8 Picture Perfect Moments you need to shoot at a wedding

As a wedding photographer, one of the foremost requirements is to have “the eye” for taking good photos, find ing the picture perfect moments in a day that just need to be taken. There are some moments in wedding photography that you know from experience will make for the best images. I’ve put together a list in the past for some of the most important wedding photos you need to capture, but this list is a little more direct, and more of a list of what most people tend to expect in their wedding photography without any fuss. More focussing on the wedding ceremony itself.

Whether you’re in the wedding photography business or just an avid fan of tear-jerking moments, here are nine of the most picture perfect moments in weddings that you simply have to capture on camera.

Picture Perfect Moments leading up to the Ceremony

The Details

The bride and groom spent copious amounts of time in picking out the details of the wedding—so capturing them on camera is a good way to show appreciation. The flowers, the layout, and the program are merely some of the things you can zoom in on.

The Venue

Taking a panoramic shot of the wedding venue is always one of the best shots. The venue is one of the things that couples take so much time in choosing and reserving—a nice photo of the place makes for a perfect photo.

The Guests

A few shots of the guests milling about, finding their seats, and chatting joyously to each other makes for powerful photographs. Candid photos like these aren’t just picturesque, but they add colour and excitement to the wedding portfolio.

The Groom

More often than not, the groom will arrive first on the scene ahead of the bride. Some photos of his arrival and preparation, as well as zooming into his face for emotion are good picture perfect moments in the album. Make sure to watch out for him walking down the aisle, most of Groom’s emotions about the ceremony start showing there. Be on standby to capture his face when he sees the bride—these emotion-filled moments are the perfect time for photography.

The Bride

The bride will definitely be the star of the show, so documenting her from start to end is a must. As soon as the bridal car arrives, try to capture her inside up to the moment she steps out. Some close-up photos of her face before her entrance is definitely a necessity—and taking a picture of her entrance is an absolute must.

Picture Perfect Moments During the Ceremony

The Traditions

As the ceremony begins, ensure to capture the various traditions involved. Whether it’s lighting the unity candle, stomping on glass or hand fasting—these small gestures define the couple and the lives they live, making for a picture perfect moment and representation of themselves. If they write their own vows, it’s also the perfect time to zoom in and capture their emotions on camera.

The Reactions

While the guests may not have that big of a role in the ceremony, their reactions to various things happening is a key to capturing the story of a ceremony. This is where your photographer’s eye comes in, watching out for any sudden streaks of emotion which would make for picture perfect moments. More often than not, this will elicit some laughter and joy—further driving this joyous occasion.

The Kiss

Undoubtedly, capturing the kiss is basic for wedding photographers. No wedding is complete without this shot—as well as the couple’s reaction right after.




Weddings are the perfect avenue for capturing beautiful moments on camera. With a couple of shots, you can be a part of something much greater than yourself—even if just for a few moments.


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Pt Noarlunga Wedding – Kate & Matt


Kate and Matt held their wedding ceremony in their backyard for an intimate, and simple wedding ceremony amidst the craziness that has come with the COVID-19 restrictions on wedding gatherings. That said however, they did not compromise as their original plan was to get married at a more traditional wedding venue in the future, only to figure they may as well do it right now! So they did woith their nice, simple backyard Pt Noarlunga wedding ceremony.

Pt Noarlunga Backyard Wedding Ceremony

I arrived just before the ceremony was due to take place to Matt and his family putting together some of the finishing touches to the backyard ceremony setting while also playing with their adorable fur baby who was keeping an eye on things. Kate arrived soon after along side a few more family members and the ceremony began immediately.

A lovely, simple affair with Kate and Matt both exchanging their own personal vows before being declared husband and wife. The fun parts were when their dog wanted to join in on the celebrations 🙂

The weather wasn’t the best in the world – but it also wasn’t too cold, nor was it windy, it was just threatening to rain the entire time. Thankfully the rain held off enough for both their ceremony and their glamour shoot down the famed steps of the Onkaparinga River Mouth.

Pt Noarlunga Wedding Photos

Once the certificate was signed, and the family photos were done, we head down to what possibly would be the most photographed set of steps in South Australia – the steps leading down to the beach at the Onkaparinga River Mouth.

If you’re holding a Pt Noarlunga wedding you’re bound to end up here for wedding photos – not just for the steps, but also for the incredible rock formations along the beach which are awesome at high tide to get the whole ‘pride rock’ moment of the bride and groom standing out, surrounded by water.

The entire photoshoot was very laid back, with Kate and Matt super keen to crack a joke and make the most of their big day – and as I was only with them for just over an hour the whole process was over pretty quickly!

I made sure to photoshop in some starwars and lightning bolts in the background to make use of the moody clouds in their backdrop – while also producsing some very heartfelt moments while they were cuddling each other and walking along the boardwalk.

Thanks so much for having me as your wedding photographer Kate and Matt! It’s great to get back into the swing of covering weddings again after the COVID restrictions!

Things to do before your wedding you may not have thought of


Things to do before your wedding

For both parties, weddings are often a blast. However, when you’re an almost-bride who is just months away from the big day, the entire time can be stressful, considering all you’ll need to get done.

To avoid panic, have a look at some of these things to do before your wedding and make sure you schedule to get them done ASAP.

A list of things to do before your wedding you may not have thought of

Get your paperwork in order

Remember, you can’t actually get married without signing an intent to marry with your celebrant. If you and your partner haven’t yet applied for one, now is the best time to do so.

Depending on your area, you can easily find the required documents online, which you should research and prepare before heading down to your registry office, or your celebrant.

Schedule your final fitting

If you’ve been exercising daily to achieve your ideal wedding bod, you’ll want to be sure your dress fits you perfectly. Schedule a final fitting in advance in case you have any alterations to undergo.

Reiterate final details with wedding vendors

Review all the details of your wedding day with each of your vendors, whether in person or over the phone. That way, you can make any revisions to your menu or venue decor should you spot anything that isn’t quite up to par. Anyway, it can’t hurt to be too careful.

Follow up with guests who haven’t RSVPd

If some of your guests are just a “maybe” you’ll want to make sure they give you a concrete yes or no. This task can be tedious, so you can ask your maid of honour to help finalise your headcount.

Practice your final hair and makeup look

Whether you’re doing your own makeup or hiring a make-up artist, it’s important to get the look just the way you want it well before your wedding day to avoid any mistakes. After all, you’ll want to look perfect in all those glamorous close-up wedding photos. If possible, take your veil to try out along with your final look.

Get your bridesmaids fitted

One of the most difficult aspects of a wedding to coordinate is customising each bridesmaid’s outfit. Make sure they’ve made arrangements for their own final fittings and that they’re scheduled to pick up their dresses on time. If not, you could be subject to several time-consuming alterations and last-minute bills.

Treat yourself to a facial or a massage

There’s no denying the stress that comes with the month leading up to your wedding, so you’ll want to make sure you’re finding pockets of time to relax. If you’re getting a facial, do so at least a few weeks before your big day as you won’t want to risk having a reaction too close to your actual wedding.

Send out your rehearsal dinner invites

A rehearsal dinner is an important part of making sure everything about your wedding is going according to plan. It’ll also give you an opportunity to practice walking down the aisle and exchanging wedding gifts if you aren’t planning on doing so on your actual wedding day.

Send your invites out in advance, especially if you’re inviting anyone from out of town.

Come up with a wedding day timeline

If anyone needs to be kept in the loop, hand out a schedule to your bridal party, family members, and vendors. You never know who might need to make last-minute changes.


While your big day may come with a lot of responsibilities, it’s important that it’s one that is memorable to you and your groom, so to make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible, think about this short list of some of the things to do before your wedding and make sure there is time set aside to make sure they happen!

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7 Activities for the Night before Your Wedding


The Night before Your Wedding

The night before your wedding is one of the most nerve-wracking times on a wedding timeline – particularly for the bride. To make sure you are well-rested and glowing on your wedding photos, try to relax and ease your mind the night before. If you feel clueless about how to achieve this recommended ‘state of calm’ and need help finding things to do other than dream up all the horrible things that can possibly go wrong on your big day, here are our recommendations of seven things to do on the night before your wedding:

7 Activities for the Night before Your Wedding

  1. Remain hydrated

If you’re thinking of drinking your favourite glass of wine before your wedding, you might want to think again. Maybe drinking wine will help you feel sleepy and less nervous, but remember the consequences that might come from it. You’ll wake up feeling bloated, get anxiety attacks, look puffy, and might not feel the best. Try to drink a glass of water instead, and drink loads of it – maybe even throw in some vitamin drinks also. Your skin will thank you in the morning, and you’ll feel more refreshed than how you’d feel from alcoholic drinks.

  1. Eat something healthy

This is the night you might want to stop yourself from eating that greasy pizza or your favourite bag of chips. You wouldn’t want to wake up feeling bloated, so do your best to avoid it. Your body needs proper nutrition to stay healthy and to function well, so eat your fresh fruits and whole grains instead. Just be mindful of any past instances where you haven’t felt the best the night after a certain meal and simply stay away from it.

  1. Put extra love on your skin

You might have a glam team to make you feel and look beautiful for your wedding, but makeup on good skin will look so much more appealing. it may not be bthe most appropriate saying when talking about faces – but ‘you can’t polish a turd’ :). Make sure to free your face from any makeup and apply your skincare products the night before. Don’t even consider trying new skin products. You wouldn’t want to have breakouts or skin rashes, right? This goes for fake tans also! Often if you’re not the type of person to get a fake tan, it just looks horrible and sometimes stains your dress.

  1. Destress

During the past months or years, you’ve been stressing out about your wedding, maybe take the night before your wedding and realise it’s all done and what happens will happen. Consider having a digital detox to help you relax. Staying away from gadgets can help you sleep earlier and better, and it will prevent you from suddenly sending out a last-minute direction-change to your suppliers. Instead of watching online videos or your favourite series, try a more relaxing activity, such as reading a book or a magazine because it can help stop you from overthinking.

  1. Write a love note

As a wedding photographer and vidographer, I love this one! Capturing the emotions of your loved one reading your note makes for a lovely scene. Instead of spending the night worrying or imagining the worst things that can happen, why not take the moment to relive how you and your future partner met? Remind yourself of how much you two have grown, and then, create a short and sweet message to make your partner smile the next morning. This will get your mind off of things that aren’t important, and it will let you focus on what truly matters – your other half.

  1. Pamper yourself

Another thing you can do is to treat yourself. What activities do you like doing? If you like meditating, listening to music, or having a relaxing bath, give yourself some time to do it. You can also invite your bridesmaids and have a relaxed gathering together. Just make sure to not overdo it so that you won’t tire yourselves.

  1. Get a good sleep

Do everything you can to get a good night’s sleep – it’s going to be hard, not many people sleep well before their wedding day, but do your best. Set your alarm, drink a calming tea, make your bed, and put a book by your bedside table. To make you feel even more relaxed, set an appointment and get a body massage. Remember that you need enough rest so that you can fully enjoy the long day ahead.

The night before your wedding is traditionally the last night you have for yourself, so try to make the most of your time. On the following days, you’ll have a life partner to join you in enjoying every moment!

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3 Logistical Reasons Why Smaller Weddings Are Better

Why Smaller Weddings Are Better

Most people are enamoured by the idea that weddings need to be grand and expensive events, seeing that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. EasyWeddings research has pout the average cost of an Australian wedding at $32,940!

This notion, however, is often the cause of stress for the bride and the groom, both financially and logistically. The advantages of a small wedding, on the other hand, are many, even if people who are accustomed to traditional weddings would tell you otherwise. Also due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are being forced into having smaller weddings.

So I’m here to say, Less is more, even at weddings and why smaller weddings are better!

It’s not your fault to want to dream big about walking up to the altar with your soon-to-be spouse because a momentous occasion deserves a certain level of extravagance. However, there’s more than one way to dream big besides going all out with larger venues and crowds.

Let’s explore three convincing reasons you should aim for less in planning your wedding and why smaller weddings are better!

3 Logistical Reasons Why Smaller Weddings Are Better

  1. No more complicated invites

The best part about choosing to go small for your wedding is that you’ll have fewer issues with attendance. Since you won’t have to deal with distant friends and relatives, you don’t have to prepare for extra seats for surprise plus ones on the day itself.

Having a smaller event keeps your guest list compact to your closest friends and family. On the other hand, this might make some of your distant friends and family bitter about not getting an invite. You should remember to let them know that you’re cutting back on going for a grand occasion so that you can have a more intimate event so that they’ll understand your wishes.

Usually omitted guests are cool with this, especially as though many people understand the huge costs weddings can be. They’d be even more so considerign the current travel bans due to the pandemic!

  1. Fewer people means less planning

A smaller event means a smaller guest list, which leads to fewer seats to fill, and less food to prepare. One of the most painful parts of planning a wedding is making sure that everyone is covered for seating, food, drink and even bonbonerie.

Since there’ll be fewer people attending, you’ll be able to focus on just the important people in your life. Instead of shaking hands from one table to the next with acquaintances that you barely even know, you’ll be able to keep the engagement short and compact without worrying about overcrowding or overtime.

You’ll even be able to personalise your tables a bit more with a menu that people you know will enjoy, provide inside jokes and even give out personalised gifts if youre doing that.

  1. You can upgrade your wedding for other luxuries

With a smaller event, you’ll be able to cut down on your expenses drastically. This flexibility in the budget will allow you to purchase other luxury options that you wouldn’t be able to purchase with a large crowd in mind.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to hire more experienced photographers and videographers who can make the most out of the small venue you’ll use. You can also buy more expensive food options since you’ll be serving a smaller crowd. Reallocating your budget from logistical necessities to luxury options will give you a variety of ways to make your wedding more memorable.

A wedding shouldn’t be a stressful situation to plan, prepare, and execute – rather it should be a bunch of fun! Remember that your marriage is not a contest in one-upping your relatives’, your friends’, or even your parents’ own matrimonial ceremonies. It’s an event that you want to share with your special person in the best way possible.