Tips on Selecting a Wedding Photographer


Selecting a Wedding Photographer

Every step of the wedding planning process can be a daunting one. From saying yes to the dress to building your bouquet, selecting a wedding photographer is yet another task you’ll want to get perfect. You only get one shot at capturing a gone-too-soon flurry of memories, and you won’t want to regret the outcome. As a wedding photographer, I may be a bit biased but selecting a wedding photographer is possibly the most important selection you make besides your wedding venue.

Tips on Selecting a Wedding Photographer

Shopping for a wedding photographer who suits your budget, aesthetic, and schedule is challenging. After narrowing down your shortlist of contenders, don’t forget to ask yourself the following questions.

Question 1 – How Much Weight Does Photography Hold Over My Wedding Day?

Sometimes, professional wedding photography is a must. Other times, it’s merely another box to tick. The answer to this question will likely dictate your decision to compromise your budget to accommodate a pricey wedding photographer or vice versa.

Have a think about how you are going to use all these amazing photos you’ve had taken of the two of you. Are you going to be seeing them every time you open your front door, or will they stay stuck on the USB you’ll be given?

Perhaps also weigh up how much appreances mean to you in your social circles, maybe you want to pay for for a photographer who you know will make you look amazing, despite your lack of experience in front of a camera?

Question 2 – How Much Extra Cash Am I Prepared to Shell Out?

As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to select your wedding photographer amongst the first 3 suppliers as soon as possible. The other two being your venue and celebrant – and perhaps your videographer. The best wedding photographers book out at least a year in advance and if you love their work it’;s best to lock them in as soon as you have made your choice.

An average wedding photographer in Australia according to the annual Easy Weddings survey of bridal couples is just shy of $3000, so pricing of photographers should be around, or just above that figure for someone who truely knows what they are doing and who you can trust.

Question 3 – How Long Do I Need My Photographer to be Around?

Some photographers offer whole-day packages or more affordable hourly services. Consider events you need to have documented. Is it the wedding itself? The reception? Both?

I’d personally suggest having a photographer with you all day, as if you consider your wedding album as a storyline – then the preparation photos are the beginning of the story, the ceremony the middle then the photoshoot and reception the glorous happy ending 🙂

The longer your photographer is with you the more they can gel with your personalities and create work that truely speaks to who you are. A similar option to better cater to this is to have an engagement shoot done before your day.

Question 4 – How Comfortable Are My Partner and I With Being Photographed?

Some couples will hire a wedding photographer simply because it’s custom to do so. If you’re camera-shy, having a photographer hover around you all day might take away from the overall experience of becoming a newlywed even though a good candid and natural wedding photographer will do their best to become invisible during the day.

On the other end of the spectrum, some couples love being photographed and might even consider an engagement shoot. Which category do you and your loved one fall under?

This all being said however, If I had a dollar every time I heard that a couple is not good in front of a camera I’d probably be on a yacht in the bahamas somewhere.. The trick to taking nice candid photographs is simply having the couple do something while you’re taking your photos.

Question 5 – What Other Products Do I Want from My Photographer?

Nowadays, wedding photographers offer more than just their service. They’ll also print your photos in an album, provide a photo booth for guests, produce wall art, or even offer hybrid shooting where they also produce a short highlight video so you save money on a separate videographer.

Think about what products you must have versus those that are merely nice to have. Alternatively, you might be entirely satisfied to receive a digital copy of your photos—nothing extra. Selecting a wedding photographer that offers exactly what you want is important. You don’t want to be stuck with albums or prints you’d never use, but it’s also important to select a wedding phtoographer that do offer such things as an option.

Question 6 – Have I Received Any Recommendations?

If a married friend is suggesting their previous photographer, it’ll likely be for a good reason. Look into their portfolio and give them a call—you might even get a discount thanks to the friend referral.

Make sure they suit your own personal style though. Plenty of people opt to have a photographer that shoots in a current ‘trendy’ way that may age or rub you the wrong way to look at. You have to remember that these photos you’re having taken need to speak to your own personal style and allow them to store your memories in a way you’d want to look at them

Question 7 – What is My Style?

Every wedding photographer is unique in their methods and aesthetic. Are you a fan of candid photos, or are you looking for something more editorial? Maybe you love the vintage look of sepia-toned photographs, and have an entirely posed wedding? Up to you.

Typically, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for in a photographer’s portfolio or website. Whatever the case, your photographer will adjust their techniques according to your preferences.

While reliving your Big Day in your head might bring about nostalgic feelings, being able to reminisce over a collection of photos provides a different experience. Don’t rush your decision when it comes to selecting your wedding photographer, the memories will last you a lifetime and the process of selecting a wedding photographer will allow you to hold onto those memories in exactly the way you want.

At SvenStudios, we capture every moment of your Big Day with passion, romance, and joy. We are consistantly rated as some of the top wedding photographers in Australia and our packages come full of value. Keen to travel anywhere too!

5 Tips for a Perfect Destination Photoshoot Session


Thinking of a Destination Photoshoot Session?

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that you and your spouse-to-be will fondly look back to many years later. Your wedding photos are what will remind you of the precious memories of your big day.  As such, it’s become quite a popular thing to opt to have photos done before your wedding day, and to have a destination photoshoot session.

As you near your big day, you will want to make sure that you have wedding photographers to capture the best moments of your life. So going on a bit of a holiday, while also having a destination photoshoot session with your photographer is a neat way to get away for a bit, and also meet up with your photographer and see if you enjoy working together.

While some are content with the typical indoor or outdoor shoot, some couples go the extra mile and decide to hold their pre-wedding photoshoots overseas and feature iconic locations and sceneries rather than hosting a whole destination wedding. Tends to be cheaper that way too.

It’s not at all uncommon to visit places like Hawaii and notice dozens of birdal couples on the beach, often with drones and photographers swarming around. These couples arent celebrating their wedding day – it’s just their photoshoot so that they can enjoy their whole wedding day with their family and friends.

Although due to recent events such as the global COVID-19 pandemic, this isn’t happening as often anymore – you can still dream and plan to do so once it’s safe to do so again!

5 Tips for a Perfect Destination Photoshoot Session

If you are planning to do the same and have a destination photoshoot session, you might feel that the preparations are challenging and overwhelming, to say the least. To help you out and make sure everything goes well, we will share five tips to help you achieve the perfect destination photoshoot session:

  1. Coordinate with your photographer

Being in an unfamiliar location has its challenges. You will have to study the destination’s geographics better and discuss it with your photographers so that you can plan the photoshoot together and make the location work for your ideas. Additionally, knowing your locations better will help you make the proper preparations, from the schedule to the accommodation and the travel time.

Let your photographer know your preferences and the ideas that you have before the shoot so that you can make the necessary preparations instead of rushing everything last minute. Your photographer will probably be able to help out with this due to experience of shooting at the location, or generally which spots would and wouldn’t work due to the time you’re planning on going.

  1. Read weather updates

Some couples usually overlook the importance of checking the weather when planning overseas photoshoots. To make sure your pre-wedding photoshoot goes smoothly, it helps to do plenty of research on your destination’s weather for your scheduled dates and its season. Again, ask your photographer what they recommend drawing on their experience.

In summer, popular summer destinations are usually crowded with tourists during the day, so this may present you with some challenges. During winter, the days are shorter than nights, meaning that you will have less time for natural daylight. Knowing these vital details can help you set appropriate expectations and plans for your wedding photos effectively.

  1. Plan your wardrobe and where you will get them

Another thing to prepare for a painless overseas pre-wedding shoot is your wardrobe. Start researching options for gown rentals near your destination, or if you’re planning on packing yourself, try not to pack more than two outfits as it can just get exhausting changing all the time.

Think about makeup too – source a local makeup artist and perhaps ask if they can follow along for at least a portion of your destination photoshoot session to completre any touchups.

  1. Prepare a budget for your trip

The last thing you want to do throughout a destination adventure is to go over your budget because of hidden costs for transportation, accommodation, and food for your partner and crew. To avoid this, thoroughly check the terms and conditions of your package to make sure that there are no extra fees.

Sometimes locations ask for a permit to be paid in order to have photos taken on site – so do your research before rocking up

Also, set aside funds for attraction fees for the locations you will visit. Similarly, prepare enough currency so that you can easily pay for something when it’s needed.

  1. Enjoy the experience

The whole preparation may be stressful, but don’t forget to relax and enjoy your time with your partner! Remember, you are taking photos before your big day, so that you don’t have to stress and go through the whole press on your actual wedding day. Also you get amazing photos from the destination you chose!

At the same time though, do not be frustrated when things don’t go as planned – better now than on your wedding day. Things may always change when you’re on holday, or even overseas, but the important thing is to enjoy the moment you’re in with the person you love.

The reason why you’re planning a destination photoshoot session is so that you can save money by still having a shotoshoot done in an amazing location, but not your whole wedding. The photos you take on this kind of phtooshoot can be absolutely spectacular, while not having the stress of it being on your actual wedding day! You can enjoy yourself and the whole experience, making for genuine smiles and laughter, which will ultimately be the key to capturing beautiful photos.

If you’re planning a destination photoshoot session, I’d be absolutely keen to hear more about it! I’ve shot all around the world and would be keen to travel anywhere for it! Just get in contact and we’ll work something out!

Ekhidna Wines Mclaren Vale Wedding – Nikki & Trenton

I always love heading to Ekhidna Wines Mclaren Vale, as it’s one of my absolute favourite wineries in Mclaren Vale to shoot a wedding at! So I was excited to head there once again for Nikki and Trenton’s wedding that took place right at the end of October! The day was a little overcast and windy, but that diddnt hampen the spirits of these two lovely people and their guests!


Trenton and his entourage were being prepared in a bed and breakfast on Main street Mclaren Vale, and while Trenton seems cool, calm and collected he was obviously trying to find things to do to keep his mind busy – but he certainly managed to do so, and had his groomsmen nearby to keep the nerves away!

Nikki was being prepared a little further away in a hidden bed and breakfast nearber Kangarilla. It was a spectacular location, overlooking the rolling hills the region is so famous for and the building has some amazing architecture! Nikki was being helped to prepare by her sole bridesmaid/maid of honour which made for a very stress-less time!

Ekhidna Wines Mclaren Vale Wedding Ceremony

Both Niki and trenton were quite excited by their bridal cars so they made a big entrance by driving right up onto the lawn near the vineyards at Ekhidna Wines Mclaren Vale. From there, the ceremony took place with the hills and vineyards in the background and was personalised by some funky personal quirky events Nikki and Trenton planned.

Things such as a coin toss to figure out who says their vows first, adn then their fur baby dog coming to visit as they signed their paper work. These sorts fo things are always guarnateed to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Glamour Photos

As their dog wasn’t going tostay long we began by taking some glamour photos of both Nikki and Trenton with their dog – however they were a little afraid that he would run off – so I ended up having to photoshop out the leash which was held by one of their sons as he ran with the dog down the vine ally way 🙂

The day’s weather was a finicky beast being cloudy and windy one minute, then sunny the next – but we made the most of it by walking about the vineyards a bit, then using the barrels Ekhidna Wines have on display.

One major reason why I love Ekhida Wines as a Mclaren Vale Wedding Venue is the direction their vine yards face – it always makes for a great drone sunset shot – despite there not being much of a sunset!

Wedding Reception

To finish up the day, Nikki and Trenton held a cocktail style reception in the Ekhidna Wines cellar door, and also had the SvenStudios photobooth set up! The night was a lovely casual affair, which really picked up once the dance floor opened and everyone cut loose for a bit 🙂 Was a lot of fun to be a part of!

Thanks a bunch Nikki and Trenton for having me as your wedding photographer! Hope you enjoy your photos as much as I did taking them!

The 7 Don’ts of a Family Photoshoot

The 7 Don’ts of a Family Photoshoot

You’ve come across the perfect Adelaide photographer to take your family pictures—now it’s only a matter of time until your session. With a dreamy and carefree image in mind, you can’t wait to run across that meadow rife with daisies or lift your darling infant above your shoulders to capture their winning smile. Yet, family photography isn’t as easy as pie. To achieve a smooth and spirited shoot, take note of the following photography sins you’ll want to avoid at all times.

DON’T – Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

“Picture perfect” is a phrase you’ll likely think of when it comes to conducting a family portrait—but hardly will a session go precisely the way you’ve planned. Don’t attach high expectations to what is supposed to be a fun-filled day of clicks and flashes. Smile more and worry less!

DON’T – Skimp on Finding the Right Photographer

Just because your idea is a stellar one doesn’t mean just anyone can pull it off. Regardless of how well-meaning and patient a photographer may be, a fashion expert, for instance, may not have a knack for family photos. Take a look at a photographer’s social media and previous work before concluding.

DON’T – Pick a Day or Time That Doesn’t Suit You

It should go without saying that a family photoshoot must involve every member. While accommodating a photographer’s busy schedule might mean having to wait longer than you’d hope, you don’t want to de-prioritise yours either.

Pick a day that won’t mean having to put off an important meeting or re-schedule a dinner. Plan around an open weekend and take into account any potential upcoming events.

The time of day, and weather is also very important when determining the quality of the actual photos you will recieve. It’s best to shoot as early in the day or as late as possible for the so called ‘golden hours‘ of photography.

DON’T – Wing Your Location

If you have a particular theme in mind for your family photoshoot, don’t ignore the importance of selecting an appropriate location. Think about whether you’ll better achieve your goals in a studio or outside space.

You’ll also want to account for weather. A lush field of flowers, for example, might only be available in the spring, whereas a shoot down by the beach might be more appropriate during the summer than in the winter.

DON’T – Forget to Pre-Plan

Families often underestimate the value of pre-planning. If you’re heading into a shoot with younger children, you’ll want to be well-equipped with snacks, water, and toys to keep the little ones entertained. If your photographer doesn’t provide props, you may have to pack those yourself. But try to keep these at a minimum.

It may also be the case that people arent morning people, or some other reason why people can’t arrive on time. Try to plan around this as much as possible and the shoot will be much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

DON’T – Take All Day

Regardless of how much your tots enjoy being in front of the camera, too much is often too much. Especially shooting outdoors, spending more than an hour or two under the sun can be incredibly tiring for both your family and photographer. Stick to a schedule or know when to take a break.

An hour is a long time taking photos and in my experience it’s a perfect time scalke in order to get some great photos!

DON’T – Plan Too Many Outfit Changes

Most families will undergo one or two outfit changes during a shoot—but if there aren’t enough dressing rooms to cater to larger families, you won’t want to overpack. Similarly, if you’re working within a time limit, too many outfit changes might take away from the actual shoot.

The key to a successful family photo shoot is a lot of careful planning, shopping for the right photographer, and making sure your family is well-rested before the big day. You may not avoid the occasional toddler meltdown—but you can plan around it. Hopefully this short list of ‘don’ts of a family photoshoot’ can help out with capturing some amazing photos!

For family photography in Adelaide that never disappoints, contact us at Sven Studios. We have a knack for working with families from all walks of life and maybe even a soft spot for kids!

Mt Compass Engagement Shoot – Claire & Aaron

Mt Compass Engagement Shoot

I had an absolute blast shooting Claire and Aaron’s Mt Compass engagement shoot! I mean take a look at all that golden light that was filtering in through the stunning Australian bushland!

Claire and Aaron are lucky enough to have a friend who owns a farm in Mt Compass – just south of Adelaide that features stunning rolling hills, ponds, rugged bush and some incredible trees. They even made it easy on me and decided to head out for their engagement shoot during golden hour which really made things pretty darn awsome! Turned out to be a stunning shoot!

We began at the top of a hill, which had some huge, gnarly gum trees which we stood under for a few shots to warm up, then walked down the other side to find a stunning little pond enveloped with lush gum trees. There was no wind so the water was still and made for some lovely reflections.

We then head back up the hill and made use of the dying light of the sun filtering in throguh the foliage – which was really beatiful! The hill also overlooked the lovely folling hills that make up the majority of Onkaparinga.

To finish up I broke up one of my last smoke bombs to create a little bit of atmosphere with the sun light filtering in through the smoke.

I had a blast! Looking forward to Claire and Aaron’s wedding at Serafino’s Winery early January now! 😀

Thanks so much Claire and Aaron for having me shoot your Mt COmpass Engagement shoot! Was amazing!