to thank Alexis and Brandon for choosing me as their wedding photographer at their Adelaide botanic gardens wedding, I had a great time and I hope you enjoy your photos.

Nepenthe Winery wedding – Kirstyn & Tom

I was lucky enough to be chosen as Kirstyn and Tom’s wedding photographer on the first of February 2014 for their Nepethe Winery Wedding. I say lucky as this was one of the easiest weddings I have ever covered. The bride and groom were absolutely stunning both aesthetically and how they presented themselves to those around them. It was a true pleasure to have covered it. Their ceremony was held at Nepenthe winery, in Balhannah, and their reception was held in the Stirling Hotel, in Stirling.

Preparation photos

Tom and this two groomsmen prepared themselves at Kirstyn and Tom’s home in Sheidow Park. A fun little theme they had going at this wedding were the groom’s pocket watches which feature in quite a few group groomsmen shots throughout this showcase. Little touches like this always make your wedding day that much more personal and fun. The aura was that of a relaxed atmosphere which allowed for some great playful shenanigans and beautiful photos.

Kirstyn got ready in a room at the Stirling Hotel, which was also the venue for their wedding reception, which was neat as I got access to the wonderful little details Kirstyn organised before the ‘main event’ so to speak. The Stirling Hotel rooms had some amazing architecture available which lent itself well to some wonderful dreamy-style wedding photographs.

Nepenthe Winery Wedding Ceremony

Nepenthe winery is a relatively new winery, having been founded in 1994, it’s rolling hills full of vineyards provides an astounding backdrop to a wedding ceremony. Nepenthe winery has a little open grassed area right in front of the cellar door where the ceremony took place, in the shadow of a gigantic gum tree. After exploring a little more, there is also a lovely little duck pond at the foot of one of the vineyard hills which allowed for great photos both at the pond and walking down through the rows of vines.

Nepenthe Winery has two plots of land in the Adelaide hills, but the one in Balhannah is the one they rent out for wedding ceremonies. The property was carefully selected for a plantation of grape varieties such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, as well as interesting varieties such as Zinfandel and Pinot Gris. Since starting to produce award winning wines in 1996, Nepenthe winery has become a bit of a staple in the wine industry, and it’s credentials as a winery wedding venue is second to none.

The Stirling Hotel Reception

The Stirling Hotel boasts a wonderful private outdoor area attached to an indoor bar and cocktail area idea for canape-based wedding receptions. Food and desired amenities are tailor suited to clients tso you can personalise your wedding reception any way you wish.

I’d like to thank Kirstyn and Tom for their wonderful hospitality during their wedding day and I feel privaledged to have covered their wedding. I hope you guys enjoy your photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Wedding venues in Adelaide

As an award winning Adelaide wedding photographer, I have the glorious task of visiting and photographing quite a few different wedding venues around Adelaide. During 2015 I covered no less than 21 weddings at 19 different commercial wedding venues, not including all the different reception venues I also visited and garden weddings. I thought I’d make a bit of a list of the wedding venues I visited and covered a wedding at this past year so that those of you contemplating your future wedding venue, it might help out a bit.

I’m going to list these in alphabetical order based on my client’s names.

Adelaide wedding venues list

Veale Gardens

Veale Gardens are located on the Southern end of the Adelaide CBD, in the parklands and boasts some wonderful rolling grassy plains with a man-made stream running through the middle. There are rock pools and various little gardens spread out over the area which makes for the venue to be very popular for weddings. It’s not uncommon to bump into at least 1 other wedding while walking about the area taking your wedding photos. I shot three weddings here during 2015. Alison and Grants’s wedding, Bianca and Russell’s Wedding and Wendy and Steve’s wedding.

Adelaide Arcade

While not really a wedding venue as such, the Adelaide Arcade was the location where I took most of my wedding photography for Anastasia and Zac’s wedding which really took place in the Adelaide registry office. The Adelaide Arcade was built in 1885 and showcases some wonderfully art deco architecture popular during that time.

Belair Country Club

The Belair Country Club would possibly be one of, if not the favourite wedding venue for me during 2015. The location of the wedding itself was beautifully framed by green foliage, and it’s within a very short drive, or even walk of some of the best wedding photography locations available. Including the Belair National Park and the Belair Train Station. The Reception venue can house two wedding parties at once without noticing the other, all while overlooking the Belair golf course. It’s a beautiful area and I feel as though the wedding photos I took of Bonita and Mike does it more justice than my words.

Royal Yacht Squadron SA

The South Australian Royal Yacht Squadron is a newly developed wedding venue, and it seems as though it’s one of the more popular wedding venues around in Adelaide at the moment, based on the number of enquiries I’ve been receiving. Perhaps a lot of people enjoyed the wedding photographs of the two weddings I shot there this year? Only one of my weddings, Deborah and Ben’s wedding actually had their ceremony at the marina, and it’s a great location to dso so as the beach is very near by for some nice beach side shots, while also taking in the Marina itself is a beautiful spot.

St Francis Winery

The St Francis Winery is a location I had been looking forward to photographing at as it’s just around the corner from where I’m based in Morphett Vale. A nice vintage little location, seemingly tucked away from suburban life, but just off South rd, so not all  that removed at all. The venue boasts a large duck pond with beautiful sweeping weeping willows all by an outdoor bar and reception area built into the old cellars. I shot Fiona and Nick’s wedding here, and produced some great shots.

Sinclair Winery

Now this is one of those wedding venues you really have to look for, and when you do you’re so pleased you found at as it has such beauty and charm you’re amazing it’s so well hidden from the general public’s knowledge. Sinclair’s Gully Winery is hidden in the Adelaide Hills and is a rustic, lovely looking old building surrounded by native Australian bush, complete with wallaby sanctuary and nature walks. Irina and Jack’s wedding here I feel produced some of my favourite wedding photography of 2015.

St Francis of Assisi Church – South rd

The church of St Francis of Assisi is a small, modern church located on South rd, just after the Cross road overpass, heading south. Unfortunately they do not have a webpage to link you to, but the church itself was light and airy, not much like many other Churches that are often quite dark and can get a bit stuffy.

McCracken Country Club

The McCracken Country Club in Victor Harbour is the venue for a reception, and in Kim and Josh’s wedding’s case their ceremony as well, which took place over the sweeping fairway of the Country Club’s golf course. The club is very accommodating and will bend over backwards for any wedding guests staying at the accommodation, or visiting for the reception in their large reception hall overlooking the fairway. Really close to the centre of Victor Harbour, we were able to take some wedding photos at the causeway to Granite island and at the Bluff. I actually covered two weddings here during 2015, however the second, as of writing this I have not yet had a change to edit.

Middleton Beach Huts

Shooting just down the road from Victor Harbour, is Middleton. A surfing beach that boasts the Middleton Beach Huts accommodation, which was where Kristy and Toby were married. A quaint little venue, with rustic small beach bungalows lining a grassy area which was where the ceremony was held. The Middleton Beach Huts also have a lovely rustic reception venue with some of the most helpful staff I’ve come across.

Monarto Zoo

Here’s probably the most novel of wedding venues I shot at during 2015. The Monarto Zoo holds weddings in the Giraffe enclosure, with the aim of getting some wedding photography with the Giraffes in the background. The problem is that Giraffes are incredibly timid creatures which makes it difficult to get them in the right position at the best of times. That said however the Monarto Zoo still has some great sweeping landscapes suitable for some quite epic wedding shots and even has a small reception venue, which Leonie and Andrew took full advantage of.

Leonard’s Mill

Leonard’s Mill, south of Adelaide in Second Valley is a beautiful location for small, rustic weddings with a semi-outdoor reception area and pretty sweeping grassy surrounds, complete with rustic buildings and an amazing beach just down the road, Leonard’s Mill is a place of beauty. Martin and Rebecca made good use of this amazing location on their destination wedding to Adelaide.

SC Pannell Winery

The SC Pannell Winery had recently renovated their reception venue into a wonderfully modern, but still charming wedding venue in Mclaren Vale. The venue is facing West so that the entire wedding congregation gets a magnificent sunset view over the vineyards during your reception, and the wedding ceremony can take place on their well manicured lawn, speckled with old gumtrees. Martin and Rebecca’s wedding here had a bit of an English pop culture theme, including Dr. Who and Harry Potter.

Gawler Church

The Gawler Church is a gigantic, cavernous specimen of a church, in which Bronwyn and Robert’s wedding took place. The Church has a very grand design, but has a simple decor within, as you’d expect from a church of the Luthern faith.

Seppeltsfield Winery

I did not actually shot a wedding at the Seppeltsfield winery, but we did stop by for some beautiful wedding photos with Bronwyn and Robert. The winery has an amazing array of stunning scenery perfectly suited to wedding photography, including but not limited to rustic walls covered in ivy, pathways surround by green foliage and of course vineyards. It’s definitely one of the wedding venues in Adelaide that I would love to visit again!

Inglewood Inn

Ever since shooting one of my first weddings at Inglewood Inn, I’ve always loved the place. The gardens the Inn provides, surrounded by deciduous oak trees and stream complete with a rustic road archway makes for one of the most intimate of Adelaide wedding venues. I was even offered to be a ‘preferred provider’ for Inglewood Inn. Since then I’ve shot around 5 weddings at the Inn, this year I had only the one, Sandy and Chris’ wedding.

Grange beach front

The Grange beach would have to be one of the most recognisable beach fronts in Adelaide. It’s a famous location for stunning sunsets and a beautiful jetty. Having your wedding on or near a beach is possibly one of the more simpler wedding venues one could organise within Adelaide. Sophie and Stephen were wed just in front of the Grange Surf Life Saving club and had their reception in the local pub. Was a simple, beautiful wedding.

Stangate House

Oh wow, Stangate House. Such a beautiful wedding venue, it’s the type of place I would go out to visit even if I weren’t out to shoot a wedding there. A historic house, surrounded by a stunningly beautiful natural garden, it’s one of those wedding venues in Adelaide that allow for a perfectly laid-back picnic wedding, which Tess and Robbie’s most certainly was. Located in Stirling, along the Prince’s free way, it’s a venue that not many might consider, being a bit out of the city, but it’s intimacy and beauty really make this a top contender in my book.

Brougham Place Uniting Church

The Brougham Place Uniting Church, located in North Adelaide is part of the almost-never-changing skyline of the city of Adelaide. It just being there is an institution that is quite unlikely to change. The church has an unmistakeable architectural design which actually influenced much of the architecture around Adelaide, and a lavish interior which really screams reverence. Wendy and Steve’s wedding ceremony took place here.

I hope this short list of Adelaide wedding venues, complete with my photography of these locations has been a little helpful in your search for your perfect wedding venue in Adelaide and I sure hope you consider me to be your wedding photographer!