Adelaide CBD Engagement shoot

Adelaide CBD Engagement Shoot – Avery & Matt

Avery and Matt had me shoot some pre-wedding shots in and around the Adelaide CBD with the distinct aim of incorporating as many Adelaide landmarks as possible. Being from Taiwan and with Matt continually travelling due to his work, they were keen on having photos from around Adelaide they could show off to friends and family overseas. At the time of publishing this preview, Avery and Matt should already have been married at the Adelaide Registry office last Thursday, so I’m thinking congratulations are in order! 🙂

It’s a bit of a tradition in Asian countries, not just Taiwan, to have their wedding photos done on a day other than the actual wedding day – thereby allowing more time on the actual day for celebrations. I feel this tradition is most obvious in Hawaii where on any given day there will be dozens of bridal couples along the beach of Waikiki along with crews of photographers and fleets of drones taking photos.

Adelaide CBD Engagement Shoot

Our day started quite early to try and avoid shoppers taking advantage of the new year’s stocktake sales around the Mall’s Balls with the aim of then using the top floor of Adelaide Arcade, then heading towards the Torrens. However the Adelaide arcade was not yet open so after taking some shots at the Mall’s Balls we headed over to North Terrace and Adelaide University before visiting the Torrens footbridge. We finished off the session by wandering over to the Elder Park Rotunda and Government House before heading back to Adelaide Arcade.

I feel as though we managed to cover all that is Adelaide on our little tour of the Adelaide CBD, covering all of the major landmarks in around 2 hours. I wish Avery and Matt all the best in their globe trotting adventures and of course in married life! 🙂

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